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Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011 at 7:30 am

12 Days of Conversions: Day 7-Comparison Shopping

By Mariel Bacci
December 1st, 2011

five christmas trees that resemble a star rating systemPeople love to comparison shop, especially when they are trying to find gifts for another person.  They compare websites, shipping costs and delivery times, star ratings, and prices.  Help your prospects find both your site and the perfect gift this season by optimizing their comparison shopping experience with these valuable tips.

1.  Feature Product Reviews

If you do not already ask your customers to review your products, you are missing out on the big bucks!  Consider these statistics on product reviews a gift of motivation for the holiday:

  • 78% of American consumers say reviews are the most credible form of advertising
  • 83% say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions
  • 63% of shoppers are more likely to convert on a site that offers reviews or ratings
  • 69% of people who read online reviews have shared them with friends, family and colleagues
  • After retailers implemented reviews on their sites, 77% reported site traffic increases, 56% saw increased conversion rates, and 42% saw a higher AOV

While you might miss this quarter to implement reviews on your site, you can get started now to jump start the new year by featuring some great reviews on your site.

2. Get Featured On Comparison Shopping Sites

Be in contact with hot new sites that comparison shop for customers.  Even if you do not have to lowest prices in your industry, a lot of people look for products exclusively on comparison sites, so if you are not featured you are missing out on a valuable opportunity.  They’ll help customers decide which product they prefer among a handful they want to buy, and then help them find your site to buy it on.

Carefully prepare your data. Be absolutely sure that you provide the best available product images, error-free product data, accurate titles with separate and detailed product descriptions, customer ratings and reviews, and unique product codes such as UPCs or manufacturer numbers that will map together in the search indexes.

Offer special promotions.  Discount coupons and special-offer deal stand out from the crowd and invite consumers to engage with them. Many comparison shopping search engines now accept gift cards on their product listings and those have proven a profitable strategy for retailers.

3. Submit Your Products to Google Products

While Google Products can be lumped with comparison shopping sites, it deserves a mention of it’s own.  These are the products and price comparisons people see when they click ‘Shopping’ in their keyword search.  Not only is Google the most popular search engine, but it offers Google Products for free! You can see how to set up and index your products for Google.

This is basically free, highly qualified traffic from Google folks.  If you have not submitted your products yet, consider this tip as a gift from us.  Start the project right away to see an increased bottom line this season.  Happy holidays!

Are you currently participating in any comparison shopping sites?  Have you found success advertising through those vectors?  Do you solicit product or site reviews from your customers?  Have they helped improve your conversion rate?  If you do not think reviews are helpful, share with us why and what your strategy is.  If you do not know the best way to set up a review system for your specific industry, that is okay, because we do!  Get in touch with us so that you can get your reviews implemented as quickly as possible.

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Comments (11)

  1. As a consumer, I usually rely on the Internet to get information. Aside from reading comparison reviews, I also rely heavily on consumer reviews/feedback. I feel that I can get accurate and honest reviews when they’re from actual consumers.

  2. Nice Strategy on selling Products.. and a costumer awareness on your products..

  3. Nice blog post very insightful about comparison shopping!

  4. Great article. As an offline consumer I too look at the online comparison shopping sites to get an idea of the prices before I go haggle a good price with my local retailer.

  5. Woow, so 83 precent reads reviews before they actually buy anything on the internet? Thats actually good to know since i’m going to start my own product soon. haha thanks =P

  6. I agree the internet is a great source for information when doing a comparison..not so sure of the review sites though, they are out to get commission not give honest info much of the time.

  7. I am truly glad I found this site! I too shop around the internet and look at various pages to decide to buy or not. I think I will bookmark your page. Lot’s of great info here. REALLY, no bs.

  8. excellent post, the online comparison shopping sites…like kayak and stuff well more for products itself are very interesting

  9. Online comparison shopping sites are the way to go. Let your customers see your benefits and value.

  10. Have you tried comparison shopping sites? If so was the experience successful?

  11. as a review blogger myself, I quite agree with you on the first point. And not just americans but people all over the world prefer some kind of unbiased review before splurging out. nice list :)

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Mariel is a GA certified analyst at FutureNow, Inc.

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