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Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011 at 8:49 am

Last Chance to Enter: Win a Subscription to Make Your Website Better

By Melissa Burdon
January 20th, 2011

The winner will get 6 months of Conversion Rate Optimization with the analyst team at FutureNow, Inc., ON US! There is only one week left before the winner will be chosen, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to be selected.

Entering is Easy. Follow These Steps.

Fill out the form on our contact us page, and write “CONTEST” in the “Comments” section. Make sure to fill out your email address. We will email you with a short list of questions we’ll have you answer. Your contact info is completely safe and secure, and will only be used to reach out for the purpose of this contest.

Who Should Enter Our Contest? Do You Meet These Criteria:

1. You are fairly happy with the traffic numbers to your site (although are still working to improve traffic further).

2. You started investing in one or a few marketing channels (email, ppc, seo, social media.

3. You are only converting less than 4% of your traffic.

SEO and Paid Search has been around long enough that you probably feel it’s the safe place to invest. Although we believe that investing in attracting more traffic is incredibly important, improving your ability to persuade these visitors to take action actually increases your ROI on traffic-generation efforts at the same time it increases leads or sales.

When improving your conversion rate via FutureNow’s Conversion Rate Optimization Program, you will get exponentially more value from your traffic acquisition investment, because by more effectively converting this traffic, you’ll be turning what was 2 sales or leads into 3 or 4 sales and leads. And the results last, and compound over time.

What better way to try out Conversion Rate Optimization than to win 6 months free?! Don’t delay. Sign up for your chance to win now! Know someone you think would be a good candidate?  Tell them to sign up too.

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Comments (14)

  1. Was Great to improve Websites with your optimization Program!

  2. I’d like to see more on SEO strategies to get local business into the top 5 on Google

  3. How to increase my conversion rate through my website.
    Give me some more ideas

  4. the problem with PPC programs is that if you get 1000 visitors the conversion rate is less than 10 percent less than expectations. the same program works for some whilst don’t do any good for others. the use of traffic generation software is also a risk especially when you don’t know what method is being used- as far as i know mostly they are following black hat tricks. things are so obscure.

  5. @Product reviews – that’s why we optimize the conversion rates for both your website AND the campaigns driving traffic to it.

  6. @tirupati darshan booking – keep reading our blog! check out the resources section of our website, especially the publications area!

  7. @Bill M – we’re a CRO company, not an SEO company, so most of the content on our blog focuses on improving the conversion rate of the traffic you already get to your site, not driving more traffic. :-) If you want to read more about SEO from a very credible source, check out the blog over at SEOmoz. We love them!

  8. I like the idea of improving the conversion rate of the traffic I already have to my site. My question is how do you do that exactly? I understand the SEO and getting more traffic to my site.

  9. Hi, Melissa:

    I’ve been reading this blog and your posts for about… I don’t know, 4 straight hours? I LOVED IT!

    I would like to ask you if you can recommend a book for Google Website Optimizer and MVT.
    I saw on this post ( that you mentioned “Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer”, but that book is 2 years old. Still the best call? If so: what would be the second best?

    Would love to hear from you and thanks for your AWESOME articles.

  10. @Jennifer – yay! Welcome aboard the CRO bandwagon! :-) So, this blog is more-or-less entirely dedicated to conversion rate optimization tools, strategies and tactics. Sign up for the newsletter, and visit back here at least once each week. We’re about to start running a feature with an ongoing optimization client that will detail the work we do with them (involving analysis of Google Analytics data, the client’s website, and lots of testing), and that should give you a much better sense for how it works. Here are a few links to things we’ve written that may help you to get started ASAP with your own CRO program.
    Follow this process
    Getting Started with CRO
    The Fast Way to Optimize for Scent

  11. @Uri – I checked with Melissa and our other analysts to find out what’s on their reading list when it comes to these things. All of them gave a resounding “Always Be Testing is still relevant even though it’s 2 years old!” There were also a few other suggestions:
    - Tim Ash’s Landing Page Optimization book, focused on testing and tuning for conversions
    - Avinash Kaushik’s Web Analytics 2.0, has a few chapters that touch on testing, but is certainly great for whipping your analytics data into shape
    - Brian Clifton’s book, Advanced Web Metrics, is another great book about web analytics
    - training, through Google’s online help, conferences, are generally a good bet… or even courses like those offered by could help.

  12. @Uri – PS: we also give hands on training and testing direction to our conversion rate optimization clients. ;-) If you’re interested, check out our continuous improvement system.

  13. i would enter but my site does not get lot of visitors :(

  14. @best animation software – keep working at it! we do work with clients who get less traffic than this (and even have special programs for some very small sites that fit a certain bill)… of course, that’s all on a paid basis. :-) We had very stringent requirements for this contest because we need test to conclude very quickly so we can write more blog posts for our readers!

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Melissa is a Senior Persuasion Analyst at FutureNow.

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