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The Smooth Leg Approach to Conversion

Posted By Melissa Burdon On November 4, 2008 @ 7:38 am In Customer Experience,Improving Conversion,Retail,e-commerce | 13 Comments

smooth legs [1]Although I try to stay away from using personal and embarrassing topics when writing blog posts, I’m going to share this experience, because it’ll help you think about a few things you should be considering when optimizing your site.

Last night, I went for a last minute shopping expedition, looking for wax strips that are ready to use. I visited three drugstores and a Walmart [2] just to come out empty handed. Wax strips are not something I would think of purchasing online because at the point that I realize I have the need, I don’t really have time to wait for shipping if you know what I mean!

This time, I had no choice. I went to Google [3] and searched for “ready to use wax strips“. The first result was for a product sold by Veet (a brand I know) so I clicked. I was brought to the Veet web site where they don’t actually sell their products through their web. After a thorough search on their site, I finally found a “Where to buy this product” link. The Veet site referred me to an online store: homesolutionsstore.com [4] if I was interested in buying this product online.

Unfortunately this was not a direct link to a product page on this referred site, so I had to use the site search tool. I typed in “veet ready to use wax strips“.

This is their results page:

homesolutionsstorecom veet category oct 29th [5]

They clearly tell me on this page that the item is in stock. The price is very obvious and the call to action “buy now” uses appropriate language, placement and stands out well.

What is missing? A clear link to “Learn More“.

I clicked “Buy Now“.

This is their product page:

veet product page [6]

They make me go through an extra step by bringing me to a product page instead of the shopping cart.

I see the price clearly listed here on the product page but what about shipping? I don’t want to have to add this item to my cart in order to find out how much this is going to cost me for shipping.

They are doing something very right here worth pointing out–> Without knowing that I could save by buying a case, I would have initially only bought a couple of the smaller boxes. Because they offer me the ability to buy the case, they increased the overall purchase value of my order. I added a full case to my cart in order to save the 10%.

This is their shopping cart page:

add to cart oct 29th [7]

The shipping calculator directly on the shopping cart page is valuable to the visitor who wants to find out how much this is going to cost to ship. A downfall is that shipping costs quite a bit and if my average order value had been lower, I would be less likely to spend the amount that they are charging for shipping.

Free shipping would make me a loyal customer because I’m going to have a continuous need for these wax strips and if I can get them at a discounted price online if I buy them in bulk, and I get free shipping on top of this, why would I buy them anywhere else?

What we’ve learned today from my shopping experience:

1. State whether a product is in-stock

2. Clearly establish the price and a clear call to action that stands out very close to the price

3. On a search result page or category page, give the visitor the ability to add an item to their cart or to learn more

4. Give visitors the ability to find out shipping costs on a product page

5. Think of ways you can increase the average order value. If you can offer the visitor a discount to buy more of a product, consider the value of this

6. Consider offering free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. This may not only increase your average order value, but increase your overall conversion rate because you’re removing another barrier to placing the order.

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