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Monday, Mar. 12, 2012 at 5:24 pm

How To Drive More Sales/Leads From Your Paid Search Efforts

By Melissa Burdon
March 12th, 2012

Are your adwords driving the click but not converting? As an analyst at FutureNow, we spend time digging into the traffic sources that our clients are investing in to determine where we should focus first to help generate them higher return on their investment. For those clients that are spending on paid search to drive targeted traffic to their site, we generally will analyze these scenarios early on to help them achieve higher conversion rates from Paid Search campaigns.

Is the ad itself the problem?

Is the ad you’re featuring, driving the clicks from visitors who are actually interested in what you have to offer? You need to determine first and foremost if you’re featuring relevant copy in the ad. Usually if you’re bidding on very general keyword terms in your industry, then you may want to keep your ads more relevant for early stage visitors to drive the right kind of click. For instance, let’s assume you were bidding on keyword terms such as “ant killer”, you would likely want to speak to those visitors who are early stage, looking for ant killer. Meaning, they may not know the types of ant killers there are available, which ones are safer than others and which ones might be good to use in certain areas of the home vs. others, and maybe even which ones are ok to use if you have young children crawling around. Make sure that the ad you feature to generate the click speaks to this intent. You may want to use terms like “compare ant killer options” or “learn more about ant killer to see what’s safe” within the ad.

Is the landing page continuing the scent from the ad that the visitor clicked?

Once you’ve thought about who the types of visitors are that are coming from the keyword they searched and the ad they clicked on, you need to make sure that you’re continuing to deliver on what you told the visitor you were going to show them when they clicked. Does your landing page deliver on what your ad promised in other words?

Here are some key things to feature on your landing page:

1. Make sure the language and keywords you use in the title of the landing page are the same types of keywords you featured in your ad to keep the scent consistent and to make it clear that you’re delivering on what your ad promised.

2. Use bullet points to also make it easy for the visitor to skim through the copy and get what they need from it. Use bolded copy and text links to make certain important things stand out effectively and move visitors forward to gaining more answers to their questions.

3. Feature logical calls to action on this page. You can do this by going back to what stage of the buying process these visitors are in.  You don’t want to ask the visitor to buy something and send them to a product page if they are too early stage in their buying process because they’ll lose confidence in what you’re trying to achieve. Instead, make sure the calls to action for early stage are moving visitors forward to learn more about something that they are interested in or get answers to questions they might have. Sometimes it is worth even creating some type of strong call to action like signing up to get a document that helps educate the visitor more thoroughly instead of getting them to buy something at this point so that you can get a strong lead’s email address and be able to follow up with a great offer again later. At FutureNow, we provide many helpful optimization resources for free so that you can get a better sense of how improving your online performance is so important.

Helping you improve your adwords performance is just one of the many things we do as part of our website optimization process at FutureNow.  It’s critical to understand not only that people are different coming from different traffic sources, but that there are also many different subsets of visitors coming from each traffic source. We’ll help you get a better understanding of who you’re driving to your site from each traffic source and help you improve your scenarios from keywords, to ad to landing page so that you get the most return on your investment. If you have any questions about how we can help you, please feel free to contact us.

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Comments (67)

  1. I like what you wrote about the sales page continuing the “scent”, from the ad. Nicely explained. I also like using the strong call to action with an offer. This way if they don’t make the purchase at that time, you’ve at least collected their email address for future mailings. Great Strategies!

  2. Yes be specific about your keywords and you should given the best information about the adwords.

  3. My problem is that I aim my adverts at a wider audience with a large keyword which gets loads of clicks but very little sales. If I refine the keywords the clicks drop? It is just finding the balance of the keywords, I have only started using adwords this year for fear of it costing me lots of money and so far I am losing faith, hopefully I will find the balance before I give up after giving google a lot of money!

  4. Next to the ad and the landing page optimization, the most important question for conversions is: do you target the right (buyer) keywords? You can use the Google keyword Tool or software like Micro Niche Finder or Brad Callen’s Niche Finder to determine the best keywords for your niche to target.

  5. Although I advise my clients to focus more on SEO and organic results than PPC campaigns, your advices here are vey solid.

  6. In fact, the more relevant your short message to the landing page is, the more targeted traffic you’ll have. And then, the better call to action you have on a landing page, the better conversion rate is.

  7. Good basic information whether you’re using paid search or free traffic. I would note that, in addition to collecting an email address, you need to follow up on a regular basis by offering valuable and relevant informaion. This will build trust with the visitor and make them more likely to buy when you present offers.

  8. Those websites which are using PPC ads will display an advertisement when a keyword query matches an advertiser’s keyword list, or when a content site displays relevant content.

  9. Great article. Have not tried any PPC ads but would like to in the future to push more traffic to niche sites. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Well… i have optimized my campaigns because i found out that it is better to have the following:
    Better 5 keyword for exact match with €1 per click than 30 keywords for broad match with €0.10 per click. The first strategy has e better ROI, than the second. Second only generates traffic with less time spent on site than average :)

  11. Given the limited number of characters in a PPC text ad, it’s essential to choose words and phrases that are brief, relevant, and compelling.

    As brevity is mandated, ‘compelling’ is the operative word here … yet the vast majority of PPC ads – even those that meet the relevancy criterion – are neither compelling nor inspiring for their intended target audience.

    If the ad impression initiates a click through, the site should pick up where the ad leaves off … motivating, inspiring, and compelling … without a self-imposed ‘brevity’ limitation.

  12. Its true that landing page is very important in the site,In fact the content of the landing page must be relevant and show much attraction to visitor to gain more traffics,but to create landing page is not easy,that’s why many internet marketing sites haven’t receive any traffic because one factor that affects is the landing page of their site.

  13. PPC has a better conversion end. When it come to the comparison between PPC and SEO, around 86% of traffic comes from organic search and 14% from PPC, but PPC is a great and easy for eliminating the competitive advantage. So in my opinion a blend of PPC & SEO should be implemented.

  14. This is a really interesting article to a new webmaster like me. I am working hard on trying to think about the best keywords to use on my site and how to keep them relevant to the adverts that I want.

  15. Conversion through adwords it totally depends on quality of your landing page. Landing page should completely relevant which you described on ads title and text. Product price and configuration should deiplay at first glance.


  16. Leave it to the big G to decide which deserve PR !

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  18. Nice article Melissa! Yes its very important to create an appropriate sales funnel to get a better conversion from PPC campaigns. Unfortunately, not many webmasters are fluent with the concepts.

  19. I have same problem, I can see more clicks but a few sales, I want to increase my sales.

  20. I always advise my clients to target more on SEO and organic results than PPC campaigns, your advices are really great.

  21. I am interseted in ppc just because i heard that paid plus organic Seo campain will only boost the websites organic result, any help on that. Is it true?

  22. At first, you have to optimize your keywords before you start with any other optimization. There is no sense to have a well builded landing page on the one side and an irrelevant keywords on the other side.

  23. @web design pune
    The short answer is no it does not affect your Organic Search however here is a great article that describes how PPC can help your Organic search.

  24. Nice post. It got me thinking about a campaign I helped out on. A lot of money was wasted because the landing pages weren’t tied closely enough to the ad copy. Seen it too many times, actually. A good point also about considering what stage the buyer is at in the process and matching ad copy with intent.

  25. Landing page optimization is such an integral part of the process. If the call-to-action is a form, it should be short and quick, and there should be a privacy policy attached to it. It should also include “request a free quote” or include other incentives; there was a case study conducted that concluded that “request a free quote” or “contact us today” was correlated with more users filling out forms than ‘submit” for the submit button.

  26. right designing, placement and targeting will help. You should know where your potential customers are and target them with adwords.

  27. Yes its very important to create an appropriate sales funnel to get a better conversion from PPC campaigns.

  28. I find PPC and campaigns like Adwords very expensive for minimal to no return. The time it takes to perfect the ad, select and refine keywords, trawl endless data to decide on the optimum PPC value is not worth the budget. I received plenty of hits but no enquiries. You have to wonder if competitors or even Google are clicking away to destroy the budget so you keep shelling out for that elusive lead that generates income. I will admit, as a short term SERP boost, albeit very expensive, the adword campaign was was excellent but, when the budget ran dry, the SERP rank dropped as well.

  29. good tips. I’ve found the more direct my ad is the better the chance of conversion.

  30. An excellent point about consistent scent. Inconsistencies between ads and sites are a huge turnoff for me as a consumer.

  31. Also, if you’re running a display campaign, make sure that the landing page and the graphical ad have the same look and feel (fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc). This can have a big impact on conversions too.

  32. Hey. Great post!
    Speaking of Ads, I have been using Facebook ADs for a while and I seem to generate only likes for the page, but no traffic is coming to the site. Can you explain this weird phenomenon?

  33. Very interesting article. The landing page is especially important. Google Website Optimizer is a tool for landing-page optimization. Basically, it allows you to test which page elements are most effective for conversion

  34. PPC is what Google wants, more income for them.

  35. Nowadays i am reading about PPC, your article help me a lot to understand the technicalities of PPC campaign. I feel that PPC is very effective campaign to get business and traffic rapidly.

  36. Thanx. Havnt tried PPC ads so far but will definitely.. go for Niche Sites..

  37. I think another important point is:
    Some websites are asking for too much “informations” from their visitors. i mean a site shouldn´t ask me things that the owner really didn´t want to know in reality. (i mean by filling an opt-in form as an example)

  38. What you said about the landing page continuing the “scent” of the ad is very important. I hate when I click an ad because it intrigues me and then the page it brings me to looks all spammy and unorganized. You made a great point there. Thanks for the tips.

  39. @Klingone … agree with you completely…it was one of the mistake i was doing earlier. Creating good quality unique content but choosing bad keywords.
    Nice article Melissa.

  40. i agreed with all tips but i would like to add, Proper keyword placement, set good cost of click and landing page url. these 3s are must be good combination and you achieve your Goal.

  41. Nice information shared on landing page optimization, it is really important from the ppc perspective, thanks melissa

  42. Well, my PPC campaigns have never done anything for me. Could never figure it out as maybe it had to do with my business I currently work in, or something. Their were some good hints though within this post written by the OP. Their is money to be made in PPC I believe.

  43. All of the information you provided was valid; however I’ve noticed a lot of companies now go for multiple keywords that may produce less traffic, but have less competition & are easier to organically rank for. Essentially using PPC should be your secondary strategy for driving traffic.

  44. It’s all about the landing page. I’ve made tiny tweaks to that and seem my ROI from PPC double. It’s that important.

  45. I love the way you write your ideas. very nice. I also want to use a strong call to action with a quote. This way if they do not make a purchase at the time, you have collected at least their email address to mail in the future. Great strategy!

  46. Great information, I really learned a ton from the PPC article. Thanks Jill

  47. Very good reminders on what is important here. But sometimes it is also pure luck when you find that keyword that actually does converts better than others. In our business it seems clear that people tend to browse around for info and inspiration about some products, but others products they actually are determined to buy from the moment they begin searching.

  48. I understand that it causes more sales in a company, but to cover the short selling don’t they then have to buy the shares back. Therefore the buying would be proportionate to the selling which would be good for a company. I’m assuming I’m wrong somewhere haha.

  49. Fully agree with you. Many times webmasters make the mistake to bring traffic to their home page, instead they should bring traffic to a well created landing page, that converts.

  50. I think one of the problems is many people are afraid to take the risk of having paid search benefit their website in the first place.

  51. Learn from your competitors. If the same advertisers are appearing on the google ads for that keyword phrase for 2 weeks running and more, they are likely to be making money from their paid ads.

  52. This is a very helpful article , as we are always trying to ensure solid ROI on our site. We try to find people interested in making money from home with a No Cost opportunity which allows people to save customers money on their electric bills . When someone clicks our ad we want to make sure they are at least open minded and looking for a business opportunity

  53. It is just finding the balance of the keywords, I have only started using adwords this year for fear of it costing me lots of money and so far I am losing faith, hopefully I will find the balance before I give up after giving google a lot of money!

  54. There are lots of method in driving traffic to your site, one of course is to provide a good landing page for your site, informative and best of all is to SEO optimize your site to drive more traffice

  55. Thank you for the great information and service your company is offering. I particularly enjoyed your comment about using bullets. There is so much text and information on the internet, it can be a little overwhelming to open a page and see nonstop text. How do you know where the relevant information you need is?

    When you say to make sure your landing page words are the same type you use in your ad, how exact should they be? Should you focus on making sure the more general words line up? or the more specialized words?



  56. Google PPC is way too costly, true you get lots of visitors but many click in and out without much action results would rather invest in SEO.

  57. ppc is great way to generate traffic before getting traffic through organic keywords so i have started ppc campaign this information helps me a lot

  58. ppc helps to get traffic regularly. most of the time a new site use ppc for getting more more and more traffic. but I think it’s not an effective way.

  59. PPC is not for me. I tried it and i fail. I prefer to use different method of making money.

  60. We are trialing PPC on our new site at (for financial projects) and are finding a low rate of return.

  61. Its very essential to create an appropriate sales funnel to get a better conversion from PPC campaigns.

  62. Well, for now I’m just using SEO to drive traffic and it is somewhat giving a good ROI. Anyways, I guess these tips would be directly applicable to the same traffic as it’s coming from the same source.

  63. Great article. Paid search results should always redirect to a top design sales page.

  64. Google Website Optimizer is a great tool for a webmaster. I’ve used it for a long time!

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  66. Optimization is very important party to gain confidence of search engine. A good landing page gains authority and increase leads.

  67. If you have a website then without optimization its useless. Google webmasters tool and analytics are good way to track your backlinks and traffic.

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