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Why Henry Paulson Needs to Attend Our Copywriting Course

Posted By Holly Buchanan On September 29, 2008 @ 7:47 am In Copywriting,Persuasive Online Copywriting | 11 Comments

One of the key things we teach in our Persuasive Online Copywriting [1] course is how to speak to your customers, in their language, about what they care about.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson should have attended our course.   According to many analysts, he’s doing a terrible job of selling the bailout package to the American people.

MSN Money blogger Charley Blaine [2]talks about the problem, and how he thinks, of all people, Jim Cramer has it right [2] on how to put the bailout plan into plain English and terms people actually care about and can relate to.

[Jim Cramer says] The Bush administration — especially Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke — are doing a terrible job selling the plan, he says. And he’s right. They’re explaining it in terms only Wall Street bankers, analysts and economists [3] can understand.

How would Cramer do it?

The plan, he said Wednesday [4], “is about keeping people in their homes. It’s about making sure banks have money to lend “so your kid can go to college.”

Indeed, he said, Paulson should be selling the plan as “Invest in America.”

Paulson talks about “unfreezing the mortgage market,” Cramer said. As an explanation, it’s out of touch with the reality that most of us deal with.

“The next time you hear Hank Paulson or any of the plan’s defenders talking about the plan freeing up commercial paper,” Cramer said, “just insert ‘Being able to buy a new car with a loan.’”

The administration should stop talking about “making banks whole from their own mortgage mistakes.” Rather, he said, “they should start talking about making sure there will be cash in the ATM when you need money next week.”

I say ” touché ” Mr. Cramer (even though you do yell too much for my taste).   Whether you’re a website copywriter or the Treasury Secretary of the United States – if you want to persuade people, you have to avoid the techno-jargon and speak to your customers in their language about what they care about.

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