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Wizards of Web in Austin, TX

By Bryan Eisenberg
September 1st, 2008

Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg’s annual web class at Wizard Academy always overflows with more than 100 students.
This year’s attendance will be limited to just 24.

The Eisenbrothers are going to take 24 case-studies to the stars.You win. The Academy wins. Jeff and Bryan have 24 success stories for their new software. Keep reading.

Wizards of Web:
Three Perfect Days – Oct. 21-23, 2008
Plan, Measure and Achieve Your Online Goals and
Get $6,000 in free access to online website optimization software

Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg aren’t just going to tell you what to do. Their publicly-traded company, FutureNow (NASDAQ,) will provide you 90 days free access to an online marketing optimization system, their not-yet-released, state-of-the-art, web-based software application; a $6,000 value.

The Eisenbergs and their company have always been generous to the academy. Seating is limited to only 24 seats because $144,000 in optimization software access is all I had the courage to ask Jeff and Bryan to give away.

Not only will you get 90 days access to their state-of-the-art web-based optimization software, you’ll get 3 days with the program’s inventors, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg. They’ll help you better define your online goals and strategies so the new online software system works perfectly for you.

Do what they and their software tell you
and your website will become vastly more effective over the next 90 days.

The online marketing optimization program works this way:

You have goals for your online marketing: get more leads, drive traffic to your store, make more sales etc.

You have plans to achieve those goals: your website and your campaigns

You have people interacting with you online but not all of them do what you had hoped.

The difference between what people actually do and what you planned for them to do is measurable.

You define your goal and plan your strategy, implement, then we measure the actual results.

You’ll see exactly where the online shopper deviated from your plan.

We’ll give you actionable recommendations to get those people back on your plan.

We’ll prioritize those recommendations based on how impactful they are and by how many resources it will take you to accomplish them.

We’ll continue to do this together until you are reaching your goals.

That’s it. It’s simple, powerful and based on almost a decade of research and results.

What kind of results?

Amazing results. Nevertheless, success stories depend on two factors: the expert recommendations and your operational systems. That’s why FutureNow dove deep into its founders’ heads, the Eisenberg’s heads, to build a system that could make everyone successful even if they had very few resources to dedicate to online marketing optimization. The system, unlike traditional consulting, is based on only providing as many recommendations as you can digest.

Here is a sample of what these recommendations have done for other companies:

MaxEffect, a company that designs yellow page ads, was getting only 5-7 leads a month. Taking the Eisenberg’s advice immediately jumped them up to 30-40 leads a month., a technical recruiting company, increased their registrations by 81% after following the advice they were given by Jeff and Bryan in a single phone call.

Total Gym, an equipment company, was told to remove a single element from their web page. Their sales immediately increased by 39% as a direct result.

Those were small and medium-sized companies.
These are BIGGER ones:

Jigsaw Health, a nutritional supplement company recently featured in Inc. magazine, attributes their sales increase of 90% directly to following the Eisenberg’s advice.

Mattress Liquidators (now known as Nine Clouds), by making just a couple of simple changes suggested by the Eisenbrothers, increased their sales leads by 5100%. Yes, they’re now getting 51 times as many inquiries. increased their sales volume by approx. 25 million dollars after doing just one thing Jeff and Bryan told them to do.

Acceller, a long time client, grew 2250% and landed on the Inc 500 list.

Attendance is Limited!

Jeff and Bryan are donating all proceeds from this class to help Wizard Academy.

You win, we win, everybody wins.

Opportunities like this do’t come along very often.

TUITION: $3,500
but easily worth $10,000
As always, Acadgrads get a 50 percent discount.
Seating will be strictly limited to just 24 firms.
The first 10 to register will receive 4 days and 3 nights in Engelbrecht House, Wizard Academy’s amazing student mansion.

You can register here.

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Comments (4)

  1. I was really looking forward to Wizards of the Web this year, and planning to make my first visit (a major $ outlay for me, I’m overseas). But looking at the description of this years course, it sounds more like “how to get 24 people hooked to our proprietary software” – basically, paying $3,500 learning how to use $24,000/year software. As much as I’d like to come, and as sure as I am that the software is great, I don’t want to become addicted to the software, I’d rather learn the principles underlying it.

  2. Mark, I’m confused about the tone of your comment. We’re still teaching the same course with the same underlying principles. We’re adding our software, free of charge for students, although not free from expenses to us. I’m sure that you are right about the software being addictive. I’m counting on it. In my experience both continuous improvement and return on investment are addictive. We will teach people how to make more money, then give away a fully functional free trial of a tool to make even more money utilizing the methodology that we just taught. How is this bad?

  3. Jeffrey, I sincerely apologise for the tone, had an exceptionally bad day (no excuse, but anyway…)

    Reading through the course description, it reads as being all about the software, and doesn’t mention any of the fundamentals previous years have mentioned. The software does sound wonderful, but I work on several sites, and I know some of them won’t want to pay the $ (despite the likely excellent ROI) so the principles – spending time going through sites and not focusing on the software – is important. If you are still doing similar material to previous years, and the software is a bonus on top, then I’m there :) (if it’s not booked out already!)

  4. Mark, No problem. Now I understand your concern. We do cover the same materials. Nevertheless, while everybody is welcome to attend we do prefer that people representing their own companies attend this limited attendance course. If there is still room then let me encourage you to bring a client. Bryan and I teach this once a year now, down from 2x a year, and we take the greatest pleasure when we have real impact on real businesses who we get to know over the three days of the class.

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Bryan Eisenberg, founder of FutureNow, is a professional marketing speaker and the co-author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling books Call to Action and Waiting For Your Cat to Bark and Always Be Testing. You can friend him on Facebook or Twitter.

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