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Monday, Oct. 20, 2008 at 10:44 am

7 Signs You May Be A Social Media Addict

By Bryan Eisenberg
October 20th, 2008
Social Media Addict

There is nothing like social media to make people feel connected. However, that feeling can some times overwhelm people. Social Media Addiction (SMA) is a real concern. Please understand as a former counselor and social worker I have seen the impact that addiction can have.

If you find yourself with several of the following conditions you may be suffering from this affliction.

1. You have more “friends” than the population of Tyre, NY.

2. You find yourself calling family member by their @Name.

3. You start using extra consonants everywhere (ie. Digg, Sphinn, Mixx, etc.)

4. You find that you limit all your sentences to 140 characters.

5. You know all the words to Numa Numa and know all the dance moves from How to Dance Properly by Ze Frank.

6. You tell everyone you have a Mac even if you are a PC.

7. You have nightmares that involve whales, mob wars, or being buried.

If you find yourself addicted, the first step is to admit it. The second step is to realize you are not alone. Some well respected and suspected addicts include Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang, Robert Scoble, Mitch Joel, Joseph Jaffe, Valeria Maltoni, C.C. Chapman and Linda Bustos. I think I may be getting dangerously close myself. Be social and make sure to friend these folks so you don’t have to face your addiction alone.

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Comments (33)

  1. Even people trying to help us have been affected!

    The Social Media Addiction Anonymous acronym is: SMAA

  2. Guilty of #2 in comment posts and email signatures.

  3. Hi, my name is Brian, and I’m a socialmediaholic.


    It all started when I was eight years old, and I always got picked last for teams in gym class…


  4. That was good. I really enjoyed reading it. I especially liked the part of people lying about what they use to fit in w/ the “mac” crowd. PC’s have been keeping it real for me since the 90′s. Why switch!?

    Looking forward to more bloggeries from you.

  5. P.S Being the social media addict that I am I saw this through a retweet from @briancarter

  6. Guilty! Great list. I can relate to most of those.

  7. Lol I enjoyed reading your list! I have to agree with some of the “symptoms” you mentioned. I’m afraid I do suffer from SMA, but it’s only bad when it cones to grammar. Mind if I expand on your list?

  8. I meant comes to grammar not cones. Silly iPhone corrections.

  9. Now that I have a smart phone, it’s time to lock me up :)

  10. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  11. #8, Everything you think or do gets run through a filter of, “would this make an interesting tweet?”

  12. sorry I missed this sooner, I was busy on Twitter ;)

    Hello, my name is Mitch Joel… and I am a social media addict (in the best possible way).

  13. I always introduce myself to new friends with my WoW nickname, that’s easier when you meet in WoW. Why would anyone need my real name anyway?

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  15. I am a PC guy and I am ready to go down swinging… I just can’t admit the addiction though… not yet… I haven’t hit rock bottom…

  16. Yup, I too am addicted. I wonder if I have an addictive personality.. Bryan — have you built this into your website personas for clients? :)

  17. oh… and you forgot saying LOL instead of actually laughing, which I did once. I still remember the puzzled faces :) )

  18. Love this one Brian. Entertaining and hits most of us where it hurts. I am a Mac trapped in a PC world.

  19. You’re def an addict if you know who the 8 other addicts just mentioned..are, it’s not like they’re household names. but to some of us, they are!

  20. I dunno…. I think I just need a counselor I can lie on a couch and tweet about myself to…..

  21. @Marc Meyer SO TRUE! I hadn’t even thought of that lol. I do like @benjphoto’s idea of lying on a couch and tweeting as therapy… whole new concept!

  22. My last therapist fired me because I was twittering while she was talking to me.

  23. Do I look addicted to you? Tomorrow you will analyze this ;-) (You’ll understand when the post goes up.)

    I had missed your link, and am smiling at the truly playful list. Thank you for injecting some humor in an otherwise serious problem. I was fortunate enough to get to spend some time with Ze at the MIMA Summit recently. He’s wicked smart. And for the record, I have two Macs.

  24. It’s not often I read a post that makes me laugh out loud. This is satire at its best.

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  26. Funny! Jaffe gives SM addiction a bad name IMHO though

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  28. I surely am a media addict. But also like cruising in my old bmw:) haha.

  29. And who says its wrong to be addicted to social media anyways? =) It’s a trend that should die off in a couple years anyway. It’s nearly run it’s course.

  30. Present I ask my friends,
    Are You Tweeting yet?

  31. It’s not often I read a post that makes me laugh out loud. This is satire at its best. [Books]

  32. reat list. I can relate to most of those.

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