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Thursday, Jun. 4, 2009 at 9:15 am

Top 10 Online Retailers by Conversion Rate: April 2009

By Bryan Eisenberg
June 4th, 2009

Here are the top 10 converting websites for April 2009*. These are based on Nielson Panel data and are calculated by user to final conversion. Conversion-rate data is based on visitor conversion rates, not session conversion rates: i.e., No. of unique customers/No. of unique visitors.

1. ProFlowers 42.8
2. 28.9
3. Office Depot 25.0
4. MetroStyle 24.5
5. Woman Within 23.0
6. Schwan’s 21.1
7. CDW 20.8
8. 1800Flowers 20.8
9. Landsend 18.8
10. Drs FosterSmith 18.30

*Source: Nielsen Online / Marketing Charts

Benchmarks according to the FireClick Index:

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Comments (44)

  1. Wonder what timeframe of research? User to final conversiion timeframes? So can one assume that 40% of Proflowers users buy something over some time?

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  3. Matt that is my understanding as well. 43% of all unique visitors at some point by something at Proflowers during the month of April.

  4. Another great resource from a great company.

  5. Fireclick looks interesting however some of their numbers in specific industry segments look a little suspect (electronics for example) I am sure hoping they have a good measurment tool and large enough database to be reliable. How comfortable are you with their numbers Bryan?

  6. These are pretty amazing stats, impressive job by each of these teams. It is great that Nielsen compiles and publishes these.

    I get the feeling that most of these benefit from the nature of their web business. For example, who goes on a flower site to browse without buying? I would assume that a higher proportion of visitors to flower sites intend to buy when compared to the average e-commerce site (but that may be my personal bias).

    Outside of flowers, five of the other companies sell consumable items (vitamins, office supplies).

    My point is that the nature of the products that you sell and the position within the organization of the site as a sales channel both affect conversion rate. While stats like these are fun, web marketers should be focused on making incremental changes that boost their sites’ conversion rates and not worry too much about other sites’ ability to convert visits into sales.

  7. I am glad to see this list, it alows me to look at what other well performing sites are doing and hopefully pickup some knowledge.

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  9. Really interesting numbers there. Why do we get so obsessed with the 1% conversion number that is constantly bandied around. Ok with absolutley no knowledge of CRO we might start around that number, but surely no matter what market we are in we need to be aiming for conversion rated of between 5% – 10%.

  10. I’m somewhat surprised to see an online vitamin store pushing out flower shops for spot #2! I see little reason why the flower shops should ever be anything other than the top of the list. Afterall, who goes online looking for flowers with no intent to buy them? =)

  11. High conversion rates like these are certainly impacted by return customers who intend to purchase.

  12. While this does have some use for comparison sake, I’d caution others from comparing their conversion rates to these companies. Every company has their own audience and different ways to drive traffic to their site. It’s tough to say if Proflowers has a great SEM program, retention program, website, or a number of other factors. I could get a good conversion rate by spending a ton on really high converting keywords and putting an amazing offer on my site, but my ROI could be horrible.

    A low conversion rate doesn’t mean a site is underperforming. 30-40% conversion rates might be the norm for some industries, but for most, I would argue, it isn’t feasible in the long term.

  13. I don’t believe this information from FireClick. Good effort. However, defective. Beware.

  14. [...] to Neilsen data shown at GrokDotCom shares Nielsen data every month, showing the top converting websites. Amazingly, online flower and gift retailer ProFlowers converts a whopping 43% of its visitors to [...]

  15. Thanks for the report, none of these retailers were expected by myself to be honest. Do you offer any conclusion?

  16. Thats amazing.Pro flower has quite high conversion rate.Good..

  17. [EDIT] I visited their website just to find out what they are up to.Well no doubt they have good conversion rate.See the website layout it so simple and user friendly and very compact and well organized.
    The potential buyers have every details the need to know about at their landing page.

  18. Last month it was Schwan’s i think .The had ha major trip this month.

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  20. I’ve visited ProFlowers and completely stunned by their web page design which I think contributes to the high conversion rate you mentioned. Their services must be reliable and fast to achieve that kind of figures.

  21. Pro Flowers has done it again.Last time it was 38.6, now its 42.Good going.

  22. Amazing how ugly sites like work so well. I’d personally hit the back button when I saw that colour scheme, as it looks like an amateur site and not the kind I’d trust with a transaction.. yet its converting well. Do yo think its converting well in spite of its colour scheme?

  23. An unexpected bunch this lot (pun unintended), my conclusion would be that flower retailers are less prone to people using their site for purely informational reasons, and then heading off somewhere else to buy the item, which would explain why ProFlowers is so far ahead.

  24. I was just looking at, everything looks really bunched together and seems a little clotted to have such a high conversion rate. Nevertheless, each product has tons of info which may really help the conversion process.

  25. I think the nature of the flower industry is more standard to go online and ordering this we see two in this list but nevertheless, pretty impressive numbers.

  26. Funny enough – no one is known to me (and probably most other people in Denmark).

  27. I saw a another post where Schwans had topped the polls. I can’t find it now but I would be interested to see if this was before or after this poll in April?

  28. Promotional Merchandise I checked the poll for May myself it did show Schwans at number 1. I wonder is there any info on why there was such a drop? Did Pro Flowers do something that we all should know about to move up two spots and what happened to FTD?

  29. came across this post through a Google search. I was trying to find any stats on conversion rates for retailers targeting the over 50s market either in the US or UK/europe. Can anyone point me to the right direction? Thanks

  30. That is a wonderful list.
    But i have never thought some of them would be in this list>

  31. This is extremely interesting. Finally I get some numbers what is normal in e-commerce. :-)

    “Cart Abandonment Rate” is dramatic :-(

  32. Some striking and interesting results. I’d be interested to see what the results look like after the next financial year.

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  35. it is good to know the e-commerce and run the business sucessfully.

  36. 123

  37. Wow, a resource like a big bang theory anyways, data shown at GrokDotCom shares Nielsen data every month, showing the top converting websites. Amazingly, online flower and gift retailer ProFlowers converts a whopping 43% of its visitors

  38. That is a wonderful list.
    But i have never thought some of them would be in this list … do you think so ?

    anyway thank you so much :)

  39. really big list friend

  40. this is a strange list .. but what a high conversion .. I hope to be like them :(

  41. Great list. Come visit our site and learn about the Costa Rica real estate industry and explore history, Jaco, and retirement options.

  42. Good list. Flowers are always going to be up there, while women love flowers and men can decide what to get, there is always flowers.

  43. I’m surprised to see proflowers at the top but they actually have a great affiliate program!

  44. I wonder a bit about “Average Page Display Times.” Is that the time it takes to load the page or the time spent watching each page? I would have expected larger numbers.

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