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7 Principles of Web 2.0 Copy – Twitter Style!

Posted By Jeff Sexton On September 19, 2008 @ 6:02 am In Copywriting,Marketing 2.0 / Web 2.0,Persuasive Copywriting | 17 Comments

Bryan likes to tease me about my (in his opinion) way-too-wordy [1], overly long [2], and serialized [3] blog posts [4].  He has even started suggesting I join twitter [5] to practice short-form writing styles (you can follow Bryan @TheGrok [6]).  But since I need a distraction like twitter like I need a crack cocaine addiction, this twitter-style post will have to suffice.

So here you have it, the 7 principles of Gr8t Web 2.0 [7] (read short-form) copy:

1.    Brevity – Twitter = learn to say lots in 140 characters. What must you say in 140 characters?  Can you say it powerfully, as well as quickly? [7]

2.    Acknowledgement – Meaningful acknowledgement is often peer acknowledgement; what point is there to sharing photos on FB or FLICKR except peer acknowledgement?

3.    Participation – For shared platforms, more use = more value.  Always entice people to take the next step, just like facebook gets you to load a photo [8].

4.    Sharing – Sharing has to start with YOU!  Sharing = participation, acknowledgement, and authenticity.  What real value are you sharing? [9]

5.    Authenticity – Posing kills peer acknowledgment.  Don’t pose for it, show it through transparency [10].  What can you put on the line to communicate credibility?

6.    Interaction – Can I talk to you, or only just listen?  How long is the lag-time for feedback?  Can I interact with others, or just you / the host?

7.    SpeedKathy Sierra best explains Web 2.0-style speed [11].  Participation, sharing and acknowledgment all require speed of interaction & feedback.

This is great practice. As marketers and writers we must learn to say more in fewer words these days. Feel free to take a shot at revising these 7 in the comments below, adding your own, or feel free to tweet them and link back here (http://tinyurl.com/twittercopy [12]).

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