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Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Eye Tracking for iPad?

By Marijayne Bushey
September 21st, 2011

Eye tracking keeps getting better for advertisers and website owners.  And now, iPad app developers are getting into the mix.  While there’s long been a number of free or moderate to low-cost tools to help content creators better understand how their customers visually engage with the design of their content, the mediums we use to communicate with our constituents continue to change.  A new service from GazeHawk, a startup AdAge Digital tabbed for their “10 Startups to Watch” series, seeks to tailor eyetracking to the tablet medium:

Eye-tracking on standard computers could help websites and advertisers complement what they already know about page views and click-through rates with a real picture of readers’ attention as they look around at ads, headlines, game elements, photos, links and the like. Analyzing that kind of information, which can’t be gleaned from simply looking at clicks or impressions, could fuel improvements to a site or help justify an advertiser’s spending.

But the new capabilities mean publishers and developers can now watch where app users look as well, with the same goals in mind.

App developers looking for eye tracking insight, take a peek at  Don’t forget to share your experience with us below :)

PS: Remember, heatmaps aren’t just to refine design “flaws”, Personas sometime show their true colors via heatmaps too!

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Comments (35)

  1. Awesome article! This is my first time I’ve heard of MouseFlow. I just put their code on my site. Can’t wait to see what kind of data I get! ;0)

  2. This sounds like a great tool for marketing but how will people react about privacy and such? I am willing to bet that someone will make an uproar about that very subject.

  3. Seems like a very good tool from the marketing perspective, however I’m wondering if people will be fine with being filmed while using their ipads.

  4. As a marketer, I can definitely see how GazeHawk would work wonders, but as a consumer, I don’t know if I would like the idea of my gazes being tracked. I don’t know, I am definitely on the fence about that.

  5. Eye tracking is a very powerful tool when it comes to design, user experience, and increasing calls to action.

    I would love to hear some reviews or feedback about gazehawk if anyone has used it before?

    It could be a great tool to own, but only if it’s reliable!

  6. Ok this is the firs time I have ever heard of Gazehawk, but it is truly amazing that software and applications are being developed for eye-tracking. This will be the sure way to tell webmasters and advertisers what is keeping readers interested and what is making them leave. There will be less guess work this way on what people want to look for in a website or in an ad online, and lots of money in the end could be saved.

  7. Great article, its more informative than the I expected, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. I’ll be following along with more posts, looking forward to studding more posts..

  8. Eye tracking has always kind of creeped me out..but it would be a fun feature to mess with. I can just see an ad owner saying, “Hey, did that jerk just roll his eyes at my banner?!”

  9. Eye tracking is pretty good for usability testing, though I always find setting people a challenge (eg find a product) and watching them do it tends to flag up many usability issues too.

  10. Interesting concept that’s for sure. You can learn more about your advertising and add more worth to it.

  11. It seems like a great tool for marketing but I am a bit concern about the privacy from customer?

  12. Privacy is always a concern but none of the eye tracking software is linked back to a specific person. All data comes from first party cookies and visitors remain completely anonymous. Companies have been using eye tracking on computers for some time now.

  13. As a marketer, I can definitely see how GazeHawk would work wonders, but as a consumer, I don’t know if I would like the idea of my gazes being tracked. I don’t know, I am definitely on the fence about that.

  14. Hmmm. I would be very concerned about my privacy and I am sure there are millions of people out there who would share the same opinion as mine.

  15. Seems to be great from a marketing point of view. I think privacy levels are something that more people are becoming aware of at the moment and this may impact the level of interest from the ‘man on the street’

  16. I’d love to see this on the new iPhone 4S

  17. I dont see how eye tracking would be a privacy issue if the only thing being looked at is where you are looking but having said that, that kind of technology would open up a whole host of privacy issues

  18. I agree with others on the privacy issue. But it’s a great idea nonetheless.

  19. Interesting reading,
    If the technology continues like this they will implant advertizement chips in our brains :)

  20. It is fascinating what new technology they are coming out with. While I am sure this was developed for something like driver/pilot training, or psychology tests once again the ingenuity of the internet has stepped it up a notch and innovated a new use. Incredible!

  21. This looks awesome. As someone with an e-commerce site, I think it’d be great if I could test the usability and general opinions of my site out with my customers. And, I think that as long as the customer has consented to their eyes being tracked, it wouldn’t be a problem.

  22. That’s amazing! I wouldn’t have thought an IPad camera in a poorly lit room would have been good enough to capture someone’s pupil?

  23. Eye tracking software on the iPad or iPhone could be a great tool for marketers and even the end user.

    It would be nice to have some insight into how people really use our websites instead of just guessing how they use them.

  24. I see a few people have commented about iPhones and having this function.

    I always thought the name ‘retina’ display for the iPhone 4, when it came out, was a little dubious?

    Camera on the front… ‘Retina’ display? It’s probably already working lol

  25. Wow, market research on high tech steroids! too much i think…they`ll be able to read out thoughts by looking at our facial expressions next!

  26. Apple company is doing tremendous progress in mobile phone and ipod application technology. some third parties are also introducing very good application.

  27. hmm, awesome tips,

    It would be nice to have some insight into how people really use our websites instead of just guessing how they use them.

  28. Well this concept of eye-tracking can take gadget entertainment to the next level.It has enormous scope if worked on propely. Will be looking more articles on this topic.

  29. Good tips, in our business, Data Recovery, iPads are important ways of communications, because when there is a Hard Drive failure the Desktop Computer doesn’t work anymore and people tend to go online on an iPad to look for solutions.

    Thanks for the tips!

  30. Eye tracking, the new tool for advertisers to optimize their campaigns, wow I must say what comes next. Braintracking? I will wait and see

  31. A similar study is represented by heatmaps which prove that “banner blindness” is a very real phenomena.

  32. Eye tracking / head mapping tests are really very interesting. Especially operators of online shops should not abandon such tests. It lends itself particularly of the order process, to perform an eye tracking analysis. Are all functions of the order process saying “hang” or the user with a set of steps and eventually break off the whole process? Eye tracking analysis are particularly interesting, of course, even with landing pages and optimize them. Those who are not afraid of their own solution could, even with OWA “Open Web Analytics” [Open source] find the appropriate tools :)

    Thanks for the nice article, and i will test also GazeHawk :-)

  33. Wow. Invasion of privacy for sure but I boon for the money hungry guys. You just cant win these days :)

  34. Eye tracking for Ipad? Man, technology really gets the hang of it. This is a great idea and it would be so cool. Go for this one!! I just hope there’d be no bad effects.

  35. People might not like having their eye moments scanned, though if they would it would be great for advertisers to know where they looked on the web page.

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