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Thursday, Jul. 2, 2009 at 10:44 am

Top 10 Online Retailers by Conversion Rate: May 2009

By Bryan Eisenberg
July 2nd, 2009

Here are the top 10 converting websites for May 2009*. These are based on Nielson Panel data and are calculated by user to final conversion. Conversion-rate data is based on visitor conversion rates, not session conversion rates: i.e., No. of unique customers/No. of unique visitors.

1. ProFlowers 38.6
2. Office Depot 28.0
3. Online Retail Total 25.6
4. 25.0
5. Quixtar 23.4
6. ;Blair 23.4
7. Roamans22.6
8. 1800Flowers 20.5
9. Woman Within19.6
10. Spiegel 18.20

*Source: Nielsen Online / Marketing Charts

Benchmarks according to the FireClick Index


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Comments (18)

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  2. Look at those average numbers and then picture a supermarket where 70% of the carts are just abandoned in the aisles as visitors rush for the nearest exit.

    And where 95% of the people who arrive in the store leave empty-handed – often doing a 180 in the entrance because something just feels wrong about the shop.

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  4. Repeat visitors have lower conversion rate than first time? That looks abnormal. You would think that if people are taking the time to come back to a site, they have a brand affinity and would convert more. Have many other people seen that to be true?

  5. [...] like a 38.6% conversion rate? Well that’s what ProFlowers has managed for May 2009 according Grokdotcom and Nielson Panel [...]

  6. They need to list the non-branded and branded conversion rates. A lot of these companies are well known brands…and if people search for ProFlowers, go to the site, they have a very high chance of converting. But the people looking for “flowers” for example, I would wager some cash on those conversion rates being no where near what is listed.

    So take these percentages with a grain of salt…because they are not actually telling the conversion rates of the different terms, the percentages can be wildly different.

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  10. [...] étonnant que ce taux varie dans des proportions assez grande selon le type d’activité (voir le classement des 10 meilleurs marchands américain) et les pays. Sans me tromper trop, dans le textile et l’habillement, il peut tourner autour [...]

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    thanks for the list
    these top 10 really set an example for our own business.

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  16. Thanks for sharing this mlist. Some figures are very impressiv. Indeed, conciderinf the brand is also important.

  17. Thank you very much for sharing this list, but I agree with some comments. They need to list both the non-branded and branded conversion rates.

  18. This is an interesting list. I’m wondering what’s the date in 2010?

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