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Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2009 at 6:56 am

Are You Sending Emails in the Dark?

By Bryan Eisenberg
April 7th, 2009

According to a recent study by eROI, 18% of US e-mail marketers are not tracking the effectiveness of their email campaigns. According to them, the reason most marketers are not tracking site conversions is that did not know how (really?), while lack of time and budget were also listed as concerns.

The problem is larger than that. In another email marketing study in 2007 by Silverpop, it was found that many people’s email marketing sucked, and that there was poor messaging follow through on the website from the email campaign. This often happens in a large organization because the team responsible for email marketing lives in a silo separate from the website team. When the organization is not in silos or when you have a smaller team though it still happens. They have not figured out how to integrate web analytics and website optimization with their email marketing; a critical piece of the marketing equation.

According to the eROI Q1 2009 Study: Trends & Use of Email Analytics:

The savvy email marketer knows that developing a truly targeted email campaign goes beyond simply segmenting by demographic and focuses on behavioral segmentation, which enables delivery of the most relevant, targeted messages to your recipients. How does one track behavior? Easy, just follow the data.

An individual who visits your site from an email campaign, but doesn’t make a purchase, can be targeted with an offer different than that sent to a person who eventually abandons their shopping cart, or another person who makes a purchase. Intelligent email marketing requires different tactics for follow up and re-engagement based on previous actions, but if you are not capturing any of these analytics all of this might sound like magic.

The 80% that measured their email marketing efforts were asked to rank the metrics they tracked by importance and ranked open rate, followed by click rate and open to click ratio as the most important measures.

Though they receive the most attention, these metrics ultimately give you the least amount of insight into the true success of your campaign. Open rate, as mentioned earlier, is not a reliable metric. Click rate is better, but unless you can tie those clicks to dollars, campaign ROI can still be a little tough to prove.

Tragically, about one-eighth of all email marketers are not tracking conversions. Of those, the majority don’t track conversions because of time or budget considerations, but, shockingly, about one-quarter aren’t tracking conversions simply because they do not know how.

Are you leveraging intelligent dynamic emails? Emails that are triggered based on the analytics and actions of your website visitors and customers? Let us know if you need help.

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  1. I agree. Most email marketers are not taking advantage of the tools available to them in the market. I use This site has a great set of email tools and delivery analytics…Enjoy!

  2. I had thought, but I never do. ha ha.

  3. Thanks for any Moody’s good.

  4. Nice tip!

    It’s very useful for me.

  5. Great post. Bookmark it.

  6. I have been sending all my emails int the dark!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Very useful.

  8. wow. thank you.

  9. There are some software out there that are rule based based on the email activity. For example, if there is no click thru for a long time, it will resend the email with a different creative.

  10. The basic data for email is click to send, click to open, open to send. Be sure to have at least those metrics.

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