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Want Me to Show You the Money? Show Me the Pics!

Posted By Jeff Sexton On April 1, 2009 @ 6:54 am In Improving Conversion,Optimization Tactics,Persuasive Design | 22 Comments

[1]Pears Example B [2]Holly Buchanan taught me that reviews help sales not only by offering more credible information (than the biased marketing copy), but also by answering questions that the copy fails to address.

Her favorite example is a review on a pair of Reef’s Fanning flip flops.  Holly needed to know if the bottle opener was sunk far enough into the sole to prevent it scratching floors, boat decks, etc.  The website copy had nothing on this, but one customers review provided the answer – leading to Holly’s successful purchase of arguably the coolest flip flops going.

I feel the same way about product pictures.  Product pictures don’t just show me “what it looks like.”  Hi-res, multiple angle pictures answer questions:

Show me the back of the product
so I can see the connections for electronics, and so I can see if the charm is hollow or solid, or so I can see if the sweater pattern is continued on the back, or if the jacket is gusseted [3] to allow movement, etc.

Show me how big (or small) the product really is.  Do this by showing it worn by a model or placed next to another object of known size like a playing card or a quarter, etc.

Show me a side view so I can gauge the product’s “heft.”  Show me the top of the kitchen knife and I can see if it’s made of thick stock or if it’s a super slim slicer.  Show me how thick the watch is and how it’ll sit on my wrist.  Show me how bulky that fishing sweater is.

Show me the bottom so I can see the treads of the shoes.  Or I can see if the electronic box has rubber feet or not.  Or I can see what kind of access to the electronic gizmo provides me.  Or I can see how the attention to detail has been lavished on the fit and finish of the item.

Show me the item in action. Either with video or through action shots, show me how the thing works, or at least what it looks like in action.  Bryan Eisenberg has a great comparison between a static picture of a pear and picture of a juicy succulent scoop of pair flesh [4] recently scooped out and offered to the viewer.  It’s the action shot that’s always preferred by pear lovers.  And that’s just freakin’ fruit for god’s sake.  Show me the water seal beading water.  Show me the one-coat paint covering over a red wall in one smooth brush stroke.

Product videos have gotten a lot of press about their ability to boost product sales.  But it’s not about the magic of video.  It’s about the magic of answering customers questions and concerns through pictures.  Moving pictures just help you capture more angles and to better capture motion/action than still pics.

So don’t skimp on the product photos.  Show ‘em the pics, and your customers will show you the money.

YouTube Preview Image [5]

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