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Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Increase Your Search Rankings by Shrinking Your Offering

By Bryan Eisenberg
August 24th, 2009

jigsaw_magnesium_toilet_paper2_3Anyone can sell nutritional supplements, and many do. However, what would you think would happen to a company that stripped everything away to focus on selling magnesium supplements?

Magnesium — not something you hear about everyday, huh? It’s not really the product with the most “sex appeal.” As Patrick Sullivan, co-founder of Jigsaw Health which focuses on selling these wonderful magnesium supplements, explains:

“Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. It works in tandem with calcium — calcium flexes muscles, and magnesium relaxes them.  Thus, muscle relaxation is one of the many benefits of magnesium.  But you just don’t hear about magnesium as much as you hear about calcium.  And no surprise, up to 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium.  We recognized a large void in the marketplace to make an uncool mineral, cool.”

Roy Williams consistently shares this piece of advice with business owners: those companies that try to appeal to everyone tend not to appeal to anyone. It pays to have a “sword in the stone.” Says Roy:

Advertisers rarely abandon campaigns that revolve around their Swords in the Stone. And sword campaigns tend to perform much better than those built merely upon clever ideas. A company’s Sword in the Stone embodies its core values and defines its essence, and from these flow their non-negotiable standards and their customers’ positive experiences.

Patrick Sullivan explains on his blog the 5 step process he went through to increase his search rankings for the main index page on Jigsaw Health for the term magnesium supplements. He shares his results too:

In about 4 days, Lord Google bumped us from outer-space to 27th for “magnesium supplements”.  About 10 days later, we were the second listing on page 2 (position 12)!!

Today he is #11. Obviously, something is working.

Being this focused is not only good for Google but for your visitors as well. Sites that work to clarify their sword in the stone wind up with much lower bounce rates and, more importantly, increased sales and conversions. Just ask Patrick at Jigsaw, who finally put the magnesium pieces together.

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  1. Very interesting matter, well made! Congratulations!

  2. Well done! Just for a day, there’s another improvement in his site. But I really don’t know how he made it to get one rank higher after a day?

  3. very interesting, thanks

  4. Very nice tips! I appreciate

  5. Similar to what we are doing with our e-commerce site. Very specific search terms work wonders ;]

  6. I agree that narrowing your offerings online will get your site ranked higher, this can be even improved if you’re targeting a specific geographic area.

  7. The higher the competition, the lower the possibility to have a better ranking or vice versa. Moreover, you can still use different ways to improve your ranking.

  8. I’ve seen focusing in on a keyword term result in very quick results myself. We went from no where in for “bargain pool supplies” to the page 1 seventh one down (position 7) in about 1 week. So long as you “exist” somewhere for primary keywords in the top 100, then you can get listed well quite fast.

  9. Sword in the stone campaign? Can you tell us about this more? How can it help advertisers?

  10. [...] Source:Increase Your Search Rankings by Shrinking Your Offering Share and Enjoy: [...]

  11. Thank you for good technique.

  12. this is an excellent article.
    i totally agree that shrinking your offerings is gonna make your site ranking higher.
    Moreover,if you’re focusing on an area,it’s gonna be improved.

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    It’s very useful for me.

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  17. Thanks for sharing these useful tip, much appreciated.

  18. I like your writing skills. Made me think. Keep posting.

    Thanks :)

  19. Focusing on a niche can be more profitable than trying to spread all over in the terms. Make that niche profitable does make sense by shrinking instead of expanding.

  20. I will use this for my K&N cold air intake business to help increase search engine rankings

  21. Nice and thanks for sharing. I like your writing skills.

  22. Totally agree. Not only your index page but every page should be aimed at a more precise product or service.

    The deeper you go into your website then the longer tail keywords should be used, especially when you are just starting out.

  23. Thank you for sharing this article. really helpful.

  24. I totally agree with your statements about the offerings. I mean there is so much stuff you can do online that sometimes it is just better to focus on certain areas.

  25. A great insight into a complex situation – very interesting.

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