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Monday, Nov. 23, 2009 at 9:02 am

Un-sexy Trend Lines Turn This Analyst On

By Brendan Regan
November 23rd, 2009

Given that my chosen profession is a Persuasion Analyst, you would expect that I’m a bit of a data-geek, and that staring at web analytics screens and Excel spreadsheets is my idea of fun.  Guilty as charged.

Ultimately, seeing our clients get positive results is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  Once in a while, I get to see a conversion rate trend line that takes a sudden turn for the better, and heads up towards the clouds.  This type of “home run” conversion increase usually happens when a major conversion obstacle has been removed, or a test has been run with very profitable results.  It seems like a lot of folks, clients and consultants alike, are fixated on chasing this type of increase.  I can’t really blame them–who wouldn’t want a triple-digit increase in conversion rate?

But I’d like to share the kind of trend line that I really find sexy.  It illustrates that “base hits” do add up, and you don’t need the home runs to win the game.  For my final baseball analogy, I remind you that most home run hitters strike out an awful lot!

ezrac2This is a screenshot from our OnTarget conversion rate optimization product showing the trend line for a hardworking client.  The time period is about a quarter, and as you can see, the rate of increase of the conversion rate is decidedly un-sexy! This would not make the cover of “Trend Lines Magazine,” were such a silly magazine to exist ;)

But here’s 3 reasons why this un-sexy trend line report turns me on:

  1. It represents a 31.55% relative increase in conversion rate
  2. It illustrates the hard work of continuous improvement.  It isn’t sexy, but if the client keeps up this pace, they could double their conversion rate in less than a year
  3. We estimate this increase is worth $202,907 a month to the client.  That’s almost $2.5 million over the course of a year…assuming they don’t do any further optimization! You can start to see how a continuation of this un-sexy trend could lead to some very sexy year-end numbers

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.  What may seem like insignificant gains can really add up if you keep up the hard work of continuous improvement.  So make sure you can calculate the value of your achievements, and don’t be fooled by boring-looking trend lines–as long as they’re heading up, they’re gorgeous!

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Comments (17)

  1. That’s a really important point. Tiny, incremental changes in conversion can make a huge difference over time. Thanks for the article.

  2. That’s a very optimistic approach but this is true as well.
    Getting an excellent conversion rate in a short time is more a matter of luck.
    It is slow for most of us.
    It is rightly said that slow increments add up to huge benefits, and, the only thing required is consistency.

  3. That type of attention to detail by properly trained and knowledgeable analysts is one of the key differences between a successful and consistently profitable business and a failing one floundering around with no direction.

    Folks who are just throwing R&D or advertising dollars around without a clear definition of their ROI goals might as well just pack it in or sell the company now.

  4. great analyze, Brendan! Spot on

  5. Great post.

    Thank so much.

  6. OnTarget conversion rate optimization product is great.

  7. Thank so much

  8. I wanna send a link to this post with every monthly report that goes out to clients. It’s very challenging trying to explain to clients why there are no significant changes on a month-to-month basis, while still trying to show the value of your service. You bring up a great point about how keeping up the pace of these small incremental changes can yield significant results in the long run.

  9. A trending line going upward is an indication of a good technique and proper process being done.

    Seems like you guys are really nice and expert on what you do.

  10. Thank so much

  11. [...] Source:Un-sexy Trend Lines Turn This Analyst On Share and Enjoy: [...]

  12. It is rightly said that slow increments add up to huge benefits, and, the only thing required is consistency.

  13. Havent avuto il tempo di conoscere davvero, ma grazie per il testa a testa. Thanks

  14. Thanks for this article. Often I expect to see big returns instantly. Patience pays off!

  15. “as long as they’re heading up, they’re gorgeous!”
    Touche! They’re magnificent!

  16. Exactly. I enjoyed reading it. It simply enlightened me into this world of buying staff I don’t really care about qualities and what matter is the value of it. Now, I realized the best part of those trend lines and how can I take good care of it and same time saves money. Thanks a lot.

  17. I think slow increments add up to huge benefits. All in cases a trend line going upward is an indication of a good technique.

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