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Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2012 at 7:25 pm

3x WhichTestWon Winner!

By Mariel Bacci
March 6th, 2012

If did not have the opprotunity to watch the award ceremony, you missed a fun and insightful Webinar.  If you did miss it, you should check out the winners on their website in addition to their case studies. With more people submitting tests ever year, the winners are becoming increasingly interesting and their ideas should inspire you to keep testing on your own site.  We are especially psyched because we won 3 medals this year!  We are pleased to share our wins with you so you can start dreaming up tests for your own site!

1. Gold Ribbon in the Ecommerce: Cart Test Category

By creating a one page checkout, we succeeded in increasing the conversion rate from the cart step to a final purchase from 28.6% to 37.2%, a 30.3% increase as declared by GWO with a 99% confidence.

Click Images for a better View

The first page of the checkout process was not effectively moving visitors forward. There was a high exit rate at the first step of the checkout where the visitor was asked to sign in or sign up. The  checkout process asked visitors to click several times before completing the checkout process.

Due to the fact that the majority of visitors and customers are “new,” we suggested that not make customers go through a step that is actually only beneficial to the existing customer by making each visitor sign-up or login. Every click a customer has to go through is another opprotunity for them to leave the process and lose an order.

We recommended that they make a one page checkout that asks for all required information to complete a purchase on one page.  The one page checkout was a great success increasing conversions in the checkout process by 30%!

2. Gold Ribbon in the Ecommerce: Search Results category

By leading mid-late stage buyers from the search results page to find more product information by adding a ‘see details’ link to move them forward and also giving the the option to add to cart direct on the search results page, we increased conversions from the search results page to a final sale from 3.73% to 7.3% on This is a 68.9% increase.

Since customers to any search results page on an ecommerce site are usually in the mid to late stages of their buying process, they should easily be persuaded to the next step. You can tell what stage they are in by analyzing the keywords in your own site search.  In the original search results page for, it was not clear where the visitor would be lead when clicking on the images. When they saw the search results they are looking for price, reassurances, and ease of finding the information they needed.

Seeing as prospects were in the mid or late stage of their buying process, they needed be able to add items to cart directly from this search results page. There needed to be a call to action for visitors who were not quite ready to buy yet and needed some specific product information to lead them into the buying funnel. added a call to action to ‘see details,’ and an option to add the item to their cart directly from the product page.  The small changes had magnificent results.  You can see the original and the winning variation by clicking on the images below.

3. Silver Ribbon in the Landing Page Category had a product page that also served as a top landing page.  The stun gun product page people were landing on promoted a stun gun at a high price point, and people were bouncing at an extremely high rate.  When we segmented the traffic into buying stages, we were able to see that visitors to the page were landing using general/early stage keywords such as; all tasers, taser gun, and tasers.

We suggested that by  adding a “you may also like” section to the product page that was also a top landing page, visitors who are deterred by the high price point would not immediately bounce, but rather, navigate to pages that better fit their needs. We could see that the visitors were still doing some preliminary browsing, would want more information about stun guns and tasers in general, and probably were not willing to make a $500 investment in a stun gun right up front.

We were able to lead these early stage shoppers through a scenario where they could get their questions answered and ultimately make a purchase on the site instead of bouncing and looking elsewhere.  This micro-conversion rate increased by 18.8% in the variation, which was a huge win because the page was one of the top 3 landing pages on their site.  You can view the original and variation by clicking on the images below.

We Can Help You Win Next Year!

We are extremely proud to be part of the community, and hope you take the opportunity to check out some of the other test winners.  More importantly, we want you to be inspired to start or continue testing of all varieties and back up your testing schedule with resources to get everything set up and implemented properly.  Need help to start testing?  Call us! We can point out the areas of your sight that have the greatest opportunity to increase ROI, create better scenarios for your early, middle and late stage buyers of all personas, and help you implement and set up a testing schedule. You are not alone on your path to start testing and making big bucks!

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Comments (19)

  1. nicely done … a couple of corrections …

    (1) in the Ecommerce: Cart Test Category, the increase to 37.2% from 28.6% is not 30.3% as stated in the article, but 30.1% (this is obviously not a terribly significant difference).

    … however …

    (2) in the Ecommerce: Search Results category, the increase to 7.3% from 3.73% represents an increase of 95.7%, not 68.9% as mentioned in the article (this is a huge distinction!).

  2. Thanks for posting this – it’s great to see the thinking behind these campaigns

  3. Thanks for sharing, it’s inspiring. I missed the awards, but my friend is one of the avid fan of the contest so I’m aware. The winners truly deserves to win.

    @Joel, it’s good to know your corrections.

  4. Finally, I was right all along! Never understood why some site owners over-complicate things, making you click through button after button after button for things that could fit on the main product page.

  5. Thanks for sharing! The one page checkout test is really an eye-opener, definitely going to implement one if I ever start an ecommerce site.

  6. Congrats to the winners, there’re certainly at least a couple of things to take home and use for your own website.

  7. This is a great awards night to recognize creativity in marketing. I’ve read the article on the winners, they really deserved to win.

  8. Congratulations to those who won and thanks for sharing it.

  9. Thanks for this great article – i m glad to see the thinking behind these campaigns

  10. Thanks for the detailed analysis of these campaigns. It will surely help people to choose the best for them according to their requirements and your suggestions!

  11. Congrats to all who won, definitely a lot of great things for your own website(s) here to make them even more successful!

  12. great to see how you run the campaigns on your site.thanks for the info

  13. One page checkout would increase conversion rates. However, because there is no sign up involved, you lose a potential return customer IMHO.

  14. @Jake

    That is a good point you make. We like to suggest programming a one page checkout that creates a username and password for the guest. They receive it with their e-mail confirmation after they place an order.

  15. I agree. We are going to implement it on one of our websites and see the result. Also, congrats to the winners.

  16. @mariel

    Thanks for the tip. One page checkout + quick sign up = simple solution yet so powerful.

  17. hello it’s great to see the thinking behind these campaigns Thanks for posting this

  18. I have often considered working on adding one page check outs to see if it would improve conversion rates, nice to see something regarding this.

  19. Congrats to the winners !!
    And thanks for posting this ..

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