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Monday, Apr. 9, 2012 at 11:00 am

Persuasion Architecture In Action

By Mariel Bacci
April 9th, 2012

This post is a follow up from last weeks post, ‘Content Targeting is Still No Match for Persuasion Architecture’ that describes how to create personas for your website so you can use persuasion architecture to convert your visitors.  It also briefly covers content targeting and whether or not using it as a strategy is a good solution for your website.    In this post, we will give some suggestions on how to convert each of the four personas we recognized in the last post.

Persuasion Architecture In Action

We have 4 different women from the same demographic to consider.  You can read more about them in part 1 of this post.

Gillian – Gillian will plan her vacation 6 months in advance.

Miriam – Miriam wants to go on a cruise with nice people.

Agnes – Agnes wants ro pack in the most adventure possible.

Patty – Patty will decide where she wants to go at the last minute

Here are some methods to speak to each of the four women who land on your page in a way that will help lead them to converting on your site.

Gillian- We know Gillian is looking for a lot of information and a great deal. You want to send her to a page that lists all of your different resorts and their amenities. Grab the part of her that likes to book in advance and save money by featuring a link on the resort/amenities page that lists special low prices for those who book in advance. By providing a link with a call to action like ‘Book in advance and take advantage of early bird specials,’ you propel Gillian forward in the buying process.

Miriam- Miriam wants a resort that will make her feel good about herself and that will keep her family happy. Send her to a page that lists resorts designed to help her entertain her children and make the most of her vacation.  Feature local attractions and images of families enjoying themselves. From there, include a link for Miriam to a testimonial page that lets her see how other women just like her have enjoyed the resort in the past and plan to return.

Agnes- Agnes is looking for new experiences and challenges. When you list your resorts make sure to offer Agnes a link to a page that lists local artisans and adventures she can go on. Use that page to show her how a trip to one of your resorts will change her life for the better.

Patty- Patty will be attracted by a page that lists last minute bookings; resorts that still have availability that she can book within 2 weeks. Feature a link on your homepage for Patty that will take her to a list of last minute booking deals. On the resort pages themselves, make sure you show off how your resorts provide a personal touch.  A good way to do this would be via testimonials or reviews from people like Patty who were surprised at their extraordinary experience with your resorts.

You can personalize each woman’s online shopping experience by understanding their individual needs and offering an intentional path of navigation through your site that satisfies those different needs. All 4 women may travel from the Home Page to the Book Now page, yet each will get there by her own path, driven by her own interests and buying needs.  You can present them all the same landing pages, and let them navigate based on their own buying process.

Do you have any experience with content marketing?  What about persona’s?  We would love to learn what has worked well for you in the past and what you would never try again.  We have experience increasing conversions using both content targeting and persuasion architecture, so if you need help implementing eiterh on your site, you can reach out to us!

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Comments (42)

  1. Hi Mariel, my suggestion would be to use ad retargeting to customize the message for different audience segments. Otherwise how would you know who is looking for what?

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  3. This is vital information. It’s also useful to set up goals in Google Analytics to track how well your current structure is leading to conversions.

  4. Hi, ‘persuasion architecture’ is a new concept to me.

    However, for a company that covers a much larger demographic, I can see page production getting out of control to send each ‘persona’ to a different landing page.

    Would it not be beneficial to track consistent traffic sources – keywords, referral sites, etc and build landing pages around these?

  5. hello, very bright ideas, persuasion architecture great

  6. Having worked at a large online advertising agency for over 12 years, I’ve had a lot of experience with creating personas and unique website experiences tailored to the personas. It can sometimes take some convincing to the get the client on board(budget) However, if done correctly, you can quickly show a nice increase in ROI. The key is being able to marry the personas with cookie data.

  7. I love the idea of offering different paths for your users to the same end goal of making a purchase. Personalization is huge.

  8. This is a fantastic idea. Thank you.

  9. IMHO, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the ‘persuasion architecture’ concept as described in this – and the previous – post.

    I’d emphasize that one not get carried away attempting to identify ‘too many’ demographic targets. Keep your criteria reasonable and manageable, as in the above examples.

  10. Hello Azam I totally agree with you.

  11. I love the idea of offering different paths for your users to the same end goal of making a purchase. Personalization is huge.

  12. Great thinking! Really cool idea!

  13. Brilliant idea.
    I could do this with my business…


  14. This seems really interesting I hadn’t heard of persuasion architecture before.

  15. Great post Mariel,

    I think that most people write content without any conversion plan. To do that you have to know your visitors, the people that wants to buy from you. It is very important to know exactly what they want so you will convert easily! Thanks for sharing,

    John Mak

  16. If the Miriam likes to be with nice people I guess it will be a good idea to give her a discount of she brings a few family members or friends.
    About Patty probably we can remind her that the time and remaining rooms are limited. This should increase the conversion a little bit.

  17. persuasion architecture’ concept is good and people can benefit a lot if the plan comes true.

  18. I have no experience in persuasion architecture. its a new idea for me and it’s not bad at all.

  19. It seems this would be easier for some niches than others. I’ll have to think more about it in regards to my niches.

  20. Persuasion Architecture..!! new thing to me. written really well. That why it is easier to me now.

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  22. i think it depends on the niche. Some people are harder to persuade than others.

  23. Great tactics indeed. Targeting different people in a different manner yet fulfilling the same objective is the essence of communicating and selling to different types of people. Hence it becomes utmost necessary to understand the customers and target them accordingly.

  24. Great thinking!

  25. I think you can also use Persuasion architecture in your comments. By being different persons at a time and commenting on blogs that will bring people back to your blog and convince them that you have what they are looking for.

  26. Hi Mariel, i’m totally agree with you, persuation architecture is a good idea and it’s new to me. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Yeah, I think it depends on the what is current and up to date setting.

  28. That’s good idea..

  29. This seems really interesting I hadn’t heard of persuasion architecture before.

  30. Persuation architecture can be apply in others field such as communication, business, negotiation, win girl (^_^)…

  31. persona, you can use when building links. knowing the personal profile of people who have websites, we can make more precise and interesting content.

  32. Thanks a lot this is really interesting. I did not know anything about persona architecture.

  33. Persuasion Architecture provides a detailed process for persuading your visitors to take the actions you want them to take. Nothing is left to chance.

  34. I agree with Nicki Elizabeth….What an informative post….thank you for sharing

  35. We didn’t consider this before. We want to have a try and check whether it really works as you say.
    Thanks for your article in advance!

  36. Thanks a lot this is really interesting. I did not know anything about persuasion architecture.

  37. what a great idea- going totally with you!

  38. awesome tactics………)

  39. This seems really interesting I hadn’t heard of Persuasion Architecture before!

  40. Hi. You have many great ideas for increasing conversions of visitors. Thank you

  41. I think that Gillian is right because we should prepare our-self before 6 month then we can achieve it very easily.

  42. Hi Mariel, I total agree with you. and i love your idea of “providing a link with a call to action”

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