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Mcafee Pulls a “New Coke”: Will it Hurt Retailer’s Conversions

Posted By Bryan Eisenberg On July 30, 2008 @ 9:34 am In Improving Conversion | 30 Comments

McAfee changes HackerSafe sealI’ve always been a fan of HackerSafe. I have seen a significant percentage of sites that used the ScanAlert Hackersafe logo increase conversions because of it. About a year ago, ScanAlert was acquired by McAfee [1], the company famous for their anti-virus and security solutions, smart move. This weekend, all of a sudden, the old familiar HackerSafe trust seal was replaced with the McAfee Secure seal. Dumb move, what gives?

Our buddy, Wayne at PelicanParts [2] was just one retailer who was concerned with this “switcharoo.” It doesn’t seem that there was any prior notification. No mention of the change in the HackerSafe Dashboard the retailers use. Is this a case of the “Trust Seal” company betraying the trust of their customers, online retailers? It brings up several questions that you can help answer:

  • Will this drastic change impact conversion rates negatively or positively the way the HackerSafe logo did?
  • If you use HackerSafe, have you seen any impact from the change in seal?
  • Are you you aware of McAfee tests measuring the new seal’s impact on conversion?
  • Do you also wonder if they could have tried a gradual transition from the old formula to the new one?
  • Do you think the new seal is as prominent on the page as the old one? Is this good or bad?

Finally, will McAfee succeed with this change or will we see retailers complain about the “new formula” and will McAfee have to offer the “old formula” again?

P.S. The problems keep popping up, check out former HackerSafe employee Cresta’s blog [3].

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[2] PelicanParts: http://www.pelicanparts.com

[3] Cresta’s blog: http://crestapillsbury.wordpress.com/2008/08/01/what-is-mcafee-thinking/

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