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Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009 at 4:05 pm

Don’t Make Me Sign In To Give You Money

By Melissa Burdon
October 1st, 2009

Nothing is more frustrating then making me jump through hoops to give you my money. I go to Warren Miller annually to get psyched for the upcoming ski season. Make fun of me if you wish, but it’s tradition ok?!

Anyway, I just went to and found out that I could buy tickets for one of the Utah shows directly at Abravanel Hall’s box office web site, so I went here:

to find and buy the tix for myself and 5 of my friends.

I could search by event name — which was great — and it was easy to find the three Warren Miller shows that are being shown at this location. I chose my time and date and clicked “Buy Tickets”. Let’s not even get into the horrible “view seat map” tool, but check it out if you want to see how to seriously frustrate visitors. This experience is a really good example of what not to do unless you want your visitors ripping their hair out! Anyway, I chose the option “best seats available” and put it in their hands because I had no way of determining what seats were the best. Of course, I’m having to trust that they are actually giving me the best seats. But whatever.

The real fun starts at checkout. On the shopping cart, I click to “check out” and they bring me to a “create an account” page. They either let you log on if you already have an account or they make you create a new account.

blog- ArtTix Login- oct1

I couldn’t remember if I bought last year’s tickets through this site so I “create a new account” and fill out their many fields and click “register”. I then receive an error message that I already have an account associated with that email so now I have to go to another page and try to remember my password in order to login! I don’t remember my password. You call this business?! I now have to say that I forget my password and have it sent to my email account in order to sign in.

blog- ArtTix Registration- oct1

Oh, by the way, throughout this entire time, my order is no longer available for me because I had 10 minutes to checkout and all of the jumping through hoops that they made me do, took longer than 10 mins. Maybe my “best seats available” are now gone? Readers, if there is but one thing you change today, please let visitors checkout as a guest — don’t make them create an account or sign in just to give you money.

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  1. This is exactly the problems I have with my webshop. The underlying issue is that I can’t switch off registration. I have looked at several webshops around and they all want some form of registration even if it is silent. I am now thinking of deleting the accounts on a daily basis. Any other solution is greatly appreciated.

  2. Exactly same probleme in Europe :-(

  3. Yes, same problem in Germany too

  4. It seems that everybody have the same problems

  5. It’s quite disappointing that this problem occurred while you want to get something. You rather go to a site without the need to sign in or create an account either. Can they realize it that it’s so hassle on the part of their customers?

  6. Hi Edward,

    I recently developed two e-commerce sites using X-Cart open source shopping cart software. While not perfect — I don’t know of any shopping cart software that is — there was an add-on for a one-page checkout with optional registration. Just a thought.

  7. Oh, yeah – I totally agree. It is so anoying.

    If I visit a web shop like this, I go somewhere else (if it is possible).

    It should be optional to create an acount.

  8. Great point here Melissa. I hate having to log in to buy. I’d recommend looking into Magento. I had the same log in issues with previous stores and can’t tell you how aggravating it is to have carts abandoned because people have to log in.
    We’ve been using Magento for about a year and a half and have wonderful results. People can buy as guests and the member area is very easy to navigate and use.

  9. Very valid point. So many ecommerce stores could be operating at much higher conversion rates, but their checkout system is so damn confusing! I am a solid believer in giving the customer the opportunity of not having to register an account!

  10. Very few ecommerce stores let you check out as a guest. It’s amazing how many accounts you have to juggle as an online shopper

  11. The frustration of online shopping. even if you did had an existing account the easiest and fastest way to make a smooth transaction would “Send Account Information with Email Use to Register” ….it’s that simple but yet everyone fails to implement it on the online store.

  12. the saddest thing is that this is not happening only in online. you would be amazed how many hoops you need to jump through to give someboy your money. ( at least in some countries in europe ). Basically, you beg them to let you buy something from them. this is unbelievable.

  13. These things remind me of the irritation I sometimes feel when I shop online. There are only a couple of good ones, and I am their client. That’s something to think about.

  14. I hate the idea of having to sign up to everything just to buy a basic product. UK has so many red tape issues its untrue

  15. it is great yah

  16. I will be visiting more often as you have done a good job, keep going..

  17. This is really so important ! I’ve heard of companies more than doubling their funds when their turned to a no-login based payment system. It’s important to make it as easier as possible for the client.

  18. Virtuemart now has an “incognito” purchase mode. I am so stupid for not being on the newsletter list. I will upgrade today.

  19. Yeah, making it easy for customers and keeping them happy should be the highest priority.

  20. Great points, sometimes we are so focused on getting people to our sites we forget the most important part. Ease of use, especailly in this department, should be of paramount importance.

  21. Couldn’t agree more, so


    Speaking of Amazon, I was going thru their ordering process and I thought it was absolutely abysmal.

    Jumping thru hoops is an understatement. It was more like a Marine survival course, and with no way to cancel once you’re in.

    I didn’t make it to the end, I died in the field.

    How many more orders are dying this lonely and unreognised way?

  22. That’s right. I’ve experienced like this several times. My conclusions were, quit from the shopping and not to buy with them again.

  23. its all about priorities, good read thanks

  24. This is a major pet peeve of mine, keep savings covered under a web of logins, spendings should be out in the open.

  25. I totally agree, I also hate those squeeze pages that force you to enter your email address to be able to view the underlying page

  26. everybody have the same problems…huhh

  27. I think this will be very helpful thank you.

  28. I have always wondered if they do this so they can bombard you with newsletters every week. It has happened to me, and then when I scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter to unsubscribe, there is no option!!. There should be by law.

  29. Great ideas :)

  30. I hate the idea of having to sign up to everything just to buy a basic product. UK has so many red tape issues its untrue

  31. excellent post
    this kind of situation also happened to me.
    It is rustrating.
    it is meaningless to sign up to buy a product.
    we like buying stuff of ease.

  32. Most interesting article, it’s always an annoyance having to register multiple times to purchase items. You dont have to do it instore so why force people to do it online.

  33. nice post.thank you.

  34. This is something that we always try to get across to clients too. Why put barriers in the way of making a purchase? You wouldn’t go into a shop and expect to have to “sign-up” for a membership account before buying your goods so doing so on a website shouldn’t be mandatory either.

  35. Yes, same problem in Germany too. thank you.

  36. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate websites that make you go clear through everything in your purchase and then right before you buy they make you fill out 4 pages of information. This usually makes me think twice about the impulse buy and looses them business.

  37. I’m curious to know how multichannel merchants use Guest Purchase with out logging in or creating an account. Do they still capture the information for direct mail? If so how do the guest’s purchasers feel about that?

  38. Most interesting article, it’s always an annoyance having to register multiple times to purchase items. You dont have to do it instore so why force people to do it online.

  39. [...] Source:Don’t Make Me Sign In To Give You Money Share and Enjoy: [...]

  40. Very interesting article. Greetz from Turkey.

  41. Wow! another people have the same problems.

  42. I thank you for this informative article. And I thank you for this I follow your vendors. It’s verry good. I wish you continued success.

  43. interesting article, it’s always an annoyance having to register multiple times to purchase items. You dont have to do it instore so why force people to do it online.

  44. It’s a question in fact why people muddle their own business. Visitors checkout as a guest or an optional registration that should be the main priorities, especially for ecommerce.

  45. Yes it is annoying and I have closed many sales pages because of it but they make money by getting your information especially your email.

  46. Totally agree. Nothing is more frustrating than that.

  47. Massage has a point too.

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