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Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012 at 12:00 pm 2011 Awards Live Webcast Friday

By Ryan Moxness
February 15th, 2012

It is the time of year again where Marketers submit their top Wins from years past to was launched in 2009 to help inspire and educate the marketing community about testing. They now have nearly 175 test Case Studies, featuring Web, email and even direct postal mail tests from the US and Europe, and each week more are added. They are professional journalists who focus on testing as their main focus. You can access their case study library to gain ideas and move forward with Winning Results.

Friday February 17th at 1:00 PM – 2:15PM ET there will be a Free Live Webcast where will crown this years winners in multiple testing categories! See A/B test results from Hallmark, Infiniti, DELL, Palo Alto Software, & Urban Outfitters & many more. Don’t miss your opportunity to be apart of an educative Webcast as they only have room for 1000 free registrants, and of course we at Future Now will be there too!

We are especially excited because we submitted a few tests this year and will find out how they did this Friday. Last year we did quite well and if you wish to read up about a win we received, check it out here!

Look forward to seeing everyone there on Friday!

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Comments (9)

  1. I recommend checking out the site linked in this article. It’s very interesting to look through the AB tests and see what worked.

  2. Good post Ryan, I had never heard of, I checked it out and they have some great info as I am doing some testing on my site now

  3. It’s the first i’ve heard of and I do think it contains very useful information for those in the marketing community.

  4. I Will watch webcast. Nice article

  5. Isnt this also called inbound marketing ?

  6. This is a great awards night to recognize creativity in marketing. I’ve read the article on the winners, they really deserved to win.

  7. It was an awesome Event. I watched is from here India at 11 PM.

  8. I just recently watched this and let me just say that I was ultra impressed by the winners.

    The judges do an excellent job and whichtestwon is one of the few marketing contests that actually matters. I usually don’t offer advice to other marketers (love the blog by the way) but I would recommend everyone check this out for ideas because they are abundant.

    There was one winner in particular that inspired me beyond belief and truly was thinking outside the box, I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it to do so (and in the spirit of competitive marketing, guess which one!)

    Anyways, thanks for reminding the community about whichtestwon, Ryan your blog entries are always appreciated buddy!

  9. [...] View the original article here [...]

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