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Monday, Aug. 4, 2008 at 6:24 am

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

By Bryan Eisenberg
August 4th, 2008

Hat tip to Sam Decker for pointing out this anthropological introduction to YouTube by Prof. Mike Wesch who presented this lecture at the Library of Congress on June 23rd, 2008. This is fascinating for those interested in understanding why people do the things they do.

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  1. Readers,
    I know it’s almost one hour long, a big investment of time, but it’s worth watching.

  2. Ok we’ll admit – we didn’t watch all of it since we only WISH we had an hours time to spend but we did skim through it and saw the examples of videos on YouTube that he showed. We love how he showed The Charlies video and how many times it has been remixed and I learned something new today – that whole Soulja Boy song….I had NO idea it derived from user generated content on YouTube… that’s beyond interesting. You Tube really does make stars and it has far more uses than just uploading photos — once you get viral, the opportunities truly are endless. Favoriting this video for later viewing.. thanks!

  3. Agreed…it’s worth the hour. Fascinating. Thanks for posting.

  4. This really is a brilliant video.

    The insight into the fact that most of us in the western world lack community and are truly isolated despite being surrounded by thousands of people is quite profound.

    As marketers and copywriters we tend to look at YouTube as an avenue to create traffic, conversion and profits.

    But that’s a bit like looking at the ability to write as only being good to sell in print.

    YouTube gives us instant access to a keldeidoscope of living breathing, loving people in a way that’s never happened before in the history of the planet.

    The potential is mind blowing.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh

  5. I think YouTube creates more minutes of video content today than Top Ten Channels in U.S.

  6. Amazing, very straight forward presentation. This one hour video looked like 15 minutes.

  7. Great lecture, like the guy previously said it seemed shorter. The concept of community in the western world is certainly different. Many tend to isolate themselves on purpose.

  8. This was a well put together video. I have a brief note on the power of youtube. My father in law set up a computer monitor in front of his tred mill for the sole purpose of watching youtube videos during his workouts. He is in his early 60′s and completely hooked. I will pass this along to him.

  9. Now , youtube is the best movie channel in the world.

  10. My favorite is when people say “ew, this smells gross… smell it.” You just said it smells gross, why would I want to smell it?

  11. Agreed…it’s worth the hour. Fascinating. Thanks for posting.

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