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7 Signs You May Be A Social Media Addict

Posted By Bryan Eisenberg On October 20, 2008 @ 10:44 am In Social Media,humor | 33 Comments

Social Media Addict [1]

There is nothing like social media to make people feel connected. However, that feeling can some times overwhelm people. Social Media Addiction (SMA) is a real concern. Please understand as a former counselor and social worker I have seen the impact that addiction can have.

If you find yourself with several of the following conditions you may be suffering from this affliction.

1. You have more “friends” than the population of Tyre, NY [2].

2. You find yourself calling family member by their @Name [3].

3. You start using extra consonants everywhere (ie. Digg [4], Sphinn [5], Mixx [6], etc.)

4. You find that you limit all your sentences to 140 characters [7].

5. You know all the words to Numa Numa [8] and know all the dance moves from How to Dance Properly [9] by Ze Frank.

6. You tell everyone you have a Mac [10] even if you are a PC [11].

7. You have nightmares that involve whales [12], mob wars [13], or being buried [14].

If you find yourself addicted, the first step is to admit it. The second step is to realize you are not alone. Some well respected and suspected addicts include Chris Brogan [15], Jeremiah Owyang [16], Robert Scoble [17], Mitch Joel [18], Joseph Jaffe [19], Valeria Maltoni [20], C.C. Chapman [21] and Linda Bustos [22]. I think I may be getting dangerously close myself [23]. Be social and make sure to friend these folks so you don’t have to face your addiction alone.

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