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Monday, Aug. 11, 2008 at 6:27 am

Why Product Reviews Are Better Than Product Descriptions

By Holly Buchanan
August 11th, 2008

The other day I was looking at a website – – and saw an excellent example of why product reviews do a better job of selling products than product descriptions do.   I was looking at the product page for a girl’s bicycle helmet.

The product copy had this to say about the helmet:

“The ergonomic designed padding and an additional pad set for the perfect individual fit guarantee ultimate comfort.

The product review had this to say about the helmet:

“The helmet fit both girls well; ages 10 and 12. They must be comfortable because they wear them every time without reminding.”

Which description do you think convinced more parents to buy this helmet?

Not only did the review use more simple language, it also touched on one of parent’s biggest concerns with bike helmets -will their child actually wear it?

Mine your product reviews for ways to improve your product descriptions and convert more buyers.






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  1. This is true in so many website. Most of the time product description are the same from website to website. A true product review can easily sell you products better than the description.

  2. Good example. It’s interesting how much detail people go into when reviewing a product. I remember an example where an Amazon shopper was asked why they skipped over manufacturer description all the way down to the customer reviews, and they said they would rather see what other people have to say about a product, rather than the manufacturer who is naturally biased.

    product reviews are also better for online retailers, because it reduces return rate, increases conversion rate, etc. Our reviews site aggregates reviews from over 300 online retailers, so you don’t have to visit multiple different sites to read reviews.

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  4. Holly, I couldn’t agree more! I heavily rely on customer reviews of products far more than I do the official description.

  5. This is helpful for me. And I think product reviews are better than product descriptions, too

  6. Couldnt agree more, product reviews make a lot more sense, it implys some experience with the item in question

  7. Reviews are always more informative, descriptions tend to just be repeated over and over on web sites.

  8. I find product descriptions make me feel like they are biased and simply pushing the product.

    Reviews are more often a lot more impartial, informative and helpful in deciding to purchase a product or not.

  9. Its obvious for me that the second example is more “user friendly”.

    The first one sound really strange and comlicated.

  10. This is a very nice blog to browse more useful information and to share too; thanks.

  11. yes though I wnder if click through vs conversion make it worth the effort?

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