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A Blog Worth Following

Posted By Jeff Sexton On December 20, 2008 @ 11:48 am In Blogs,Interesting Websites | 3 Comments

[1]No less of a copywriting authority than Gary Bencivenga [2] has declared credibility as THE most important factor in effective copywriting.  Why else would he call “Yeah, sure” the two most powerful words in advertising [3]?

Once you’ve gained the reader’s interest through relevance, buyer confidence is everything – without it the sale is lost.  That’s why methods of substantiating claims [4] and establishing credibility [5] are frequent [6] topics [7] of mine.

And it’s also why Tom Wanek’s blog is a must read [8].

No where else will you find such a powerful, systematic framework and methodology for creating credibility within your marketing and copywriting.  Tom’s application of Signaling Theory [9] to marketing is brilliant, easy to apply, and utterly unique.

If you haven’t heard of Wanek’s Six Currencies of Credibility, Roy Williams provides a great intro here [10].  But you’ll have to go to Tom’s blog [8] to really dig into Signaling Theory.

Highly recommended.

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