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Monday, Oct. 26, 2009 at 12:00 pm

The U2 Experience: Are You Giving Your Visitors an Experience?

By Melissa Burdon
October 26th, 2009

U2-360TourI just saw the U2 concert in Las Vegas this past weekend. The stage setup and effects were mind-blowing. The lighting and sounds were exceptional. It was honestly the best show I’ve ever seen…but it wasn’t really the lighting and sound that did it for me. There was really only one thing that set it apart from anything else…

U2 wasn’t just entertaining their audience with lights and music, they created an experience that the audience could be a part of. Their stage extended into the audience so that the performers could be a part of the audience, and the audience feel like part of the band.

Beyond this, their show created an experience of unity and opportunity. They demonstrated how far we’ve come today; 3 million people in Africa on life saving AIDS medications compared to the previous 50,000 in 2001. They demonstrated how far we still need to go; the 1990-elected Prime Minister of Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been under house arrest for the last 20 years and isn’t able to the lead the people and bring about change.

I didn’t just see a concert this past weekend–I was part of an uplifting experience. I left the concert thinking about what I can do to make a difference.

Connect with people in a way that no one else does, and you will reap the benefits. It’s as simple (yet complex) as that! If you can figure out how to give your audience the “experience” U2 gave to their audience, there is no question that you’ll win. You don’t need to save the world in order to increase conversions, you just need to offer an experience and connect with people in a way that no one else does.

What is your brand? What are you selling? What experience are you offering that sets you apart from the rest? Don’t just feature plain written copy on your web site. Have an opinion, have a personality, and make a difference.

Here’s an exercise we’d like you to try: Pick one of your highest trafficked landing pages and re-write it with some personality, as a conversation. Create an experience for your visitor. Then post the URL of that page in the comments. Excited to see what you come up with :)

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  1. Hi Melissa… nice post. I like the way the concert inspired you to think creatively how the experience could apply to online business aswell. Im off to look at our site and rewrite one of our pages to experiment with… will let you know :-)


  2. Many of our search customers come in on a typing search:

  3. agree with u, i’ll do your suggest first… after that mybe i will have more question about this method. thx for the tips:)

  4. I was also on one of their concerts on 360degrees tour. Surely that is something, but their concerts were aways something more than just effects, and even music. There is always a massage hidden behind. Here we had Desmond Tutu speech, few images from Iranian riots and many, many more things that made this concerts unique. I’m glad that I have been there and surely would do this again.

  5. thx for the information

  6. usefull information thx

  7. Thank you Melissa, user experience is very important for your marketing efforts, maybe as important as good content.

  8. The mixture of light sound show and artists made this an outstanding experience. We should translate these features to websites and website designing to get the same result.

  9. U2 have always made their concerts more about the experience than just the music (although their music is great as well). But i’ve never really thought about it beyond what it is. Thanks for the insight into looking beyond the “face value” of this band.

  10. I guess why its bands like U2, ACDC, Rolling Stones are still so popular after all these decades. Not only is it an experience for the crowd, its a MEMORABLE experience that they remember and filter down the generations.

  11. The best experience I ever got was through

    These guys help you select the hotelk you would like to spend your time in. Actually no other site can give you the same help as it does.

  12. I agree providing visitors with an experience is key to getting repeat visitors.

  13. Great band, great concert!

    Excellent topic.

  14. I am trying to give my visitors an experience, but I am having difficulty figuring out what they want.

  15. U2 have always had the quality to connect with the audience, back in the 80′s when bands were spending big bucks on expensive videos U2 focused being amongst the people. Examples include the impromptu rooftop show in the Where The Streets Have No Name video and the walk through downtown Las Vegas in the video for I Still Havent Found What I’m Looking For. Great band, the best live concerts you are ever likely to see.

  16. The different is that people come to the U2 concert to watch the show, while people come to most of the sites not because of the site itself, but because it came up on Google for their search term

  17. Agreed ! I think you are absolutely right and have given me a great idea to redesign my website. Thanx !!!

  18. I like the way the concert inspired you to think creatively how the experience could apply to online business aswell. I like your post.

  19. I would love to create a web design pro-”bono” (pun fully intended). With all the great things they are doing, they deserve it.

  20. U2 just recently came to Soldier Field here in chicago. The stage was absolutely amazing. I forget who the designer/architect was but i hope they come back soon!

  21. it is great to give our visitors an experience. Spot On

  22. you mean we must give an experience while surf on our website? nice idea indeed

  23. Good article Mel, get contact with web’s visitor, giving the more excitement!

  24. Great article really got me to thinking How I could incorporate it into my Australian Business Search Engine

  25. Awesome site with very valuable information. Thank you so much, I will come back often!

  26. I have to say there isn’t a band in the world that sounds like U2. They have their own unique sound and appeal to them. My favorite song from them would definitely have to be “Where the Streets Have no Name.” The beginning of that song is just so inspirational to me.

  27. As much as I can’t stand Bono, did anybody see the live concert they did on YouTube last week?

    It was truely epic and I was very impressed with the quality YouTube provided with a live stream.

  28. thx for the information

  29. I have to say there isn’t a band in the world that sounds like U2. They have their own unique sound and appeal to them.

  30. U2 is a great band. Very unique style I must say.

  31. That was a good example and I totally agree with your brilliant ideas. Those are few questions an entrepreneur must know before dealing with any marketing strategies.

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