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Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011 at 7:30 am

12 Days of Conversions: Day 2- Social Media

By Mariel Bacci
November 24th, 2011

You may believe that social media can’t have a real impact on your site’s conversion rate this holiday season.  Think again!  Social media can be a highly targeted way of increasing valuable holiday traffic this season.  If you have been optimizing your site all year long, the holidays are the best time to open the flood gates and increase traffic primed to buy gifts on your ecommerce site.   How do you optimize your Facebook, Foursquare, Shopkick, and Twitter campaigns for the holidays?  Have fun with it, but with a purpose!  You are experimenting in a relatively new industry that is begging to be explored.

Check out what some other companies are doing:

Location-based app Shopkick has featured The 12 Days of Kickmas in the past, which gives shoppers a chance to win one of 12 daily prize packages by checking into retail partners such as Best Buy, Target, and Macy’s.  The promotion usually runs from Black Friday to Christmas Eve, culminating in a grand prize of 4.25 million “kickbucks” toward product purchases.

Toys “R” Us does something you might seriously consider.  It has teamed up with with Facebook Places, Foursquare and Yelp to offer 15 percent-off coupons to the first 3,000 people who check in… starting at 9:30 p.m. on Black Friday.  We might suggest starting the promotion early, when the family and friends are shopping together and there is a higher chance of people exchanging information about the promotion.

If neither of these ideas suits you, here are a few others you could try:

1. Make gift certificates available via UPC on your prospects smart phones.

Let people buy them with the option of ‘shipping it’/ e-mailing it on their favorite holiday.  This ends up being a perfect solution for last minute shoppers. People can even buy a gift certificate like this at a party where a relative or friend may have been forgotten on their list.  To help you, Facebook has a gift card feature, simplifying your development  process even further. Facebook users can now purchase gift cards from a company website and have it delivered directly to a friend’s wall.

2. Engage with fans to understand their holiday shopping process and provide solutions.

Listen and monitor the conversation and apply it to your e-commerce business model.  Speak directly with fans that might be having trouble with your online process or finding a location to buy your merchandise

3. Grant your followers a holiday wish.

Have fans post a status that tags your company:  “Dear @ [your company], all I want this year for the holidays is _____.  Let fans choose from any of the products featured on your e-commerce site and pick a winner! BAM!  You have  successfully built relationships with fans, given insight into what your most popular products are, had prospects browsing your site to see what they might like and probably built a bigger fan base by people reading their friend’s status updates and wanting in on the action.

4. Run time-sensitive deals announced exclusively through social networks.

Time-sensitive deals create a sense of urgency, and exclusivity makes the deal out to be rare and valuable.  Encourage fans to share deals with their friends through copy or even incentives to build your fan base for the rest of the year and increase sales.

Do you have any social media tips for the holidays? Share them with us here. At FutureNow, we follow our process and let our methodology guide our process with every client, but we also realize opportunities that are specific to some client’s circumstances. No two clients are the same, so we make sure to help each client based on their specific situation and circumstances, and help each client improve their performance online and in turn, make more money. If you’re looking for ways to improve your online performance, contact us to see if we may be able to help you.

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Comments (17)

  1. “Grant your followers a holiday wish” and “Run time-sensitive deals announced exclusively through social networks.”

    im still in a small scale business cant afford to invest in the methods 1 and 2 but i like 3 and 4. gave me an idea.. thanks!

  2. Really interesting article regarding social media . Now more than ever, social media is important to marketing your website. I always put special offers (discounts , etc ) firstly on social media ( Facebook, Twitter ) then after 4,5 days, on my main site .

    This works better because i now that people will follow me just for that “special offer only on social media”

  3. The “Grant your followers a holiday wish” sounds like a great idea. I will probably put a different spin to it and try it out.

  4. This works better because I know that people will follow me just for that “special offer only on social media”

  5. As other have said the ” Grant your followers a holiday wish” is the most unique and catching idea. Will definitely try that with a bit of change.

  6. I have really struggled to understand how social media sites can be used to generate business..I have always relied on my own small business website.I think I will take a fresh look having read this useful post with some good ideas I haven’t tried

  7. Love the third idea. I run a cad services company and this is perfect promotion. Thanks.

  8. The 3rd and 4th ideas are brilliant. Shoppers want the idea of exclusivity and value with a personal touch!

  9. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about social media and messing with QR codes. Love, Love, LOVE the idea about the UPC gift certificate!

  10. These are excellent strategies for big companies who have many followers or for the individual just using something like the Ebay platform.

  11. Using social media for business is still a new trend yet I think that companies that don’t get into it might be left behind.

  12. Always important building your social media customer base. Facebook and Twitter are the minimum you should be using. Also people are always on Facebook so by regularly keeping customers in the loop, giving away prizes, having competitions keeps them active and engaged with your brand. Merry xmas

  13. Thanks for the article and great tips. Would you have any suggestions for commercial businesses to take advantage of social media?

  14. I’m still trying to build up my facebook network. Your advice is good but I think it suits more the people with huge fan bases of thousands. It is a daunting goal but it’s something I strive for.

  15. That is a BIG question, and if you need help with your social media campaign, please give us a call. The main thing you need to do is realize what social media is; a way to communicate, like the phone, going door to door, or putting up posters on tree trunks.

    The thing is, it has a huge advantage; it allows you to reconnect with your customers. So the first thing you need to do is decide what you want social Media to do for you, set up some goals and figure out how to use the Social Media vector to obtain those goals. These are very specific to every business and can be fun and keep you ahead of the competition!

  16. Nice sharing. It will no doubt provide help to those who want to increase their conversion rates.

  17. I have found that asking questions on twitter can be quite useful. People actually do engage with you and answer. That kind of conversation is what social media is all about.

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