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Monday, Jan. 19, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Right Now Is Always The Right Time

By John Quarto-vonTivadar
January 19th, 2009

[A personal story with a business ending]

Over New Year’s, I went on a dance cruise to Mexico — a group of dancers goes on a regular cruise ship and effectively “takes over” the dancing, especially late night — and everyone (including non-dancers) ends up having a great time. We’d planned this trip back in the summer, with my two wacky cabin-mates absolutely insisting that we upgrade to a Junior Suite something-or-other which had a lot more room and a balcony. This was August, “pre-Recession” for readers with short memories, and so splurging seemed like a good idea.

Despite FutureNow’s having a record quarter ending in September, by early November my more practical side was fretting we should’ve just gotten a regular inside cabin with the fake porthole. Or maybe even save some money by not going at all. I may well have chickened out but The Hummingbird and Dr. Evil (right) reminded me everything was already paid for and non-refundable so there was nothing to do but relax and enjoy it.

You know what? I had a blast. Wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

And not because of the balcony but rather despite the balcony. It was the people I was with that made the experience into a rocking-chair tale fifty years hence; in fact, a fake porthole might even have lent further spice to the story.

As I’ve thought about the trip the past week, this concept of remembering to live in the present came back to me again and again. How many of the hundreds of people who just stood and watched for hours from the railing wished they’d learned more from their Aunt Ethel’s b-day gift of 6 lessons at Arthur Murray’s so they might’ve joined in? What about the singular, nutty fellow who despite his lack of dance lessons joined in anyway and ended up trading an appetizer of “looking foolish” for a main entree portion of fun that is beyond price?

Are you too busy to take a dance lesson? Or walk your dog? Or take your Mom out for ice-cream? Or – let me segue this to my business theme — work on some project you’ve been putting off, say, increasing your conversion rate? or getting started in testing? or revamping your website?

Recently, I’ve been listening to some Alan Watt’s Zen-ish podcasts and he talks about one translation of the concept nirvana as being “to exhale”. Which is to say, literally and figuratively, action comes when we “breathe out”.

Are you holding your breath waiting for the Recession to end before you try something new? You’ll have suffocated long before then. Exhale, and start acting now to change your company’s situation.

Are you just waiting for your Dev Team to have enough free time before they get around to improving that shopping cart? They’ll never get to it, unless you stop thinking about it and start doing something about it.  Exhale, and start.

Not enough budget to start testing and optimizing? When have you ever had enough budget for everything? Stop worrying about it and exhale. Right Now is always the Right Time. It’s time for your Future, Now.

Of course, I’d get kicked soundly by my partners here at FutureNow if I didn’t mention our newest software, OnTarget. If you ever did want to get started in optimizing your online goals (increase sales, conversion, lead gen, etc), OnTarget “helps you exhale” by giving you as much actionable guidance as you can digest to get started. Learn more about OnTarget from our post last week to “Please Keep Our Message OnTarget“  or read more on our website.

[To be sure, we do have a much updated and improved video that we're about to release in a day or so, but the secret video gnomes here tell me it's not quite ready as this post goes live; nevertheless Right Now is still the Right Time to publish this overly long post ]

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Comments (7)

  1. Great post. Writing it on the MLK Day is a perfect call too. Martin Luther King Jr. was known for saying that “the time is always right to do what is right.”

  2. Thanks, Geno! I’d never heard that quote from King before, god I wish I could write like that man!

  3. [...] i stalled over the creation on the content (as i always do), then checking my email i got a post, which has pushed me into writting [...]

  4. I was at a wedding this summer, and a group of older women from Portland did that. They came in and just started dancing in the middle, and the whole place went bananas.

  5. Realizing that there is no better time than NOW is totally powerful. I’m guilty of putting too much stuff off until tomorrow.

  6. It’s good you’re not putting anything on the backburner anymore. By the way Alan Watt’s pod casts are way cool to listen too!

  7. Thanks for the article. But it is not always as easy as you are writing it. If you have to invest lots of time or money it is not always the best to start rightnow. Sometimes it is better to think about it and create a plan. Although it might take longer at first glance you can avoid a lot of mistakes you would have done perhaps otherwise.

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