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50 Writing Tools

Posted By Jeff Sexton On October 17, 2008 @ 5:12 am In Books,Copywriting | 7 Comments

Bryan Eisenberg just sent me this link to a Lifehack article about 50 different writing tools [1].  And I must be a bit groggy because I didn’t instantly recognize that title as belonging to one of my very favorite writing books [2].

I recommend Roy Peter Clark’s book frequently and have even given copies of it away during Persuasive Online Copywriting courses.   In fact, the famous screenwriting coach [3] and video game guru [4], David Freeman, won a copy at our last POC course and he was every bit as impressed with the book as I am.

So then why was I disappointed with the Lifehack post?

The links are all broken.   You see, Roy Clark wrote the book as individual short essays or articles, one on each writing tool, and published them online as he wrote them.   Yet when he finally compiled all 50 tools into a printed book, he (quite understandably) pulled the complete essays offline.

But you can still get an abridged version in audio here [5]You’ll want to listen to them all, but go ahead and treat yourself by skipping ahead to tools 14, 27, and 28, titled:

  • “Get the name of the dog”
  • “Reveal Traits of Character,” and
  • “Put odd and interesting things together”

You can also read the continuing thoughts and advice of Roy on his Writing Tools Blog [6].  It’s on my short list of daily blog reads and I highly recommend it for any writer.

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