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Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009 at 9:58 am

Improving Conversions: Crash Diet vs. Lifestyle Change

By Natalie Hart
January 6th, 2009

This year, 45% of Americans made a new year’s resolution to lose weight. And, of these people, there are two different approaches to improvement.

1. The crash diet, where you could loose a bunch of weight in a short period of time (and then usually put it right back on, plus some).

2. Or, make a lifestyle change and commitment to eating healthy and getting physical exercise, which will cause the weight to come off more slowly but at a commitment level that you can maintain.

Online Optimization is very similar in the approaches that are presented. Do you see where I’m going with this? :-)

1. You could do a crash project (or redesign) where you commit a lot of time, energy, money, and resources to optimization. Most of you could realistically expect to see a conversion lift of 30-50% over a four-month time frame.

2. Or, you could commit just 10-hours a month, utilize the resources you already have available to you, and spend far less money, less effort, less disruption and conservatively see a 3-5% lift per month making regular improvements.

The Compounding Effects of Continuous Improvement

Let’s compare the more conservative estimates. In the first example you get a conservative 30% lift, in the second you don’t get a 3% per month lift. The first sounds more impressive until you do the math and find that 3% a month is better than a 42.5% annual lift (and it gets even better). If you improve 3% per month you are improving on the effort of the previous month as well. In addition we have found that the regular improvements become your company’s lifestyle.  You get into that habit and then you become more fit and your improvements become easier and more productive.

I recommend you get into the habit of continually improving your conversion rates.

Of course, you can do better than those examples. Many of our clients have done much better.

FutureNow has made it easy to create and maintain healthy habits.  Our OnTarget software monitors the visitors that come to your website and provides you with recommendations you can implement to improve your conversion rates. You won’t get lots of data or reports, just tasks based on the resources you tell us you have available within the time you tell us you can devote.

I’d like to wish you a happy and healthy new year. I’d also like to recommend that you look into OnTarget so your new year can be more prosperous too.

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Comments (20)

  1. This is a great article and ties in perfectly with our site. We are committing to the diet plan (conversion diet that is) whereby we commit a certain amount of time each month to increase our conversion rate.

    As you say, it does pay.

    Thanks Natalie.

  2. Great analogy, like any real improvement – it needs to be a continuous effort if you’re going to truly succeed.

  3. My wife completely stopped eating sugar last spring. She’s lost 23lbs and looks so good, and stopped there. It’s like her body just found it’s right weight after getting the right nutrition. It’s because of this that I could not agree more.

  4. I think it is an attitude change. if you are depending on a diet alone or sitrct regiment you will fail

  5. Great article!

    I think the analogy is missing a small aspect that we don’t talk enough about.

    Sometimes at the beginning of the optimizing process we might actually harm conversion rates…

    So, people who go on a diet need to be ready to gain a few pounds on the way before they start seeing real results :)

  6. Good analogy – I reached a similar conclusion myself regarding applying attitudes from the fitness world to face-to-face selling :


  7. What would you be listening to? What would help you plow through your work?

  8. I agree on the Continuous Improvement solution.

    And best part is that if you only use 10 hours a month, you can do it on a whole portfolio of websites.

  9. Natalie –

    The verb “lose”, as in “to lose weight”, is spelled with one “o”. The adjective “loose”, as in “I’d like to lose 10 pounds to make my pants loose around my waist”, is spelled with two “o”s.

    Please make a note of it.

  10. Is it so hard to use the word “lose” instead of “loose” when lose is what you mean? It’s carelessness like this that lessens credibility.

  11. slow and steady wins the race!!!

  12. I appreciate your post, this is a great information resource. Especially because it creates awareness of this area of peoples lives! Lifestyle Change is so important.

  13. why not do both?

  14. [...] nach den Prinzipien der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin gefunden. Ich plane also keine Frühlings-Crash-Diät (bringt eh nix), sondern eine langfristige Ernährungsumstellung. Ein paar Kilos abzunehmen könnte eher ein [...]

  15. Is it so hard to use the word “lose” instead of “loose” when lose is what you mean? It’s carelessness like this that lessens credibility.

  16. Sometimes 10 hours a month seems like a real challenge to muster. Who has that much time anyways? =)

  17. Its amazing what a little exercise, and cutting out certain things like sugar and bread, it does help not having those things in ones diet, great post and information. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Doe 10 hours really seem a lot I don’t think so, if one went to gym 3 times a week foe an hour that would average 12 hours a moths see how quickly it adds up??

  19. Very interesting article! I think you comparison is great and the only real solution to the problem is the lifestyle change.

    People get fat because they have bat eating habits and don’t do exercise. These are the people that are less skilled to do a diet, and even if they are successful what happens next?

    You got it, they get the weight back faster than they lost it and ad some more to it.

  20. This is very interesting and informative as well. Changing lifestyle is not that easy. it takes perseverance and determination to be able to achieve one’s goal.

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