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Monday, Dec. 5, 2011 at 7:30 am

12 Days of Conversions: Day 9-SEO

By Melissa Burdon
December 5th, 2011

Christmas Tree with garland that reads SEOPart of your early SEO strategy this holiday was probably to conduct keyword research to find highly searched keyword terms in your industry, with relatively low competition. By driving traffic that is searching for “ornaments” to your site, you’re going to work harder to convert this traffic than let’s say “sardine can Christmas tree ornament” or something of that nature. Are you focusing all of your SEO efforts on driving the traffic for those tough general keyword terms? Or are you diversifying and looking at the long tail opportunities for driving more targeted traffic as well?
There are a few things to think about when optimizing your SEO for Conversion Rate Optimization this season:

1. Long Tail Keywords

Invest time and energy in driving longer tail keyword traffic instead of just a small group of general keyword traffic. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the general keywords when conducting SEO, but always think about ROI and make sure you’re investing your time and resources into what will drive results/performance. Speak to the visitor’s needs in the various stages of her buying process. By speaking to your visitor more effectively and taking into account the various long tail opportunities there are, and including some of these long tail keywords in your content, you’re more likely to drive long tail keyword traffic. So, don’t just talk about “ornaments” on your ornament landing page, instead, write content about all the different descriptive types of ornaments you sell.

2. Micro Sites

Drive your visitor to the right place. Build out micro sites or sales pages on different domains to more effectively speak directly to a need of a bucket of keywords that are longer tail, and then link back to your site. This gives you back linking which will help with your SEO, but it’s also a way to be sure to drive very targeted traffic to a page that speaks specifically to their interests.

3. Meta Description Tags

While ‘Meta Keyword’ tags are a topic of debate in the SEO world, what has remained is the frequent use of a “Meta Description” tag. This tag should contain an overview of what the visitor will experience on your specific page. Make sure this tag is only a couple os sentences long and identifies with common long tail keywords your prospects use. Omitting the “Meta Description” tag will result in the search engine quoting unintended parts of the page in the search engine results page.  It will also prevent the page from being ranked as favorably as possible.

So you don’t think you’re ready to invest in Conversion Rate Optimization because you feel you still need to invest in getting more traffic this holiday? It’s not about the battle between SEO and CRO to see where you should invest your marketing dollars because they really should be worked on simultaneously. You should actually look at these two things as complimentary and by investing in Conversion Rate Optimization with FutureNow, you’re actually investing in SEO automatically.

At FutureNow, we can help you optimize your SEO and Paid Search in parallel with optimizing the experience your visitors are having on your site. Conversion Rate Optimization is about improving your performance from the marketing source, driving the traffic to your site to the final point of conversion on your site.

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  1. Something often overlooked when doing keyword research is the difference between a broad-match and exact-match phrase. In my own experience, I was once chasing a phrase that showed over 90,000 searches/month on the Google network. Seemed like a great idea… until several months later I realized the exact-match phrase was only getting 3,500 searches/month. There is, of course, still great benefit to chasing the phrase, but you must have the correct expectation of the benefit you’ll receive for doing so.

  2. Great article. One thing worth noting is that often times long tail keywords are simply found within the body of the content. So good quality content can often times generate their own sets of long tail searches, resulting in much unintended traffic.

  3. This is great info. I had never heard of the micro site angle I may have to try that.

  4. I always confused about Long Tail Keywords and Meta Description Tags. thanks for sharing this knowledge

  5. Great points raised here! There is much talk of the longtail lately and I find that some rank more for longtail than their actual targeted keywords. I do believe that if you use a good tool like google’s and some other software to create great content,the longtails become a natural process of discovery. However, the people I know who focus on mini sites have a problem with this because it takes more than just a few pages to cover enough of a subject to get the natural longtail content flow.

  6. I forgot to add that I was referring to mrketers who only use mini sites, but in the example you speak of in number 2, I believe that’s different. Could you please list which sites you feel are best suited for this type of link process, given that there is a larger, robust, well-developed content site to link it to?

  7. Thanks for this info, I am planning to create some micro sites for AdSense using just some main keywords that have high CPC.

  8. There have been issues in terms of having to make it on the first page though… especially when there are maps that’s occupying the whole first pages that can push down the rest of your links on the second or even third page… Is it possible to beat the maps?

  9. Time is very important in SEO, usually we waste time in searching for the keywords which are not really popular, i use Google Adwords for searching relevant keywords. But i always select the keyword which is of very high competition, and waste all of my time. Thanks for the information, i will give a try to low competition keywords and hope it helps.

  10. After all, if links near posts didn’t have any value, then why would people use in-linking to build their seo?

  11. Thank you for this great information, I have an website for adsense purpose,but never thought SEO in the angle of micro sites.Surely i would try it.

  12. Thank you so much. I have applied the mixing of long taill keywords with my other keywords as well as adding micro sites and through the both I have increased my traffic and improved my clicks count. Thank you.

  13. Great post, often times long tail keywords are overlooked. Sometimes you can even rank for some of them by writing a nice long post and including the specific phrase inside. Micro sites seems like a good idea, I need to incorporate that in some of my sites.

  14. Thanks for the useful tips. The commenter Stu is right, it is important to search for keywords using exact match instead of broad match, otherwise you will be writing content with keywords that don’t get a lot of monthly searches as you think. Exact match is best. Broad match is best after you start to receive steady traffic and want to broaden your audience with additional keywords.

  15. When building your micro sites that would link to your main site as you suggested on the second point, its better to host your micro site on a different ip address in order to help boost the uniqueness of the link, Google consider this too.
    Secondly, when researching for your keyword, you need to be able to ascertain whether you will be going for global searches result or local, this is also very key.

  16. Thanks for the great post.
    But I have a quick question.
    Do the H1.h2.. tags matter and how do I use them ?


  17. thanks for the article, but about the micro sites aren’t they time consuming and how many micro are going to build? not very cost effective for small business.

  18. SEO is realy about ur focus and work intelligently , nice post , thumbs up

  19. Nice .What is your opinion about alexa for keyword reserching

  20. Choosing the right keyword,updating the unique content and giving the readers what they need its main purpose of handling website more offen people not following the right way using the websites

  21. Great indepth article. I think many people underestimate the importance of proper indepth keyword reasearch! Well done for highlighting it here.

  22. I prefer to select Long Tail Keywords than short keywords.because they optimize very easy. Thanks for giving useful information about Meta Description Tags.

  23. The “Meta Description Tag” should be used to grab attention. The search engines will list this as a description for your site. it is good to use your keywords, but it should read well and make the visitor want to click on your site to find out more. :)

  24. Excellent article. Keeping the site fresh and content relevant and you’re half way there.

  25. Long Tail Keywords with low competition will make success…

  26. Meta description tag talks about SEO page while long tail keywords talks about SEO contents. Micro Sites is just like a bait to your main website. Due to the PANDA algorithm which focus more on the quality content, I think the first two SEO strategy above are not relevant anymore. Micro Sites will drive traffic based on the niche and the relevancy to the primary domain. I myself created a website which was not rely on keywords, meta tag, and backlink but prefer to rely on micro sites, original content (free plagiarism, free grammar error, and updated content). Look like the panda algorithm is working as declare by google but I’m still on test.

  27. Let us know how it turns out!

  28. Alexa is a good tool for doing keyword research, and is especially beneficial if you also use it for your other analytics needs to help keep you organized. There are a lot of good tools out there for keyword research and we would recommend you try a few and use what works best for your business.

  29. Yes, it does matter. Here is a blog post article that will give you more information: H1 H2 H3 tags for SEO

  30. Are you a local business? Have you tried using the maps to your advantage? If not, you should get started!

    Maps themselves are not going to be taken away anytime soon, and they do make the best real estate on the page harder for people to get to if they are not local. Continue with your normal SEO efforts and incorporate yourselves into the maps where possible.

  31. Thanks for sharing this.. i’m new with SEO and still learning about this.

  32. I like that you mention the long tail. The tail is really really long actually, so it is bigger than the body :D . Since we cannot research all the little long tail keywords, I would recommend just to include all kinds of related phrases in the text. Say things in different ways. As you say, the fact that the phrase is on the page will give you the edge you need. Of course domain authority helps too ;) .

  33. It’s appreciated that you’re this great information, I have an website for adsense purpose, but I never thought SEO using the angle of micro sites. Surely i would try it.

  34. I think what a lot of business don’t know starting out is how important keyword research is. Learning about meta tags and long tail keywords can be time consuming but it’s part of having an online business.

  35. Is it really possible to get good SEO services in just 9 days?

  36. I just can’t find the first eight parts of this serie of articles! Can you post a link to other parts?

  37. It is possible that it will make a difference and it is very likely that it will make a huge difference in the long term.

  38. I think that the keyword research is often times taken too lightly. To really do your homework here will payoff big in the long run. Nice article!

  39. Hi thanks for sharing this valuable information about SEO. Really your article was very helpful for me. I have gathered some ideas. Hope you will publish some more good source like this.

  40. Great post.
    I admit finding good long tail keywords is really time consuming but it’s worth it.

  41. Wow. Interesting take.

    Looks like I should MUST go through all eight previous topics covered here.


  42. Great topic in SEO it will help me to promote.

  43. Longtail keyword are much better choice then of short common keywords. I use to target long tail keyword most often. But there so many factor which help the website ranking in many way.

    Jass M

  44. This article is really very helpful for the young seo’s who are in learning phase, also the micro site vision is really terrific and really i want to try it for my site. Thanks.

  45. i am doing keyword research on my web, but some friend told me to delete the keyword meta and let the title and meta description on site. So confused which one is correct and the best solution for SEO optimization

  46. Keeping all the above given points aside, my problem these days is little different. Google Love, has increased for new domain names and concept of domain age really doesnt matter for short term spam site owners. Spam sites are getting much more importance and high rankings in the start however, they lose weight after earning handsome amount.

  47. Title and meta description tags are definitely important to optimize on your site. There is nothing wrong with keyword meta tags as long as you do not overload them. If it looks like you are just forcing keywords in a way that isn’t valuable to your visitors, web crawlers won’t show as much love when indexing you.

  48. Yes, using perfect keywords can boost visitor in site. Unique content is the best thing to bring qualified visitors.

  49. I used to target long tail keywords most often. But there are so many factors which help the website ranking in other ways.

  50. I was planning to create my own mini sites, but i was wasting my time in searching keywords which are not really popular. Your article helped me alot, even i was bit confused between Meta Description Tags and micro sites. Great information friend. Thanks for sharing your views.

  51. I want to applied the mixing of long tail keywords with my other keywords and through the both I have increased my traffic.

  52. Finding a long tail keywords is not that hard if you have the right tool to do it. As a marketer one should find it useful to invest in software that would be beneficial to your business for long time.

  53. I really love your article and what a interesting topic discussions, this will clear my focus on targeting long tail keywords rather than short tail keywords. I really enjoyed your article and will really help me to promote my website.


  54. Hi there, i like this post very much. Thanks for letting me to share my thoughts over here and also for posting.Keep up the awesome work.

  55. I have a couple of microsites – but could anyone provide a good list of any that are free, like Tumblr?

  56. Great! This are all common techniques that seo usually do. Thanks for sharing.

  57. When you build microsites, directing at the main site, do you still have to do a complete SEO campaign on each individual site? Is the main goal of each site to point to the money site?

  58. @oil change.

    The goal is to point to the money site yes. At the same time, the better optimized the microsites are, the more traffic they will send to the money site.

  59. what are your thoughts on using the number of websites that show up for a search term when evaluating competition level?

  60. nice and delicious info.Thanks
    I trying to creating blog in wordpress and search for better keywords thanks again about the information for long tail keywaords

  61. I agree in lieu of 301 redirects it is always better to build out micro sites for those other domains you own.

  62. You mention the battle between SEO and CRO…

    Im my opinion CRO can only really happen once SEO is bringing the traffic in.

    It is next to impossible to make any informed decisions for CRO until the site is getting traffic and gathering data, which is why SEO is essential.



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