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Monday, May. 9, 2011 at 1:57 pm

Top 10 Brands for 2011: There’s a New No. 1 in Town

By Marijayne Bushey
May 9th, 2011

Millward Brown just released their 2011 BrandZ study, and the results show some shifting in the world’s most valuable brands over the last year. Apple’s success with the iPad managed to push Google out of first place after a four-year run at the top. The top 100 also indicate another interesting trend: a surge in brands from BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

Here are the top 10, including their respective brand value:

According to the study, Amazon edged out Walmart as the most valuable retail brand. That’s not such a big surprise when you consider the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s findings, released earlier this year: was the clear retail winner in customer satisfaction (both online and otherwise) with an overall satisfaction score of 87/100, while Wal-Mart finished at the bottom of the barrel with only 71/100 points.

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Comments (43)

  1. OMG! apple is far away up from google. I thought that google is more powerful in market capturing

  2. I have to agree on that, Muhammad.

  3. I think this ranking of Google is temporary.On other hand Apple management has did a lot of home work to get this rank.

  4. There you go ladies and gentlemen, look what the iPhone and the iPad can do. Abracadabra … poof!

  5. @Steam cabin Google has a big grave yard where many of Google’s projects rest in peace, where as on the other hand apple has sparkling history over the past 20 years. they are trend setter. apple’s brand promotion campaign is the most power edge in the market. I’ve never seen so much apps and addon accessories from 100s of companies for any brand other than iphone & ipad. Google is necessity but apple is fad. and people never get exhausted from fads.

  6. Its great to see apple on top.. definitely ipad did the trick

  7. Definitely Google gonna beat apple one day :)

  8. As everybody down here, I’m surprised that Google was surpassed by Apple, but perhaps the key lies somewhere else: I’m a little curious, how exactly was the brand value calculated ?

  9. Ohhhh,i cant believe that apple can beat google.But definitely in future google again beat apple.

  10. @jammy – the link to a video about the methodology is on that main study page I linked to in my post.

  11. There are a couple of surprises in there; I can’t believe IBM has increased 17% in the last year.

  12. Wow! Surprising that even China Mobile is now ahead of GE! I’m not surprised that apple has taken a quick jump ahead of google with their i-pad success.

  13. Isnt it interesting that the top four out of five are computer companies? Google’s user numbers and raw capitalisation still probably puts it way out ahead on ‘top of mind’ mentions. Apple creates amazing devices, but prefers to stay niche and have loyal followers. All are highly successful, so the ranking probably matters little.

  14. Google is big name in business world.It is also dominating online world.It is Magic,Google is defeated.

  15. See that positive gain % with the Apple brand. I doubt if it can come down in the next 3-5 years unless some dramatic failure happens with their future products.

  16. What i see from the above list is that IT brands are the strongest on the market. So, we do prefer gadgets, before wine and dine.

  17. I cant believe that IBM in 3rd place, I thought google is the first, but apple is far away from google. useful stuff and chart, thanks marijayne

  18. iam shocked to see Mcdonals,i never thought that it will be in top 10 brands.I think no one will be thinking of it.
    @ Muhammad: you are right i also thought that google will be on top.

  19. I am not surprised to see Apple on the top rank. :) With the release of the iPad and just everything about Mac and iPhones, there is no wonder Apple is on the top rank… what surprises me is to see Microsoft down to the fifth.

  20. hmm. it is weird that China has entered in this list. didn’t though this country is so powerfull.

  21. Apple being on top has to do with the Apple consumer. Those that have iphone’s, ipad’s, macbooks, etc, live and die by the Apple products. They will regularly return as customers. Google on the other hand is just really good at what they do, but if there was a brand out there just as good as Google I am sure many Google users would jump ship. Customer loyalty is huge! And Apple has their customers salivating for the next Apple innovation.

  22. Apple being on top just proves one more time that the mobile industry is just exploding right now.

  23. i guess apple will capture the world soon :) It’ll be IEarth.
    I wonder where’s Facebook?

  24. With the new Ipad by Apple and the frenzy for it, it’s no surprise Apple has climbed to #1. Also with the Google – Facebook war that’s going on now, I think Goolge lost some of its fans, Apple really deserves this new spot with their great products and progress over this year. That’s my opinion.

  25. nice list man, i would of though coca cola would be higher the McDonald cuz i heard the company has more money then some poor country but i guess McDonald is richer

  26. No surprise here! I have like 9 apple products in my home. My 2 year old knows how to unlock my iPhone.

  27. Hi Marijayne!

    Wow, so apple is #1? No surprise there. But I was surprised to hear that has overtaken walmart…although when you think about how online retailing is growing, that shouldn’t surprise us…interesting. Very interesting!

  28. Apple and Google fighting for NO. 1 Brand, i am waiting to see fight between Google and Facebook. Onething like to mentions here that Microsoft still in the race, still manage to earn 2% Growth in this year. If facebook improve then it will help to improve Microsoft, now Microsoft acquire Skype.
    It means Tough competition for Google this year

    Thanks for sharing

  29. “Definitely Google gonna beat apple one day” – NOT!

  30. thanks, that’s really interesting, wondering where’s such companies as facebook and twitter

  31. I would take this data with a grain of salt. Brand value is such an abstract quantity (like business “good will” and other such intangibles). It’s therefore quite a challenge to measure and it’s highly dependent on metholology.

  32. Mac rules the world as usual. Everything I own is mac, including my bed sheets :)

  33. Not surprised to see Apple take the lead as they have revolutionized the tech world with the introduction of the Ipad and tablet computing in general!

  34. Notice how Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft are all up there. It is all about computers in this day and age.

  35. Google is stepped down from first position? Cant believe it. Apple will be the next giant. Hope google will also make some alternatives to Iphone and Ipad for getting on first !! :P

  36. It is estimated that in coming years Apple will be winner as it has shown marked improvement in all of products.

  37. I agree with this….

    Brand value is such an abstract quantity (like business “good will” and other such intangibles)

    I’m surprised that Google was surpassed by Apple, but perhaps the key lies somewhere else

  38. I think this ranking of Google is temporary

  39. Apple have been on such a roll and they never lose sight of the ‘brand’.

    Everything they do refers to the brand and good to see them up there. Google won’t lay down low though. The fight has just begun!

  40. I’m old enough to remember back in the early 90s during the Sculley-Spindler years when it looked as if Apple was doing so poorly it would be bought out. Back then, Microsoft was king of the mountain. How time changes things!

  41. Wow! Apple is at an all time high! They must be raking in some real dough now! But I still can’t get over that they have surpassed Microsoft’s numbers….

  42. Is this the same Apple company that the experts were burying as recently as four years ago? Jobs was characterized as old, out of touch, a black eye for stockholders, etc. Just goes to show how fickle the public truly are this age.

  43. Apple being on top just proves one more time that the mobile industry is just exploding right now.

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