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Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011 at 7:30 am

Google+ Creates Sector Specific Marketing Opportunities For Businesses

By Andy Havard
October 27th, 2011

google Plus LogoHere at FutureNow we are devoted to learning, changing, and adapting to whatever climate your site may be weathering.   This gives us a proactive approach to sharing information, and the passion to help others do the same.  We are always interested in fresh content from other areas of the industry.  Today we are happy to feature a guest writer, Andy Havard from Skeleton Productions, a UK based Internet video production company.  He will be sharing with us the benefits of Circles in Google+.


Has Google finally allowed for businesses to use Google+? Sadly, no.

Has Google+ created fantastic opportunities for businesses? Luckily, yes!

Google+ may not offer your blog, business or brand a ‘Page’ or ‘Group’, but what it does offer you is a very flexible social media platform where you can market yourself.

In the current communication landscape, with personalized contact beckoning our fingertips, companies are setting up social media profiles. They can interact with potential clients, agencies, colleagues, peers and partners as a human and as part of a business. These social media profiles are something that Google+ has streamlined.  Google+’s Circles, or should I say ‘sector specific marketing opportunities,’ have advanced social media in the workplace.

What Is A Circle?

Circles are a quick and easy way to put your Google+ contacts into categories or ‘sectors’. By doing so you can control what posts your contacts can see, allowing you to tailor your online social content for each sector. In the social respect, Circles are great for keeping personal information hidden from your clients and partners. For marketing, they are very powerful tool for directing personalized content at specific people.

How Do You Approach A Circle?

Your approach to creating the members of each Circle won’t rely so much on what you want to hide from users, but what you can direct at specific users. In tailoring your status updates, conversations, and interactions with each Circle, you can completely personalise your marketing approach to each sector for maximum impact. You may communicate with potential clients in a formal, conservative tone changing to a friendlier cadence to help close a deal.  Current clients may receive a far more informal interaction from you as you’ve grown to know one another through your business interactions.

Having the ability to cater a marketing approach for specific sectors, niches and Circles is an incredible powerful tool. You can use innovative technology like interactive Internet video to wow younger clients or use impressive case studies to sway corporate companies, you’ll be able to cater to each sector’s demographic easily and effectively.

Do People Do Business On Google+?

It’s true you are probably never going to execute a business transaction through Google+.  The important point is that social media platforms have always been about building connections and relationships with other users. You can harvest relationships the exact same way for businesses, bloggers and brands.

With most social media platforms it is difficult to please all of your contacts all of the time. Some users may not want to hear about your latest project while others may want to hear every detail. By using and implementing sector specific strategies via Circles you can please all of your Google+ contacts all of the time. If executed properly, your tailored strategy  will help to keep your contacts engaged with you and your content every time you update your Google+ account.

The Take Away

No other social media is as adaptive and personalised as Google+ so far. Facebook is trying to bring about a similar system, but we are yet to see it in effect. While LinkedIn is currently considered the appropriate social media vector for professionals, it’s system is becoming outdated.  The simplicity of the Google+ model and the stellar relationship businesses have with Google via Google Docs and Gmail makes Google+ seem like the lead runner for tackling social media in business.

By utilising the tools and opportunities Google+ gives users for your business, you can help to market your content and organization for every sector of your business.

What is your experience with Google+?  Do you currently use Circles in the workplace?  Do you use another form of social media?  If you need help getting a social media program started with your online project, feel free to contact us.

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Comments (61)

  1. Nice Sharing on Google+ marketing impact on businesses, really need to switch to Google+ after reading this news

  2. The century battle will be:

    Google+ VS Facebook!

    One of the founders of Facebook, in a recently conference, said that facebook is loosing users for twitter & google+.

    let’s see what happens!

    Great post!

  3. My experience with Google+ is that it’s adaptability and easy to use interface makes it an upgrade on facebook. Especially for businesses, which I’ve always found clumsy for serving a business’s needs.

  4. Google+ don’t accept company users but i think maybe they will allow them finally.
    Yes, and google+ is much better than twitter and facebook if you also consider SEO.

  5. google+ rockz . it will destroy facebook


  6. My sense is that Google has a specific long term strategy that has yet to emerge. The people at Google are obviously the best and the brightest, and while their social network may be an example of attempting something outside of their wheelhouse, my guess is that there is more to Google + and their circles than meets the eye.

  7. Hi Andy,
    I love the sectors, as you were saying. You can tailor what each circle sees, it’s magic! The initial setup is taxing but the benefits are really there. Nice article you sound excited about it too.

  8. My experience with Google+ is that it’s adaptability and easy to use interface makes it an upgrade on facebook. Especially for businesses,

  9. Some would say Google came late with +, but I actually think they came at the right time, the simplicity of the circles, adds a missing dimension at a time where many was starting to get tired of FB. From talking to friends, I sense that more are moving towards + at least those who are not only using social networks for entertainment purpose

  10. I started a new on-line web store this year selling some great unusual and unique gift ideas. I have been using the social marketing sector to assist and I think without this I would not have started to develop . so thumbs up to Facebook, Twitter and a big Plus to Google

  11. I just wish Google or Facebook would develop a better connection between users and users websites. If one of them bought say WordPress and developed it to work in with the social media interface, I believe this would completely revolutionize the internet.

  12. Love Google + got it downloaded on my blog.Going to give Facebook a run for it money.

  13. Thanks for sharing. That is an interesting article about Google+. I would’ve never thought people doing business on Google+.

  14. Google+ don’t accept company users but i think maybe they will allow them finally.
    Yes, and google+ is much better than twitter and facebook if you also consider SEO.

  15. Google+ does open up new opportunities for B2B marketing, although I do feel it’s getting a bit much having to keep abreast of yet another online marketing platform.

  16. My experience has been that Google+ is much easier to use than some of the other alternatives. I need to get more educated about all of the ways to utilize its capabilities.

    Though I use Facebook frequently, I find the constant changes cumbersome and frustrating.

  17. Do you think it really is a good thing? I mean with Google’s weight behind Google+ it might go far, but is that truly a good thing? I would say whichever one is the best should prevail.

    Anyone remember Google Wave or Knol? *shivers*

  18. Well I started using Google+ while still on beta til now and I can say that it was really great. It was much easier to use than Facebook.

    If I were to choose between the two, I would choose Google+. I only wished my close friends would also use it. Its not yet popular but I do believe that there would be a lot of opportunities in GOOGLE+


  19. I think you right but it seems to be that other social empire copy everything which we expect the new one in PLUS

  20. I like Google+ look, it is very nice and impressive. But it still neeed much time to get fame among students and other internet users.

  21. The Google +! is the new flavor of the month. Remember all of the other attempts that failed like Google Labs?

  22. Since we started using Google+ we have greatly reduced our twitter activity. Hope G+ continues to evolve to something that small business can use directly.

  23. Glad to see some writing about engaging people on Google+. It’s been around long enough but I haven’t seen a lot of focus on it for businesses.

  24. Well, it would be rather stupid not to take the biggest piece from your own cake – largest search provider. Pretty much a monopolistic position.

  25. Facebook has been around for so long it’s hard to break free from it. I like the circles feature of G+ much better than anything on FB. FB is annoying with how often they change their layout.

  26. What google+ needs today is the fame. Tons of people here in our coutry does not know about google+ but I can say that google+ has alot of potentials and it was really good compared to facebook :)

  27. I just manage to have my google+ account recently and I must say its way more beautiful than facebook. Although my friends aren’t using google+ yet, I’m encouraging them to have one also cuz I do believe that there will be a lot of opportunities on google+ in the future

  28. I just started implementing Google+ for business use. The only problem I’ve had with facebook is having to log into yet another website. If I can do it all with Big G, a lot less time consuming.

  29. Google+ is truly a rival of Face book. Now Google + has introduced personal pages for business just like Face book which is going to rock social marketing..Anyways thanks for sharing such nice thought.

  30. Google + will blow over. I have little doubt it will stick around.

    On first look, i dont like!

  31. Will give Google+ a try. Been focusing with FB. As a business owner, this site offers great info.

  32. I Don’t think it is about rivalry , it is about a type of user and which works better for them, Thus multiple social networks can be very successful at once. I see G+ geared towards more information sharing and intelligent conversations of all types where people really network more with strangers and enjoy it. I see Facebook as more of a friends and family type place. Totally apples and Oranges type issue here.

  33. I find Google+ much more logical and user friendly than Facebook or Twitter. It just makes sense to me. But my family is unlikely to migrate and the geeks i follow on twitter are still only halfway here. To me G+ is Facebook done right.. (and the lack of adolescents in my stream is an added bonus)

  34. I think it`s better late than never.

  35. two great powers: Google and Facebook, however most are used to facebook which is very easy to use, but google + is more difficult (or not I used myself).

  36. I really enjoyed reading your article on google plus. I just signed up for a Google Plus account and I love the circles feature. I reckon it is definitely something that would outbeat Facebook because we have to choice of placing people in which circle of our choice.

    Google Plus is the next best thing out there and the future of social media.

  37. Now google+ will replace facebook on ad business. I already using google+ gor for expanse my blog business.

  38. Google + and Facebook are the top two sites today. In the coming months, it will be interesting to see the outcome of Google+. I like it so far.

  39. Hangouts will be the best thing to come out of Google+
    Google+ could very well compete with facebook sooner than we think.

  40. Good post. I learn few things. You are right, if used correctly, Google+ is one of the powerful tools to spearhead your marketing efforts online or offline.

  41. Yes whatever said above is just right and it is working for people already using it, but the new features google+ offers are company or brand page creation which really attracts me a lot and I think like Facebook , Google plus will do better than her competitors.

  42. Great combination Google+ and other social networking apps to get better online marketing.

  43. Thanks for sharing. Google+ is great, but will it go over Facebook? I don’t think so, as Facebook has been around for years. Maybe if they integrated it to Android will get more power. Till then who knows.

  44. Yes g+ is great achiever of the modern age because it’s made a big circle in business & relation than other social networking sites

  45. Great post you have here. If I would to choose between the two social networking sites. I would definitely choose goolge+. I do agree in your points stated above. I also believe that there will be lots of opportunities in google+ in the near future.

    Thanks for sharing!

  46. Only time will tell if Google+ can take on the might of Facebook but it certainly has attractive features to lure potential members and Google+ has some new, innovative features like Circles, Sparks, and hangouts that are absent in Facebook

  47. Great post…Google is best networking app for marketing and business Opportunities.

  48. Hi Andy,
    I started I user account before Google lunched the Business pages and I used it for sharing my articles, But I finally got my Google Plus page up and I have few followers. I am testing and I will see if it will have the same effect as Facebook

  49. I just created google+ and I was amaze how great it is. I was a facebook user and decided to deactivate my account due to some issues on facebook such as indecent photos on my feeds and a lot of stuffs that are not eye appealing. Regarding google+, I agree that in the near future, a lot of great opportunities will come in google+

  50. Excellent post I need other options other than just relying on google. It’s nice to finally read some proper seo tactics. There’s too much contradicting info on the web. Very easy to follow well written article. Thanks very much.

  51. Hello Andy,

    thanks for sharing this great post. I do agree with all the people here that google+ is way better than facebook. I decided to deactivate my fb account as soon as google released google+

  52. g+ & Facebook also best working in SMM its best opportunity for business

  53. Why they don’t use facebook for advertise their product?

  54. I have one thing to say.

    People should really SWITCH to google+

    Google+ is way better than FB. Every reason has been stated by the users here and I agree with them

    Wonderful post!

  55. I think Google+ is really going well but the thing is that they should allow companies or businesses.It will be great advantage for the professionals.


  56. thanks for bringing this up Andy. This post is really interesting. and YES. I agree with the people who commented in this post that Google+ is the best. For me I’d prefer google+ networking wise.

  57. I think today’s internet market google is very good tool to expand your business around the world..

  58. I think that Google+ has a number of features that make it a better quality site than facebook. In general, I think the site has a better layout and looks better. Aside from that, however, the circles are very innovative and solve a lot of the privacy issues associated with facebook. Also, the picture tool is Picasa, which is much better than facebook pics.

  59. I don’t think google+ will beat facebook :D

  60. [...] [...]

  61. Andy, this is a great article about Google+. No other social media outlet is as personalized as Google+. I think that Google+ will continue to play a more important roll to business SEO than Facebook. After all, Google sets the law of the land for their Search Engine, and it is likely that they are providing Google+ a higher priority than other competitors.

    Thank you Andy!

    Sam Martinez

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Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based Internet video production company.

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