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Monday, Jun. 15, 2009 at 11:06 am

Will Google Judge You Guilty of SEO?

By Bryan Eisenberg
June 15th, 2009

SEO Blogger Lisa Barone recently posted “Google Openly Profiles SEOs As Criminals” and for many who do not follow the industry so closely, the main point of this post may be missed. What is the point?

Don’t do Search Engine Optimization!

At SMX last week Google’s Matt Cutts, basically explained that “Google does profile SEOs. They’re identified as “high risk” and so are all of their associated projects.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Matt’s comments are a pre-cursor of Google cleaning up their index and rankings. Will this be the next Google Florida type update coming?

Lisa starts her post asking if we can stop talking about nofollow and PageRank sculpting; might that just be one of Google’s SEO profiling techniques?

Google publishes a set of suggested Webmaster guidelines to help Google find, index, and rank your site. No where on there do you see any talk of “nofollow” attributes or PageRank scultping. Has this been a trojan horse that many SEO’s have tried to leverage?

Google views Search Engine Optimization as dangerous, because in many cases it is used to manipulate relevancy of their results. Does that mean there aren’t some things you can and should do to make your content easier to find and index – absolutely you should. Should they be the things that Google specifies in their guidelines – maybe. Should you be very conscious of all your SEO tactics – without a doubt!

We know Google is considering new signals to make search relevant.

I’ve always said SEO shouldn’t be an acronym for Search Engine Optimization (because now if you optimize for search engines you may be profiled as dangerous), but for Searcher Experience Optimization. I recommend that you do great marketing primarily. Then focus on making sure you publish the best content for the person doing a search. When that person has a list of options to choose from in their search engine results page, your content provides them with the best experience.

Is Google likely to find you and your Search Engine Optimization activities criminal? We’ll find out if you are exiled from their listings soon.

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Comments (85)

  1. Very interesting Bryan.

    I have always thought that it is not about the search engines, it is about the customers (I would bet my right hand that you agree with me ;-)

    As I see it, Google is actively thinking as a Web Analyst: what is best for the customers? And that’s the real SEO companies should be doing, the rest will follow. Last eMos I presented about that and published a post on searchengineland about that: How To Optimize For Conversion In Organic Search Results

    Hope you like it!

  2. Google have said this stuff since time began, but there will always be SEOs because there is such value in improving rankings. There is only value in improving them for relevant sites though, so no-one needs to worry too much. Good solid SEO is about not doing dumb things rather than doing anything manipulative. The manipulative techniques generally have a very short-lived benefit these days.

  3. I really admire Google for a number of reasons:
    1 – innovation
    2 – transparency
    3 – customer centricity
    4 – breath of product offerings
    5 – breaking the mold
    6 – a clean, easy to use interface
    7 – putting the user first
    8 – success

    The Google Webmaster guidelines are ethical and plain/simple common sense.

    Web developers should make sites search engine friendly as a matter of course…this would make the ensuing debate moot.

    SEO/SEM companies come in many flavors and some simply do not get it right.

    On the other hand, few things are more pleasing than seeing a well developed, well optimized site from the get go.

  4. Hi Barbara,

    I agree with 7 out of 8, but transparency??!!! Google are probably the most secretive non-military organisation in the world!

  5. Until about a month ago, I ranked with all my sites in the top 3…Then poof! gone to the bowels of Google.

    They were not black hat and had great content.

    So there is something to worry about.


  6. I agree with the comment saying that there will always be SEO.

    And Google will always be (at least) one step behind the SEO’s.

  7. Yes, it looks like Google is Good in SEO.
    Nevertheless I agree it is not about the search engines, but about the customers.
    Improving rankings to get more people bounce is useless !

    Actually Microsoft is also setting up a terrifying vision.
    Do you have seen the new MSN engine, Bing ?
    They aim to help people decide what to buy on the search engine.
    The user would come to the website only to pay…
    Strange view of the web and the search engines I think.
    Do you have an opinion on this other trend Bryan ?

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  9. It’s a bit like exam technique.

    With bad technique you can fail even though you know a subject. If you know your subject and use good technique you pass with a higher grade.

    If you don’t know your subject, you shouldn’t be able to pass be using good technique. Google is just trying to ensure this.

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  11. Bryan that’s not exactly what Matt Cutts said. Matt Cutts said “The closer you get to money and the closer you get to people who are doing it deliberately for links — and there’s a certain segment of people who are doing whatever they can just to get those links — that’s a higher risk endeavor in our opinion.” Cutts said that “people who are doing what ever they can just to get those links” are dangerous. i.e., if you’re a SEO spammer; a black hat practitioner; getting links from link farms and paying for hordes of paid links; then yea, you’re playing in a dangerous field buddy – professional SEO or not.

    No one ever seems to address the LIMITATIONS of Google. Yea, Google is a monster but the internet is a much, much bigger monster that is growing at such a incremental rate that Google is and will be forced to make some decisions about how they spend their computing power and manpower to alleviate spam. Piecing together the tracks of SEO professionals and creating a secret SEO black list that is then used to monitor or black list their sites is probably not a wise choice of their time and resources. Although, don’t get me wrong, tick them off enough or enough publicly and they may whack you individually.

  12. I don’t think Google is penalizing sites which are non SEO standards or not optimized properly. Of course you won’t get indexed as high as you desire. One more thing i noticed is no matter how worse your site is, if you have nice content which is valuable and backlinked by many sites you will get good results. Can anyone explain why is that so?

  13. Great post Bryan. SEO without user in mind, at the end of the day, is going to be a waste of time; SEO tactics targeting at users will never be found guilty.

  14. I don’t think it is fair to paint all SEO with the same brush, if Google were against all SEO, then why would they publish their own search engine optimization Starter Guide?

    Should Google monitor SEO’s closely? Yes because there are those out there who are constantly attempting to manipulate the results. If you stick to good clean SEO by implementing natural on page optimization and creating great content, there is never going to be a problem. After all thats what Google wants.

    The sculpting issue was caused by a Matt Cutts comment which stated no following would not increase the amount of ‘passed’ PageRank, this has not been clarified by Google and nor will it, we just have to wait and see the effect. Were still advised to use nofollow for paid link though, how does Google distinguish this?

  15. I try to help very small businesses in my area with seo. Most of them do not appear on google for any keyword, not even for their business names. I follow the Google Webmaster guidelines and help them put on valuable content for their users. I don’t think Google would punish that kind of SEO, would they ?

  16. Katie: Google doesn’t “penalize” sites that aren’t seo’d, but that’s like saying you’re not penalized in business for not having a website – you aren’t, but you’re going to get a lot less business than those who do. And, yes, sites with killer content do better in rankings. And that’s one thing SEO guys like me help their clients do to better their rankings. But remember, your competition may have killer SEO too, and only 1 of you can be #1 in Google.

    Tim: Matt Cutts IS Google, so yes, they’ve said it, and someone else w/ Google verified it in a meeting in Italy.

    Simon: you’re right, your seo doesn’t matter if you can’t convert users to sales, and likewise, your content and conversion ability doesn’t matter if no one ever visits your site.

    Here’s some SEO advice for all you business owners: if you can afford it, hire a professional. If you don’t, you’ll always be beat by companies that do hire a SEO guy like me. You can’t possibly have the time & resources to know what works, what’s stopped working, what’s dangerous, know how to fix problems Google tells you about, monitor results, monitor competition, etc. If you DON’T have the resources to hire a professional, then stick to the basics so you don’t get in trouble. Build (legitimate) links, add content to your site, etc.

    Finally, remember that if you’re a bus. owner with a website that you’re in a RACE with every other bus. owner in your segment. If you haven’t started SEO, start NOW – you’re competition has! See my blog at titled “5 Mistakes Business Owners Make In Search Engine Marketing” for more.

  17. google’s goal is to make search engine more relevant…that is the best from google…and seo practicers could make it less relevant..

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  19. This whole thing is being blown out of proportion by SEOs who don’t know what they are doing…

  20. Good post Brian. I think Google have got a lot better things to do than chase a bunch of SEOs around. Everything they say I take with a pinch of snuff. The best criminals do not get caught and the really smart ones usually work inside the law anyway – think Bankers and Stock Brokers. I think the same applies to the best SEO’s.

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  22. We can only hope not I say, Google are always ontop of it though

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  24. Search _Experience_ Optimization. I’m going to have to quote you on that. The more Google pushes to reward website owners for doing things that optimize the search experience rather than just take advantage of the robots the better off we will all be. Great post.

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  26. I love the idea here –

    ‘I recommend that you do great marketing primarily. Then focus on making sure you publish the best content for the person doing a search. When that person has a list of options to choose from in their search engine results page, your content provides them with the best experience.’

    Brilliant – I wholeheartedly agree.

  27. This is whole-hearted sensationalism. I have been working in SEO for a while, and this is exactly how it has ALWAYS worked. Of course google attempts to asses the quality of a web site, not just some BS number like nonsense backlinks from link farms.

    They have always done this, let’s not forget this is why google got popular in the first place, they asses sites hollistically. SEO should be viewed the same way. People can rank better by offering more information and services, and making it so there is not so much nonsense on their sites. That is simple fact.

    If people are reporting that getting millions of backlinks from link farms doesn’t work, that has been true since the miserable failure/George Bush debacle. This article is a few years slow. Google can’t possibly penalize people for making more and better content. it is antipathetic to their goals. As far as backlinks, they just have to qualify with Google as natural and valuable.

    SEO is not the enemy. Cheaters are.

  28. @Brian If you read the article carefully, you will see I said nothing about not making content better. I did say Google might be looking at such insider techniques like PageRank sculpting as a negative indicator.

  29. The session on pagerank scupting has resulted in a lot of talk. First of all, Matt likes to pull chains, so I think his target comment was more for this. However Brent Csutoras in his STFU post, was right. If you are making things work your way, do not sit in front of Matt and tell him, he and Google do listen and act.

    That said, the Black Hat vs White Hat session at the Affiliate Conference made me realize that there is still a lot of games being played out there — successfully I might add BUT if you are in it for the long-term, don’t cheat; do it right and if you cannot do it right then, hire someone who can.

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  31. Really, you can’t be serious. SEO holds huge value and those practice it well reap that value.

    The idea that the cream rises to the top naturally when it comes to search is a farce so I wouldn’t expect that if you create a nice site that conforms to google’s posted standards and that has informative and unique content you are going to ever rank well without SEO tactics.

    The reality is that now virtually everyone is using SEO techniques. In fact, I received a call from a ‘business development manager’ at AOL last week. His proposal was clearly a link building exercise ‘I’ll trade you this content for link backs to my site’. Also, I know for a fact that more and more fortune 500 companies are employing SEO agencies in order to improve their rankings.

    So, my guess is there will be less punishment for SEO techniques but rather more focus on new tactics for determining relevancy. And as soon as SEOs find out what these new tactics are, the people who implement them first will reap the value once again. I will do my best to be one of those people.

  32. One more thing. I love Lisa. She is a wonderful young lady BUT she is as her co. bio says “Outspoken”. This article was to do exactly what it was meant to, generate a lot of buzz and attract attention; which it obviously is succeeding at.

    BTW, targeting those who are doing it right is a waste of time and Matt & co. are not in the business of wasting time.

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  34. What a load of rubbish. This is scaremongering and has NO factual basis at all.

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  36. Google sure could do with a bit more accessibility and transparency. The web should be run by its users rather than its exploiting companies!

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  38. Undoubtedly there are big changes coming to google. Just over the past few months alone I’ve seen huge changes in the way google has been ranking all the local business results. In just a matter of days, we went from page 3 to the very top of page 1 and all the irrelevant/out of state business that were using local numbers no longer show up. Very interesting indeed.

    SEO as a business is certainly becoming less and less relevant to actually achieving results. So long as your content is relevant to what you want people to search for and your site is using valid code, there’s no reason you wont rank for your keywords (within reason).

    Thanks for the post keep em coming!

  39. Ryan, with all due respect, you’ve got to be out of your mind! :-) It’s quite the contrary, SEO is becoming more and more important to achieving results. If you have great, relevant content with valid code you’re not going to show up in the first 200 results in Google on a competitive term. Lots of people have sites with great content and valid code.

    I’m a full time SEO consultant who is very knowledgeable on SEO – I mean, lots of people are more knowledgeable and smarter than I, but if you’re not a fellow expert I don’t even have the capacity to explain how much I know, and yet I spend an average of 2 hours a day staying abreast of the changes, testing and analyzing data and learning from people who are way smarter than I. And it is not easy for me to get good rankings for a site on competitive keywords. It’s a lot of work, it’s very complicated, and every site is different.

    Yea, if you’re competition is low, if you’re looking to rank on really long tail terms like “blue flags from Georgia in the fall”, then you might have enough natural SEO to get there.

    But most businesses need SEO, and they need it BAD. There in a race with every other competitor and if they’re not playing they’re losing. Smart business owners are entering the race and RUNNING. Those that don’t will be too far in the dust to catch up before long.

  40. I agree with Brian – SEO is tough and very complicated because Google’s algorithm is so complicated, unknown, and changing. There’s no way that I could spend enough time to SEO my own site even if I was a technical seo geek.

  41. All I know is, it seems like every time I take steps to “optimize” my websites according to the latest advice, I drop in ranking. None of this make sense after a while

  42. Well it seems interesting that Google thinks SEO can be dangerous basically when Matt Cutts almost daily give some idea on SEO on web pro news.It means that if we are guilty of of SEO then Matt Cutts and Google are equally guilty helping us out with SEO.I seriously think that they did not literally mean that SEO are dangerous because it is an intelligent way to adapt yourself with search engines and leverage the power of search engines.
    All right we will leave doing SEO,but whether then the search engines will adapt to our strategies.Millions of different people will have millions of different strategies.How will Google adapt to all of them.SEO is legally used to manipulate search results.But is there any other legal way out to show your page on the first few pages of search results.

  43. I don’t think that google needs to worry about the SEO industry to much. the industry is really doing a damned fine job of destroying itself anyway. The key isn’t optimisation but more online marketing. The poor quality spam email companies that promise miracles for nothing mean that very few companies actually trust an seo company. They think that you will run with their money because they’ve already been ripped off by 15 cowboy companies in the past. I don’t think that google has anything to worry about, results are generally relevant in my mind and as long as google has the most efficient index, it will continue to provide the best results.

  44. This is perfect Backfiring.One day you teach SEO the other day you condemn.I wonder what should SEO experts will do now for their bread and butter.Change field i guess.

  45. The term “SEO expert” really means nothing these days IMO. @Dallas SEO, you say that your an expert of SEO yet your very own site has a pagerank of 0 and I’ve yet to find you in the rankings for “Dallas SEO”.

    We’re currently battling for rankings for a keyterm with over 20 million results and showing up on the first couple pages, yet I can’t find you for a keyterm with only ~700,000 results. Hardly an expert in my book.

    With all the claims of SEO experts I’ve seen very few that actually achieve the results they claim.

  46. Oh, and Ryan/Vegas Web Design, the number of search engine result pages don’t determine the difficulty of SEO, but rather, it’s the SEO strength of the top 10 results. It appears that you’re ranking #50 in Google for “Las Vegas Web Design”, the only logical term you could be referring to. I hope you do better in the future.

  47. I agree with you Dallas SEO about the SEO strength factor over search totals, but ryans point does seem valid – hes in the top 50 for a very competitive market and you cant be found in yours. You didn’t counter this point in your rebuttal.

  48. Sorry Ryan/Vegas Web Design, I’ve obviously hurt your feelings. I can see that you must be a disgruntled SEO user, and yes, I agree, there are plenty of bad SEO people out there. Almost all of my clients feel they were taken by another SEO “professional” in the past.

    This is one reason I haven’t spent ANY time creating a website or optimizing it. I’m also not interested in having a ton of clients and building an SEO empire. I just want a handful of clients that I can give personal attention to and do a knock out job for.

    Does your doctor have a website? Probably not. He’s a professional who can only see so many patients and most people don’t find doctors through the internet, they find them through referrals. The same is true with my profession. If you want a SEO consultant with a great website that ranks #1 there are plenty of them, but don’t be surprised if your contact is a recent college graduate reading you a script.

    Understanding SEO, how it works, and how SEO professionals can help you can be really frustrating. SEO is new, it’s different, and small business owners don’t know how to think of yet.

    I just wrote an article in my blog that is must reading for any frustrated small business owner who wants to understand how to deal with their SEO delima. You can read “Small Business Owners Hate SEO” by clicking on my user name, Dallas SEO.

  49. SEO guys no need to change their field if they really have talents. google will always here for us no need to worry.

  50. I’ve been convinced for a long time that no form of Internet marketing will be able to stand on its’ own and remain effective. You MUST integrate and innovate. I am lumped in with the SEO crowd; but I’ve consider myself a Search Experience Optimizer, for a long time.

    So what if you gain rankings and attract traffic–if you are not integrating the user experience, you will get to brag about high traffic volume…hoping people don’t ask about your bounce rate.

    Give valuable content. Present that content to the right audience. Test and Target. Rinse and Repeat.

  51. There is no reason for Google to punish sites who hire SEOs. These website owners are just playing by the rules that Google publishes itself! The rules will continue to change, and SEO’s (Internet Marketing is what I like to call it) will change with it.

  52. Every body does SEO… The point is how you do it. If you are giving quality content, then your SEO efforts are well guided..

  53. SEO can make search easier for the people. Google should punish trashsites, but if content is good for the issue, why would they punish it?

  54. I guess the whole SEO stuff made us forgotten that we are marketing towards human end users. Sometimes we refer to the search engines’ crawlers through our search engine optimization. I agree that we should refocus on submitting valueable content for human searcheres.

  55. if you seo some crapy site and let searcher have some terrible experience then you are guilty! so first make great content that can help searcher then go to do seo work, google have no reason to make you guilty.

  56. You can understand where Google comes from (afterall SEO is interpreted as the practice of improving rankings and that could be seen as unnatural) but it would be harse to label it on the industry that way.

    SEO isn’t just about improving rankings its about decent content, a decent structure and “optimising” a site to standards. I’m sure a lot of SEOs have, at some stage, had a site ranked 1st and still had a bad conversion rate.

    I firmly believe that with the advancements of search engines , like behavioural data, we will end up with the better and more useful site performing better.

    As long as you stick to ethical practices and make a site better (for all parties) I can’t see a problem.

  57. Google doesn’t really target seo’s it targets spammers! Look, if you create a website providing unique content, selling a product etc etc and eatch page is unique then there are no issues. If you put ten title tags in your header then google is going to target you because you are trying to spam. Just make sure that your target market is what your site is all about – simples!

  58. I think they should specify that they are against SEO that uses “black hat” techniques. I also think it would be fair to make new rules clear and give webmasters time to conform to them, as opposed to making new rules, penalize sites breaking them, and then outline what they now like or dislike.

    The rise in SEO is due to the fact that so many good websites are being left behind because of all of the black-hatters that get away with their tactics. The good sites almost have to go with hardcore SEO tricks just to get their name on the list.

    ~ Kristi

  59. i appreciate to share your view on google seo

  60. Nice article
    I can’t agree you more.
    SEO is tough and complicated because Google’s algorithm is so complicated, unknown, and changing.

  61. I agree that Google has to apply some filters to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad-spam-my-techniques’ SEO approaches. But it’s hard to write the tiny line. Google changes their algorithm so often, so unless they disclose it publicly we won’t know for sure what exactly they are doing.

  62. It’s kinda scary how much power google has these days, over our whole society!

  63. why, I do not think there are dangerous, and perhaps even google sebliknya I think is very easy and practical, thanks

  64. Google’s a admirable company, they are just so powerful these days.

  65. It is no doubt that Google might consider our SEO efforts that manipulates search results. I would say we SEOist should take an effort to form some basics in optimizing websites. We need to optimiza for visitors and not for search engines.
    If we do this obviously search industry will benefit.

    We get stuck because of scamers who spam forums and blog to manipulate serps. Also we G needs to tackle with black hat seoist.

    So, lets take some time in improving the search industry.

  66. Google is becoming big brother!

  67. o yes… great article… ofcourse they will never give the manual how to rank 1st, but we should put our minds in google shoes and ask our self: What google wants? For now it is great content, with a lot of comments… And if there is a lot of comments people like it and google wants that kind of content…. so let’s write interesting content and google wil give you better rankings….

  68. SEOs simply play by Google’s rules. It’s Google’s fault in the first place.

  69. How can that be google’s fault? The idea of SEO should not be focused on getting on the top search results but rather be on the first organic search results by having the best and relevant content for the searcher. The competition for good content will bring up quality for all sites competing. Who’s to blame? The SEOs that do manipulation rather than providing good contents for their site.

  70. Dallas, you are absolutely right. It’s not google’s fault, all google wants to do is to put the most relevant searches in the top spots. Writing great content that has a purpose is the next quest for google, many sites now have great content optimised for rankings pusposes but they don’t really say anything new. I think that google will use metrics such as bounce rates and the time spent on a site even more significantly in it’s algorithm as these are the metrics that matter and can provide relevant statistical information to google!

    What do you think?

  71. I don’t think google can punish spammy links as other people could create them and aim them at thier competition.

    Though I think google is more advanced than the other search engines.

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  73. It will be interesting to see how Caffeine update affects SEO manipulators. It is supposed to help genuine webmasters and businesses but we shall see! In my experience the business with the big bucks still tend to win out…

  74. Spammers will definitely get banned by google. Promote your website in a right way, then goole will also appreciate you.

  75. I find it amusing that Google always talks out of the side of their mouth — “SEO is dangerous! But hey, read this guide on how to best optimize your website for our crawlers!”

    Or, “provide great content and don’t worry about SEO. But, if you don’t want your site to sink like a stone, make these critical SEO updates to your site’s linking structure!”

  76. It makes no sense to punish sites that use SEO to achieve a high rating. However spam sites should be banned by Google.

  77. I think that SEO is dangerous only if you implement extremem black hat and spam techniques that piss off those that browse the internet, that and if you sell links which is illegal. You should have mentioned in depth the importance of creative and new/original content to help out a site.

  78. I agree with all comments that are saying that there will always be SEO. Also Google will be always one step behind the SEO

  79. who knows what google will do, they are so big they make up their own rules? you hear stories all the time of people being banned from adwords and are given no reason why. I like google but you never know, they can make you or break you

  80. Google’s a admirable company, they are just so powerful these days.

  81. We are not suppose to do SEO, but we must do some things that will make our site more visible. Well … I would like to hear someone explain what exactly is considered SEO and what is considered things to make our site more visible. I do not see difference.

  82. Search _Experience_ Optimization. I’m going to have to quote you on that. The more Google pushes to reward website owners for doing things that optimize the search experience rather than just take advantage of the robots the better off we will all be. Great post.

  83. Very nice point about SEO being short for search experience optimization. With Googles intensified battle on easy seo tactics, that road is the only safe one to take

  84. Nice article. Google algorithm is becoming intelligent day by day. You can’t betray it anymore.

  85. Excellent blog! Do you have any helpful hints for
    aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

    Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go
    for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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