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Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010 at 9:07 am

Does Video Have Value for Lead Gen Sites?

By Whitney Wilding
December 16th, 2010

For some time now, the online marketing community has prophesied that featuring video online can have a significant positive impact on conversions, so we were thrilled when one of our clients sought out our advice about a video to feature on their site. We helped them with the content of the video, and helped them determine where and how to feature it on their site.

The end result was a video that does a remarkable job of introducing the folks behind the company and effectively conveys their culture and the unique value they offer. However, during the filming process and even after placing the video on the site, the unspoken question was, what impact will the video have on conversions? Naturally, with a data-driven conversion optimization process like ours, we wanted to help them answer that question. 

This client has a lead generation site, and there is no conversion funnel for us to simply grab a time over time comparison. There also is no easy way to run an A/B test of placing the video on the site. That doesn’t mean we can’t track how this change impacts conversion. We have worked with lead generation clients like this before, and our process can account for and impact conversions on both e-commerce and lead-gen sites. With this client, we first set up a conversion goal to gather data for prospects that navigate to the “Visit Us” page. (This is the logical conversion goal for companies with sites aimed at driving traffic to a brick-n-mortar location because we assume that a number of the individuals who navigate to this page want to visit the store, which potentially results in a sale.)

After the video was placed on the site, we set up another goal to capture the number of visitors that not only navigate to the “Visit Us” page, but also viewed the video on the site at some point prior to navigating to the “Visit Us” page. A comparison of these two goals uncovered some interesting data.

By looking at a time over time comparison of the numbers for prospects that have viewed the video on the site, the number of visits to the “Visit Us” page has increased by 7.38% from 393 conversions to 422 conversions.

Additionally, to further support our hypothesis that the addition of the video on the site is a significant contributor to prospects being persuaded to navigate to the “Visit Us” page, we found that a high percentage of prospects that visited the page also viewed the video on the site. The total number of visitors who navigated to the “Visit Us” page from anywhere on the site was 422 during a specific time period. 351 of these total 422 visitors viewed the video during this session, and then navigated to the ‘Visit Us” page. We can safely conclude, in this case, that 83% of prospects who visited the “Visit Us” page also viewed the video on the site.  From what the data is telling us, the video definitely is playing a role in contributing to the lead generation for this site!

Have you been able to account for an increase in conversion due to adding video on your site?  Tell us about it now.

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Comments (25)

  1. Hi Whitney, nice article. I’ve seen video increase engagement, and subsequently brand awareness and repeat visits. Being a lazy web visitor, I am much more engaged by video than words on a page and imagine there are a lot of people like me out there.

  2. I am thinking of using video on my product pages instead of a still image (like a product description video). Is there any test data about that? Any opinions about this?

    Please let me know.

  3. I’m sure there is evidence out there to show that it works, however I do believe the that the content of the video must grab the user’s attention else they would probably leave the page to get rid of it.

  4. By using video you build confidence and confidence is vital when it comes to building the nesesary amount of trust one need to make a purchase.

  5. I believe in that videos can significantly increase conversion. Visuals plus audio has greater presents more facets of of one’s message.
    @tcn- absolutely. Like written content, videos should be sensible to your one’s target market.

  6. I’m confident in coming future we’ll see more videos on the company’s website than content after all watching videos are more interesting than reading content.

  7. Hi, Nice blog post. I was wondering if a video should be professionally produced or if an amateur production would be okay or could be effective if done well.

  8. @Cathie – good question. As with all things related to your website, that depends on the capabilities of the amateur!

  9. I have found that depending on the tags on your site and the tags on the video make a big impact.

  10. I think you have to be oh so careful with the way you craft the video for websites. It has to engage the visitor immediately (buffering == back arrow), be professionally edited and short. Try and keep it to 1 min.

  11. Thanks Whitney! Is there a particular editing suite or service provider that anyone would suggest for putting together a video for my website?

    And how do I stop video from significantly increasing the time for my site to load?


    Sean the Pay Raise Guy

  12. Great article on video marketing. I really think this method will become the normal for future conversion pages. Watching a video is simpler and much more engaging. The visual effects and sound will definite add to the sales presentation. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Of course video has value, but only if it re purposed across the right venues. All videos are not created equal IMHO…

  14. Well, its true that videos are very valuable when it comes to generate more leads.

    Yeah, I think that with videos you can achieve 2x or more than the traditional way.

  15. I believe that due to high production costs, video is something for medium and large enterprises. I’m sure that most such cases it makes it worth its value.

  16. Hey great article
    I recently did some video tests
    I must say I was able to get leads
    Actually funny movies
    More official films that did not work well
    Thanks for the fascinating story

  17. Very interesting article
    Video marketing budgets
    Increased by 50% recently.
    People would rather watch a movie
    Instead of reading an article

  18. @good one – not sure whether or not the fact that video marketing budgets increased by 50% is because people would rather watch a movie or because marketers would rather spend money on one.

  19. Great article! That’s right, videos have a great impact from this point of view, especially with a great quality video.

  20. Video can work wonders, we all have seen it with some youtube explosions. I wouldn’t ever put more money into video advertising though. I think SEO is good enough for most, if done right. Video marketing I never really became a fan of, but I have a friend that seems to have done really well with it.

  21. Most people are visual and must see how the product/service can influence their life. I am currently working on a video campaign and hopefully it will move some business to buy, buy, buy!

  22. @Nathan – SEO… AND CRO.

  23. These results don’t surprise me at all. Just look at the amazing success of Youtube. Todays online consumers have been growing up with Facebook and Youtube. Interactive videos are a great resource to introduce a topic and to involve customers. Thanks for sharing the results.

  24. Nice post..Video marketing is best way to express information as compare to other ways like image etc. We can make qualitative information using video on social media sites about our website that can helpful to increase more visitor.

  25. I first developed streaming audio sites in 2002 and followed with streaming video in 2003 back when it was quite rare, so I have lots of experience. The key aspect is the content of the video, not video vs text. Our most effective pieces have come from a “credible” speaker who “kept it real” and talked the way they would to an actual person. I never use a SpokesPerson anymore, that has very little impact. Video should come from the best power source: CEO, Founder Etc.

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