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Tuesday, Sep. 23, 2008 at 6:07 am

Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button?

By Jeff Pollock
September 23rd, 2008

tmobile button I want it

It was recently Labor Day and here in Utah that means one thing: Labor Day Ski Sales! It signifies the death of summer and starts to build anticipation for what everyone hopes will be a great winter. So what does this have to do with good online marketing?

During the holiday break I was online doing product research on some winter products for my family and I saw a banner ad for a cell phone that immediately grabbed my attention. The ad was simple: It contained a picture of a new phone, listed a couple of the phone’s features and contained (the part that really caught my eye) a big pink button that said in a clear font “I Want It”.

So many times button text is uncompelling , boring stuff like “See More” or the classically bland “Click Here.”  But this one was clever enough that I put aside my daydreams of wintery days and clicked on it (even though I’m not in the market for that type of phone) just to see where this company would take those that “wanted” their product.  Turns out someone at this company must know something about good scent.

The page I landed on was a great product landing page:

  • it carried on the persuasive momentum the ad started by clearly showing me the phone’s benefits and specifications,
  • it contained content persuading me why this phone was so cool, and
  • it provided a clear way for me to buy the phone right there on the site.

So the lesson here? Even something as simple as text on a button can help you sell more product online.  The next time you need a button on your site or ad, get creative!  Consider your audience and come up with some great button copy that will convince that person to drop everything and pay attention to you!  Then follow through and provide a good landing page that grabs them and persuades them why the product you have is the greatest thing ever and why they should buy it from you right now.

So go online now, find some great deals on winter gear (whether you need it or not), daydream about a great Utah ski vacation and pay attention to the buttons you see.

Happy Buttoning!

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