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Tuesday, Apr. 24, 2012 at 11:49 am

Put The AIDA(S) Method To Action: Marketing Lessons From My Dog

By Mariel Bacci
April 24th, 2012

A lot of our readers have been commenting on our posts lately with their praise for the AIDA method.  We want you to know that here at Future Now, we are right there with you and have been following the AIDA method since our inception.  AIDA is a basic sales framework that stands for: Attention (Awareness), Interest, Desire and Action. The main difference is, we add an S to the acronym AIDAS not to be confused with the athletic brand Adidas! The S is for Satisfaction. If you fail to SATISFY, all the other letters don’t net you much more than a lot of wasted time and money

Many who aren’t formally trained in sales or marketing have still heard the acronym AIDA. E. K. Strong put it forth in his Journal of Applied Psychology article “Theories of Selling” in 1925. Alec Baldwin popularized it in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.  The fact is that the AIDA method is much more renowned than the use of Persuasion Architecture that we are always preaching about, but the two methods are lovers in the world of lucrative web marketing and conversion optimization.

The Relevance of Satisfaction (How my dog Yoshi can teach you about the AIDA(S) method)

Yoshi is a debonair, seven year old Shiba Ina with full manhood written all over him. He lives with me in a one bedroom apartment where he lays in the sunny spot of the porch all day.  He gets to go on bike rides and walks everyday which are the times he is most happy and in tune with his identity; sniffing and graffiting everything with his pee. He gets to have 2 meals a day which consist entirely of a lamb and rice blend of dry kibble that wont upset his sensitive stomach.  Sometimes he is spoiled with bits of cheese.

Attention. With the 220 million smell receptors in his nose, he goes crazy with his sniffing. He sniffs everything, mostly getting excited when he finds a spot where another dog has peed.  He often gets into such a meditative state with his nose to the ground that I feel ashamed to pull him away.  He rarely sniffs around the house, we assume this is because no other dogs use it as a l’eau and we don’t really invite girl dogs over very often.  One day, when no one was home, his smell receptors caught onto something in my backpack.

Interest. Yoshi found my backpack on the ground.  It wasn’t smelling like my backpack usually smells though, as I accidentally left some chunks of manchego cheese and slices of Sopressata in the side pocket.   While he is lazy and can’t even catch a butterfly, Yoshi is no slouch and he knew right away that behind the thin canvas of my bag lay a bundle of treats.

Desire. When he got the zipper open by holding the backpack steady with his paws and working the zip with his snout, his dreams were confirmed.  Cheese and salami on the floor (his territory, he knows better than to eat anything that is more than 6 inches off the ground). He likely had some reservations about how to proceed, as he probably knew in his doggy mind/heart that these treats were not meant for him.

Action. The more moments that passed, the more Yoshi could not separate the idea of himself and the goodies being masticated or swallowed whole.  If he waited much longer, I might be home to see him and claim the treats for my own.  He was actually imagining a number of horrors coming between him and complete bliss so he decided it was time to dig in.  He devoured the 4 spicy salami slices, a 2 inch chunk of Spanish cheese after spending an unconceiveably short amount of time feeling their texture on his palette.

Satisfaction. The treats were better than he had ever imagined. He had forgotten about the kibble of the past and the efforts he had to put into opening up my backpack.  He would spend hours and hours opening backpacks if he could relive the moment over and over again.  He was as happy as he would have been if he had caught the food himself.  Yoshi got lucky, I couldn’t even be mad at him when I came home and saw wrappers strewn across the floor and him with his ears back in shame.  I know even though he was ashamed, he would do it again and again… who could blame him?!

What does my dog have to do with AIDAS?

Businesses have always set out the equivalent of backpacks  and then encouraged Yoshi’s (prospects) to come along. It has been a numbers game. If enough Shiba Inu’s smelled the meat in my backpack (traffic), a few of them were sure to open the backpack and eat the treats (conversion).

Your website is the backpack that promises your prospects’ desires will be fulfilled if they just take action.  This is where Persuasion Architecture takes over. It acts to identify your prospects desires- let’s say your dog likes bologna and mine salami, instead of having all salami in your pack, why not include bologna and salami? Then, it helps them take action- maybe your dog can’t open zippers, but is a sport when Velcro is the only hinderance-make a backpack with different types of openings so all the dogs in the neighborhood can find their way to satisfaction.

After you put persuasion architecture to use, you need to be sure to satisfy. What if Yoshi went through all of that effort  and then was seriously dissatisfied with his experience? Maybe the salami gave him horrible poopie problems! – or maybe it just didn’t taste the way it smelled? Well, then it doesn’t matter whether we used persuasion architecture or not, if we didn’t serve what we promised and satisfy the customer, then we wouldn’t be able to sustain a business on false promises.

A- Attention is the responsibility of your traffic sources, the symbolic, ‘scent’ of your backpack. It ssummons the attention of prospects to your site. This happens before they even know who you are, people in a very early stage of their buying process.  You can attract more people with effective keywords, on and offline marketing, PPC campaigns, affiliates, social media, etc.  You need to get yourself out there so people can catch your scent.

I- Interest is like your backpack, once people have caught your scent, it is time they start investigating your site to see if it offers what the scent/traffic source promised.

D-Desire comes into play when your visitor realizes you have something they want. Now it is up to them to decide whether or not opening the backpack, or making a purchase with you is worth their time, effort and resources.  Persuasion architecture comes into play here because it can help identify what might discourage you visitor from ‘opening the backpack’-maybe they have a strong aversion to the trouble they might get in for opening the pack, maybe they can smell some even tastier deli items across the room in another bag, maybe another backpack is easier to open, or  there are a bunch of other dogs interested in something else in another room because there is something better there than what your visitor could get from your pack.

On your site, you can use persuasion architecture to convince different kinds of visitors to buy your product or submit a lead online by making sure you put some forthought into what might prevent them from taking action and building a site that helps them overcome those barriers. If your visitor has trouble commiting to taking action, you want to make sure they have reassurances that their choice to take action with you will lead them to greater happiness.  If they are worried about the quality of your product they might need a 110% money back guarantee.  If they have had trouble with customer service using your service before, they will need some qualification of the service you provide.

If you have a more expensive product or advanced service, your guest might need approval from multiple people before taking action on your site. Persuasion architecture takes into account all the needs of every person that needs to approve moving forward on your site.  A lot of people like to base their decisions on the opinion of their peers.  Those people will need to see that not only people rate your product/service highly, but thet they rate it more highly than your competitors. Persuasion architecture is the most effective tool to use to effectively move your visitors forward to taking action.

A-Action is the act of actually buying your product online or submitting a valuable lead. There are many things you can do to help people in this area from optimizing your lead generation form and your checkout process to delivery your product in a timely manner or contacting your visitor in a reasonable amount of time.

S-Satisfaction is the state your visitor will be in after you have delivered what was promised to them during the sales experience. In today’s competitive online market, satisfaction is not only the final step in your sale, but the most critical step in starting the sales process over again.  If people are not satisfied the turn to social media to make sure everyone knows.  They will post a review on your website and one on their blog.  They might make a Youtube video about the inability of your offer to perform.  An unsatisfied customer can destroy your chances of attracting positive Attention to your site.

Doing business online – an environment in which taking action is the only tangible, measurable thing your visitors do – is only partly about capturing attention. You also have to be concerned with retention.  When you complete the momentum of AIDA with satisfaction, you complete the retention loop by making the process wholly customer-centered.

Satisfaction provides the critical closure for relevance.  How can you be sure your visitors are satisfied? You figure out what you are trying to accomplish with your product or service, communicate it relevantly and remain true to it in both your marketing efforts and your delivery of your product or service. Here at Future Now, we can help you execute every step of the AIDAS loop effectively in your online marketing strategy.

How do you use the AIDA(S) method online?  Do you find yourself using persuasion architecture to get people to make a purchase?  What do you do to be sure your visitors have attained satisfaction, the key step in your sales process that both closes a sale and gets your site prepared to bring in more and new customers?

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  1. First of all, the title is awesome xD

    After that, Yoshi is the name of the little dinosaur in Mario Bros… If you name the dog after that, my respects…

    In the end, it was a nice article. Mostly like tutorial – so I’ll give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing (:

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  3. Hello, My name is Ovidiu. I studied tourism and a bit of marketing but I’am not efficient on this market.
    I love researching and I want to integrate more into the tourism market. Please give me some advises. Thanks in advance
    thanks in advance

  4. Huh, it is cool that you had explained the usage of AIDAS with the help your dog, that is awesome, hope to check more about AIDAS in your blog as I am new visitor, Cheers,Chris

  5. Sounds like AIDS, maybe a name change should be considered? After all marketing is all about perception :P

  6. Mariel very true, I remember my earlier days of selling space for yellow pages in my city, we were repeated told to educate the clients on the AIDA concept of advertising and how we could up sell and cross sell the client explaining the AIDA concept, today the S factor completes the cycle. In this digital world to have a AIDA concept in our website & followed by the S factor can be compelling marketing strategy.

  7. I love how you tell an interesting story about the dog and then use it to teach the user about the points you want to make about AIDAS. Thanks.

  8. Great lesson from yoshi :)
    Thanks for the post, it was very informative.

  9. Great read.. your story really had me hooked..

  10. Very informative – And what a sweet dog :)

  11. Haa Yoshi’s life doesn’t sound all that different to mine. He doesn’t have to raise money for the food though, let alone the rent and bills. Lap it up Yoshi, you lucky little guy!

  12. Great article, Mariel. Sometimes the pets can open our eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thank you Mariel, by putting it down like this, we can look at it in a different way. I learned nice things by reading your blog. I will watch my cats more closely, maybe I can learn something from that as well :-)

  14. I agree with reader qdb. Even if the method is conceptually solid, the acronym sounds too much like AIDS.

  15. Awesome name for your dog! And thanks for a great read :)

  16. It is just so cool when we learn from animals. Thanks Mariel and Yoshi.

  17. Hey Mariel, This is a fantastic article, it’s difference also. Sometimes we get idea from pets. Thanks for sharing this.

  18. This article is really really attentive with this title, interest as I read on, desired to know what is there in the article, took action to read it fully and am thoroughly satisfied. Seems I have applied AIDAS for myself :) Its a great article.

  19. Good lessons. I liked the dog!

  20. This is a very interesting comparison. Something from a dog can become our useful lesson. We can learn everything from the others. That’s what a business men should know.

  21. AIDAS. Admittedly, that is something new to me. I never had read or heard of this philosophy yet. Thank you for sharing this to me/us. All the links are well appreciated as well. I looked into them first before commenting here.

    Well, generally it does not only apply to marketing alone. As I see it, I can even apply it into my daily life like goal persuasion. Sometimes, it becomes confusing if I should take a certain oppurtunity. And with AIDAS, I believe I have an additional outlook to consider.

    I’ll navigate through out your site. You have captured my Interest. The Desire is coming into play. ;)

  22. Mariel your creative writing ability has inspired me.
    This is an excellent article.

  23. Its a nice post of marketing.Any of this profession can be benefited by this post.

  24. That’s a nice lesson, Using your dog which I hope he’s ok with the cheese eating, I know mine wasn’t after he stole cheese. I’ll never forget it that’s for sure :)

  25. Randy!
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I will try to keep my posts creative in the future!

  26. Debonair’s are beautiful! I think we can learn lots from our pets and this piece is very informative. Thanks Mariel, keep them coming!

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  28. great article and compliments to your dog :-) thank you for such an informative post

  29. A very creative and fun way to teach us all a lesson. And since I am a dog person, I loved it. Thank you

  30. Very good and thorough explanation of AIDA. Our websites definitely do promise the reward if our potential customers take enough action.

  31. These are very good marketing lessons we can use right now. AIDA is explained very well.

  32. Wow, very useful post for marketing lesson

  33. I have to compliment you on how well you presented your dog to us and how he efficiently taught AIDAS. Action really is the key to success. If you don’t take action and only plan and think, nothing will happen. You won’t get what you want and you won’t arrive at the most important part of the AIDAS strategy, Satisfaction.

  34. Great Marketing Lessons

  35. This is an interesting article, as I’m new to marketing learning things from great blogs like Grokdotcom.

  36. It is not easy to keep customers and even more difficult to find new ones.

  37. Dogs are men´s best friend, excellent example with Yoshi, First you get Attention then interest, so on till Closing, Have you ever heard of ABC? (always be closing)

  38. great marketing tips

  39. Explanation AIDA with the help of your Dog was awesome. Interesting reading.

  40. Maybe you should give your dog a consulting fee ;) This is a great way to summarize what good marketing is all about. It should be measured against all my marketing efforts.

  41. is true also got the impression that sounds with AIDS.
    But very cool even use the story of the dog to encourage the user.

    Congratulations for the post.

  42. I love how you simplified things. How better for a novice marketer to understand things than through they eyes of a dog! Everyone makes it so complicated, and honestly the way you put it.. it’s not

  43. I first got to know about AIDA when I saw the movie Glengarry Glen Ross. Then later I read about it in a Brian tracy book. I feel that AIDA works and it is a good idea to add Satisfaction to it as well. :-)

  44. Well written article; great job! I believe that keeping up with some of the latest information technology news can greatly improve your marketing and business efforts.

  45. If you don’t take action and only plan and think, nothing will happen.Our websites definitely do promise the reward if our potential customers take enough action.

  46. Very informative article. It’s interesting article how you tell the story about your dog and how your dog “Yoshi” taught you marketing lessons.

  47. Great one Mariel! Nice tips and recommendations. And I must admit your dog is pretty smart haha. Thanks!

  48. Well done articles.. It is really a must to apply the AIDA nowadays so that people would be aware in their such actions..Keep it up mate..

  49. I personally think that the “D-desire” point is the hardest part in “ADIDAS” scheme. However, if it has been accomplished well, the results will be beyond expectations

  50. I have to agree with Jack Noel. Simply said: good job!

  51. Just give my regards to your dog Yoshi.He is really an inspiration to make someone learn gr8 marketing tips.Nice Article!

  52. Very good article. People forget the whole marketing effort is a cycle and the benefits of posotive WOM

  53. Great article. I can’t believe I read the whole thing. Plus, I love how you compared it with pets.

  54. Awesome marketing tips! I really learned a lot from it. Thanks..and give my regards to the dog :)

  55. Good philosophy and approach to attracting and converting prospects.

  56. Appreciated your explanation of AIDAS. In reality — the hardest part is to find some way to get attention. There’s so much vying for our attention these days to the point that headlines (article titles, blog titles, etc.) are overblown and promise too much. I think the key is to create a call to action that fits the personas of your target audience — without overwhelming them and asking for the right amount information based on where they’d be in the sales cycle.

  57. This is my first time to hear the AIDA(S) marketing strategy and I think that this will work. And btw, its nice that you use your dog as an example. It really made it easier to understand. Brilliant!

  58. Nice Story about Yoshi, slices of awesome smelling salami and a backpack :D
    Even greater than Yoshi himself, is the idea of making a story about the AIDA(S) method using Yoshi and his “search dog instincts”…
    Great story, very interesting and informative. Hope to hear more about Yoshi :)

  59. The concept is pretty solid and the explanation is great because makes use of everyday examples. I think the final ‘s’ could include the buying experience, which is very important nowadays.

  60. This content is really receptive with this name, attention as I study on, preferred to know what is there in the content, took activity to study it completely and am thoroughly fulfilled. Seems I have used AIDAS for myself Its an excellent content.

  61. @qdb It does sound like Aids. It was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the title of the post. We should change the name of the model!

  62. In the digital world to have a concept of AIDA on our website and followed by the factor S can be an interesting marketing strategy. Thanks a lot for the information very interesting information

  63. Undelivable title. And great reading indeed.

  64. Adding the S makes sense because that’s what we all are here in the first place. When a product or service fails to satisfy a customer, that’s when you begin losing them. Great article btw! – John

  65. Yep, I have agree with Jack Noel.
    It’s very usefull Article!

  66. Great article. I just got home from walking my dog and allowed the AIDAS message to sink deeper. Satisfaction does belong at the end, after all it should be the desired effect.

  67. Nice article, yes I agree, and the information is pretty valuable to anyone starting to learn about marketing, but being a markering professional myself sometimes I wonder, do we really need any acronym besides KISS? I don’t think so.

  68. Great post, thanks for this! My favorite point you made was: Attention is the responsibility of your traffic sources. So very true!

  69. Great article. I can’t believe I read the whole thing.
    so, Please keep your good jobs,

    Thank you so much ;)

  70. Great & Very informative article Article! Well doneMariel!! It’s interesting article how you tell the story about your dog and how your dog “Yoshi” taught you marketing lessons.And I must admit your dog is pretty smart haha. Thanks!

  71. Amazing article and of course title as well. I am a new marketer and really learned a lot from it. Thanks a lot!

  72. Fantastic article and of course title as well. I am a new marketer and really learned a lot from it. Thanks a lot!

  73. It is a very and insightful article. I also think that you can learn many things from your pet. It is just how you look and interpret a particular thing. You should think out of the box to come up with something unique. It is a very interesting analogy that you made between the two topics. I will surely apply this technique on my daily marketing business.

  74. I saw the headline and to start with I had no idea what to expect. So I started reading this article. And it´s amazing and especially your dog :)
    So keep it up!

  75. The inclusion of Satisfaction in AIDA(S) emphasizes on a very important constraint. I really liked the way you explained the entire market scenario with the example of your dog Yoshi!

  76. I like the movie Glengarry Glen Ross and even i heard about AIDA when I first saw this movie. I think AIDA is the basic thing which all salesman should incorporate. I like how you have given precise information about it. Cheers!

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