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Wednesday, Sep. 10, 2008 at 12:08 pm

Ask Bryan Eisenberg + Free Website Reviews

By Natalie Hart
September 10th, 2008

FutureNow‘s co-founder Bryan Eisenberg, has been busy reviewing websites, preparing for his upcoming webinar with Elastic Path and his presentation at NYU, and answering questions like these for, DuctTape Marketing and MarketingPilgrim.  Together with Tom Leung from Google, he has recorded two  “Always Be Testing” monthly webinars so far, the archived versions are now available. There are also a couple of more podcasts and interviews with others coming soon as well.

My favorite quote comes from his recent mention in the article,  where he offers some tips on how to turn your site’s visitors into customers.

“Think of traffic like water pouring into a bucket,” says Bryan Eisenberg, executive vice president of Web marketing firm Future Now in New York City. “No matter how much water there is, it’s not going to stay if the bucket has holes. Pay attention to the balancing act of ranking well in search engines and getting sales out of those who make it there.”

He has been so busy answering questions for others we wanted to make sure he was answering yours. What questions do you have for Bryan? Please comment below or feel free to call us at 877-643-7244.

P.S. The Free Website Reviews – you probably noticed in a couple of those interviews Bryan mentioned a great resource for inexpensive usability tests of your website. Well Darrel and Dave the founders were kind to offer the first 100 GrokDotCom readers who go to and enter futurenow in the Promo Code box will receive one free usability test (limit 1 per customer).

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  1. Thanks for the free offer. Apparently I go within the first 100; I can not wait to see my website review…..

    Many thanks……

  2. Well I just got my free website review back. It was very good. I had a woman review the website which was nice. I have been a bit concerned I built the website to appeal for a man, I do have female customers but you never know how the opposite sex views things.

    They did find some issues with my online catalog pages, so I have something to think about on how to do things better.

    Thanks, I will consider using you again……

  3. I have a custom landing page for an AdWords ad group. It gets about 25 visits a day, and two or three fill out the form and become leads.

    Do I have enough action to A/B test the landing page? In general, what factors should I look at to determine whether I’ll be able to have a valid A/B test, what thresholds should I be looking for?


  4. The “archived versions” link is broken. How can i link to your archived to review the past webminar?


  5. Our website provides information on online deals; however, we don’t actually sell the items ourselves. We have a “get deal” button next to each product listing that will take users to the retailer’s site where they can then make the purchase. We are concerned that users may get confused by the “get deal” button thinking they will be making the purchase as soon as they click. Any suggestions for making this a bit more obvious? I do plan on A/B testing this button with some others…but any advice you can give upfront would be great!


  6. Speaking of which, Futurenow team, can you tell us your un-biased opinion of ?

    After reading your ebook, and noticed it talking about Taguchi, I thought of these duys, who I have seen around for years.

    This page is especially interesting: as they say basic Taguchi does not work for marketing.

  7. Hi,

    Could you please provide feedback about our website . I run this small business. And conversion rate is very very low. Any quick tips would be great. I know one thing that I need to make about us page. Other than that if you find any quick things, I would love to hear.


  8. The website is not complete and more content needs to be put etc… but i wanted to get some feedback for the overall feel and look of the website.

    Thanks in advance

  9. here are a few I would be very glad if you reviewed: – great traffic, not so great conversion – ” ”

  10. We recently launched this website targeted at Indian writers. A very niche website. We are getting quite a few hits from other websites and have a good google Page rank, but not many visitors from search. Can you evaluate our website? Thanks!

  11. Hello,
    We launched our newest site on June 30th of this year and traffic has grown tremendously,but not mainstream volume yet. May I ask for any suggestions to increase traffic?

    Thank you,

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  13. Hi
    This site is fairly new, and search ranking alright for particular key phrases. Please review and let me know what you think I might need to do next.

  14. We recently launched our newest webmaster underground forum with main target is worldwide web developers and website administrators to get under umbrella and start sharing info and tips you may not found on any other related category community forums. Please, your tips would be greatly welcomed and help us a lot and continue improving and developing our interesting site. Of course, we still working on the design and some programming fixes but if you guys have any quick things you might wanna share, we would love to hear.

    Thank you!

  15. A tag cloud directory. Please review !

  16. Hey Bryan, we’ve launched the new site:

    The idea behind site is innovative, and it is getting a lot of traction for the past few weeks. We’d appreciate if you could review and advise us on how it can be optimized for wider audience.


  17. @craigslist. I’ve been looking for a site like yours for a while, although I think you should keep in mind, those looking at craigslist are used to the very simple and clean UI approach that craigslist offers. Your site is very different in that regard, night and day.

  18. Well said so it is important to remove any holes whatsoever.

  19. Hi,

    We would to request snapshot review of our site provide consumers with product price comparison. Any recommendation is highly appreciated.

  20. The site named above is

  21. This site is fairly new, and search ranking alright for particular key phrases

  22. my site bilgidolu , thank you

  23. hello people.
    This page is especially interesting:

  24. The website is not complete and more content needs to be put etc… but i wanted to get some feedback for the overall feel and look of the website.

    Thanks in advance

  25. hi, is this still active? if so can you please review my site? it’s new and i’m just new to IM and i want to make my site rank and convert. you are really nice guys

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