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Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011

Win Conversion Rate Optimization with FutureNow, Inc. for 6 Months

By Marijayne Bushey
January 5th, 2011

So, you think you can convert, do you?

Prove it.  Are you really satisfied knowing that 97% of the people who visit your website never become your customer, and may even buy from your competitors?  Isn’t it reasonable to expect your PPC campaigns and other marketing efforts at least to pay for themselves?  Don’t you think the content on your site should do a better job of speaking to your visitors’ needs, and possibly even get you better natural search rankings?

Have you tried testing and don’t know what to test next in order to increase sales and/or leads? Or maybe you’ve been testing everything on your site… even testing willy-nilly, without a reason why you’re looking at certain elements other than it worked for someone else, and in the absence of a way to prioritize one test over another.

FutureNow, Inc. is hosting a contest that can help make your website (and marketing) better…

We’ll select one company each quarter this year, and enroll them in our OnTarget subscription program, ON US.  That’s right, we’re offering you a chance to win a complimentary subscription to our Conversion Rate Optimization service.  We will help you make your web site and marketing better, whether that means more sales, more subscriptions, more leads, or more of any other action you want your visitor to take, ON OUR TAB. You will get your first To-Do list of recommendations almost right away, and could start to see results within 1-2 weeks of getting started.  Some clients double, triple, or even quadruple their conversion rate, increasing their bottom line revenue, with their first test… and we keep testing to get you results that build on each success and visitor action and a bottom line that compound over time.

We’ll provide the key to unlock your marketing success…

OnTarget will uncover the reasons your visitors are not being persuaded to do the things you want them to do, and give you a detailed, prioritized list of what to do, including screenshots and supporting documentation, that looks like this (except that the recommendations are specific to your data, your website, and your needs)…

OnTarget delivers:

  • People (our experienced analysts)
  • Process (our exclusive, patented Persuasion Architecture® approach)
  • Tools (OnTarget™, Google Analytics and more)

We will:

  • monitor your marketing efforts and web site constantly
  • analyze your analytics data for persuasion and conversion gaps
  • give you a To-Do list with detailed instructions and documentation
  • provide feedback on your implementation
  • monitor how changes impact your bottom line

You and your team make the recommended changes to your site, and manage your implementation team.

To enter to win an OnTarget subscription to help make your marketing better…

Fill out the form on our contact us page, and write “CONTEST” in the “Comments” section. Make sure to fill out your email address. We will email you with a short list of questions we’ll have you answer in order to qualify. The answers to your questions will help us to ensure that you have what it takes to be successful with a continuous improvement process.

Sign Up to Win Conversion Rate Optimization ON US Today.

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Comments (8)

  1. This sounds like a great service that many webmasters like myself could use.

    After all, what good is a bunch of traffic to your site if it doesn’t convert?

    Its frustrating to login to my cpanel account and see so many visitors leaving in less than 60 seconds…. :(

  2. Actually I’m just learning about this now. Sad that I graduated with a computer science degree 12 years ago but I know nothing about the internet :(

    But I think you’re right about the 97% part….well except for me since the only people who can find my website online are already my customers LOL

    Yea I need to find new ones in my niche :P

  3. We’ve improved our landing pages, but I’m still thinking that they could be better. Landing page is an entrance for customers, so I agree that it should be fully optimized in order to convert a click to a sale. I’m just wondering if you will be able to optimize conversion rate for Japanese sites, if I win. : )

  4. @Finally Fast – We would love to help you optimize landing pages (and beyond)…. if only your site weren’t in Japanese. Our analysts only speak English (one also speaks French), and they need to be able to understand your site in order to provide you with recommendations about what to change.

  5. I will consider anything that will provide good returns. Really intrigued by how people leave footprints online though social media. Klout is people-ranking the web in the way that Google does page-ranking.

  6. Great idea, I’m sure once a company experiences the benefits first hand they’ll never look back. I’ve recently read several case studies regarding travel/vacation sites and how they survived the down turn in ‘credit crunch’ traffic. The sole solution conversion rate optimization.

  7. I am not an expert but conversion rate optimization seems a little like voodoo, after all, people are not numbers and while you can get your message in front of a set number of people and treat them like numbers, ultimately it is a very random sequence of events that directly determines a conversion

  8. @Richard Leli – CRO may seem like voodoo, but it’s not. It works, and we’re not the only company with case studies to prove it. Believe it or not, you are being watched on almost every site you visit, by applications that run in the background of the site and collect information about what you click on at the site. The numbers cited in CRO come from those applications, and are an accumulated count of the actions your visitors take on your website. The actions visitors take reflect their desires and motivations. Tapping into your visitors’ desires and motivations, and delivering on them in terms of the information they seek about your products and services, increases the rate at which they take the actions you want them to take. I know it’s mind-boggling to think about it, but it’s not voodoo; it’s a science. :-)

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