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Friday, Feb. 4, 2011 at 9:07 am

And the 6 Month Subscription for Continuous Website Improvement Goes To…

By Marijayne Bushey
February 4th, 2011

What, specifically, did we look for?

Well, faithful GROK readers, you heard our cry for submissions to win 6 months of CRO services, and you responded. Over the last few weeks, the entries have been rolling in. We heard from companies of all sizes from all over the world! Thank you to all of the contestants, who graciously endured our due diligence, and answered between 5 and 20 questions total about their websites and businesses. We were looking for a company with a live website or two, getting a sufficient amount of traffic for formal testing, and with a small number of marketing efforts, but not so much traffic or so many efforts that our mid-level OnTarget Pro Subscription wouldn’t be able to address the complexity. We needed the winner to either have Google Analytics set up already, or be willing to set it up. We needed the winner to have some means of implementing our recommendations, or to commit to paying to have them implemented. And, for your sake, dear reader, we looked for a website that was in English. Why? Because we are going to tell you the story of working with this client, so you can see what a real, live, continuous optimization program is like. You’ll be able to feel, live, and breathe optimization with each blog post.

Who best met our criteria?

Congratulations to Quality Bath of Lakewood, NJ! Their website’s current number of monthly unique visitors is in the low six-figures range, and their conversion rate is hovering around 1%. They already have Google Analytics set up, and we’ve already had our first peek inside their data. ;-)

Our main contact at the company reports that they are able to make changes to their website and shopping cart internally via three marketing staff, and that the turnaround on those kinds of things is typically under 1 week. That’s good, because we like to move fast so we can generate revenue quickly. With an average order value of $700, and six-figures worth of visitors each month, even a small lift in conversion pays for itself. Their traffic level also bodes well for moving quickly – some of our clients getting between 20,000 and 40,000 visitors per month still can take up to a month to see conclusive test results, but with Quality Bath’s numbers we’re confident that we’ll be seeing results more quickly, and blogging about them much more often!

From the looks of things, they have some other marketing efforts going on. Our contact mentioned SEO efforts, and some shopping comparison engines. A quick look at their website revealed that they also have a mailing list (with special offers and promotions), and a social media presence. And their five-figure monthly marketing budget tells me they take their marketing seriously, so if we recommend a service such as web copywriting, they should have some wiggle room for that.

What happens next?

Wednesday afternoon we reached out to our winner, Quality Bath, to verify they were OK with the terms and conditions of the contest, and get some initial paperwork (much like the contracts we sign with our clients) out of the way. That signed paperwork was received and processed in our office Wednesday at the end of the day, and Thursday the analysts were assigned to the account. The analysts have already reached out to our main contact to arrange a kick-off meeting (done over the phone) this Monday.

During the kick-off call, our analysts will get into much more detail about the marketing strategy for, and the performance breakdown across marketing efforts/channels, if known. Before Monday’s call, Quality Bath will grant us admin privileges on their Google Analytics account, and they will also set up their own Google Website Optimizer account, if they don’t already have one.

While the Quality Bath team is busy with that, we’ll submit a fake purchase through their website, set up their login to our online recommendation software, OnTarget, and get the first few recommendations into our tool. That way one of our analysts can give the Quality Bath team training on how to use the tool just after the kick-off call on Monday, if not sooner. Another agenda item for the kick-off call is to set up a standing, weekly, 30-minute status call. That status call gives anyone involved in the implementation a chance to ask questions and get clarification on the recommendations, and gives our analysts an opportunity to update the client’s team on trending results from test or other urgent items.

So, stay tuned for more as we gear up for this subscription, because this one’s for your benefit too! We’ll be updating you with blog posts throughout the optimization process.

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Comments (5)

  1. congrats Quality Bath !
    I hope someday I can also win this type of contest.

  2. I wish my site would be like that in the future. You can have unique visitors if you really put half of your time and try to love them as friends:)

  3. congratulations :)

  4. Nicely done. I’d be interesting to hear an update on the changes and shifts in conversion rate.
    Personally, I think that conversion rate optimisation is going to become more important in 2011, after years of focus on straightforward SEO and Social Media.
    Keep up the good work

  5. I like the Quality Bath website. It seems they’re all in order and easy on the eyes.

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