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Friday, Dec. 2, 2011 at 7:30 am

12 Days of Conversions: Day 8-Wish Lists

By Mariel Bacci
December 2nd, 2011

Little girls hristmas list written in red and greenWhat better time for online wish lists than the holidays!  I have a lot of personal experience using wish lists to help my grandma with her holiday shopping.  She has some trouble with basically any and all things online, so usually my dad will help her by accessing the site I made my wish list on and going over the things I might like with her.  It works great for both of us, she doesn’t go through the hassle of having to go to the store and I get gifts that I love!  If you offer a good wish list experience this holiday, you’ll be rewarded with nice returns and repeat customers.

1. Wish List Re-marketing

I create my wishlists from a late stage perspective in which I know that I want my grandma to buy me the items on my list, but some visitors add items to a wishlist from an early stage perspective. They add products to their wish lists because they want to remember that they were interested in a particular product, and when they leave the site they might forget about the list altogether.  If you have a database of lists created earlier in the year, send reminder e-mails to your prospects and offer to forward the list to friends and family this holiday. Additionally, you can use the additional e-mails you collect from your wish list sign-ups over the holiday to keep in touch with your prospects throughout the year.

2. Optimization

If you sell a product or service to customers or businesses where a wish list would benefit the visitor, make sure that the visitor is given calls to action to either add a product/service to cart or to their wish list. On the wish list page, give them the option to save the wish list if they decide to clear their cookies so that they will be able to log back in and retrieve their wish list. Also, make it easy for the visitor to choose items from their wish list and add them to their shopping cart when they are ready.

Make your wish list simple. Don’t make your  visitor figure out how to add items to their wish list or purchase items once they are there. Make the process obvious, as well as persuasive.  Make your calls to action either convince a customer to buy a product of interest on the spot or put it on their wish list.  Do not let them leave anything that interests them behind to have to find later on another site.  Check out famous wish lists from and other popular e-retailers to get some ideas on how to set up your own.

3.  Non-Profits

If you happen to be a non-profit organization, you should know that wish lists around the holidays are a great way to collect donations.  It is more popular than you think for people to donate to a loved ones special cause this time of year, and more popular still for people to donate to charities.  Wichita non-profits are benefiting from Greteman Group’s holiday wish list site, and you can too!

Do you have wish lists set up on your site?  Do you find they offer you a good ROI?  What problems have you come across in your wish list development?  Do you use wish lists over the holidays or other times of year?  We can always help you make the perfect wish list scenario for your guests.

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  1. Very interesting post. I had not considered wish lists. But I believe I may try that this year.

  2. Oh!! very unique & interesting post.Ofcourse i will try upcoming years.Thanks Mariel Bacci for sharing with us.

  3. all my girlfriends had wishlist in this time of year :)

  4. Its a very great post. I like the way of describing how wish list can be helpful in business as well as for personal issues. I also used to go shopping with my wish list and it helps a lot to me.

  5. Adding a wishlist to your
    website is a valuable technique of which one could utilize to gain insight on desirable marketplace products to sell.

  6. Its a very great post.I also used to go shopping with my wish list and it helps a lot to me.

  7. Nice post. happy holiday!

  8. Amazon is really the exemplary model for online retail. If they are doing it, it is because it works. And they generally do it smoother and better than most. The main observation is that it is v. easy to figure it out. Test it on your not-so-tech-savvy friends, parents, kids etc and see if they can figure it out right away. Watch carefully. :)

  9. good information ..
    I will try to implement the suggestions that you write
    use the wish list, it’s a good solution
    thank you

  10. I happen to support a non profit organisation in my local area and wish lists are so helpful to many charities around the world. Great info thanks!

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Mariel is a GA certified analyst at FutureNow, Inc.

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