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Wednesday, Jun. 6, 2012 at 1:42 pm

SEO Workshop Part 1: SEO is EASY

By Mariel Bacci
June 6th, 2012

Slice of cherry pie-the cherries are the letters S E OWhy SEO?

Here at FutureNow we like to preach Conversion Rate Optimization as the most important step in your marketing strategy. Conversion Rate Optimization is the most important part of your online marketing campaign-thats why we preach it.  We do understand that your site traffic is important too.  We like to think of traffic in different terms though-we prefer to say “the people who visit your site.”  They aren’t cars lined up on the information super highway, they are people.  With that in mind, optimizing your site to make sure that the people who want your product or service can connect with you is integral to your success.  We are presenting a short series of posts to help you optimize your site for search engine crawlers.  When you implement good SEO strategy, you will attract qualified guests who will appreciate what you offer and in turn help make your business successful.

Why SEO is Easy.  Why SEO isn’t easy.

If your site converts well, shouldn’t SEO come naturally? If you are selling wheelbarrows in Ann Arbor Michigan on your website, you offer a quality product, competitive shipping rates for people outside driving distance, a good map to your location, reviews of your quality wheelbarrows from patrons and an easy check out process, the search engines will find you.

Sadly, this is not the case.  Even if you continue to optimize your site everyday to perform better and better and your product is the cream of the crop, search engines still aren’t as smart as we wish they were. Crawlers are gaining intelligence everyday, but in the meantime, it is only fair that we give them a map to the treasure that is your website.  In order for search engines to find you, you must use copy, design, and code on your site with the keywords and phrases most likely to be used by your target audience in their searches.

A well optimized site is a perfect place to start an SEO strategy for a couple of reasons:

1. You will be sending people to a high quality site instead of wasting time and losing credibility on traffic that will be disappointed when they see what you have to offer.

2. An optimized site will already speak with a language that connects to your customers. It will touch on the keywords they use to search because that is the language they think with and you will use it to communicate effectively with them on your site.

3. The design of your site will be logical and helpful to your visitor.  An optimized site will already be SEO friendly with clear titles and calls to action.

At the end of the day, the things that are helpful and make sense to your visitors are the same things that help increase organic search rankings. After you optimize your site for the PEOPLE that matter, you can turn on the lights in the aisles that will lead the search engine buglets to your site.  Tune in next week to learn how to start communicating effectively with search engines. Or get in touch with us about improving the traffic to your own site.

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Comments (88)

  1. Great article, I will be waiting for part 2, SEO is easy in many whys, use targeted keywords, optimized images, fix all errors on site, and broken linked pages, etc. The part I find hard is that Google always changes the why they rank sites.

  2. Great Article Mariel,
    When you say that Crawlers are gaining intelligence everyday I agree. After 12 months Google Algorithm is much stronger with Panda and Penguin Updates.

  3. Interesting article. I agree with a lot of what you say. I suspect that, in some cases, there is a trade-off between a site design that encourages inbound links (and perhaps appears more ‘worthy’) and a design that is fully optimized for conversion (and perhaps feels more ‘salesy’).

  4. Nice material Mariel. It’s true that even if the website offers the best of a product, if the user can’t be brought to the website, its not going to get business! Content is king and writing it in the language of SE users would be the best start in optimization.

  5. Great article. I agree that crawlers are gaining intelligence so we are supposed to give them the map of our website by using quality content and user oriented website and not for ranking only.

  6. If you have good content on your website you don’t have to do anything and your website will get ranked automatically. So SEO IS easy I think.

  7. I will always suggest long tailed keywords for SEO to beginners :)

  8. Wonderful article. Content definitely rules.

  9. I don’t think so. I’ve tried so hard to practice these methodologies on my blog, but thanks for sharing this article.

  10. En nuestra página web podrá encontrar una amplia gama de productos de video vigilancia y seguridad a los precios más bajos del mercado, garantizados. Ofrecemos soluciones para todo tipo de ocasiones

  11. Great post!. I been also trying my best to do SEO to increase my blog rankings. Definitely, I will watch out for the part 2 of this post. Thanks for sharing.

  12. That’s a nice summary for onsite SEO but let’s not forget about offsite SEO. You need links in order to get noticed by Google. The general argument is whether you can get all your links naturally if you have great content. Maybe, but you have to grab some attention first somehow, so it still needs your active efforts. Tweeting, befriending bloggers, things like that. Maybe that’s part 2?

  13. Great article. SEO isn’t easy. At least it isn’t easy for me.

  14. Seo will definately become more and more easy as Google Trends to ignore SEO signals and only value page authority by itself, using smart content algorithms analysis.

    However, these hints definetely are useful.

  15. Thanks for the tips. I have been a webmaster for many years but I only focused on the visual design and now I realized that if I don’t have traffic no one will see my great looking site.

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  17. First of all, thanks for your very good post. I have been trying to create good results for sep since I started blogging but I have find that seo is not so easy. I have tried my best and got a good result but still now I am not so satisfied about my work

  18. What is friendly for users is friendly for Google this is what I believe about SEO, yeah! Content is always king.

  19. Thanks for the post/tips. I would have to say that SEO does seem difficult to someone just blogging for themself. Have a lot to learn but will check out this post next week and your post on optimized web design. Thanks

  20. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me.

  21. Off page optimization is not easy. It is a tedious job. And Google always changes the algorithm. It’s hard to catch up.

  22. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about SEO for free, whereas most others sell their SEO knowledge. Thanks so much for the knowledge!

  23. Thank you for the useful information. However SEO is so difficult when you have so much competition. Also I notice when Google sees that you have Adwords, it makes sure you do not do well so that you will have to use their adwords.

  24. You seem to be very professional in the way you write. What do you recommend for your site creation a wordpress or a blogspot?

  25. I have been trying to create good results for SEO since I started blogging but I have find that SEO is not so easy.
    I really appreciate your professional approach.

  26. SEO is a very hard task. I’ve tried to do it for myself, but now I prefer to give the job to a professional.

  27. Design in one of my favorites… especially on main landing pages, this is where I always try to “lead” the visitor by showing what I think they would like to see next… most people get carried away and think of just search engine rankings and forget that visitors bring better rankings.

  28. What do you recommend wordpress or a blogspot?

  29. @facebook status
    At FutureNow we are currently using WordPress. Both are good choices, just think first about exactly what you want to accomplish and then make sure you choose the blog host that gives you the tools to accomplish what you set out to do.

  30. @facebook status

    At FutureNow we are currently using WordPress. Both are good choices, just think first about exactly what you want to accomplish and then make sure you choose the blog host that gives you the tools to accomplish what you set out to do.

  31. @ facebook status

    At FutureNow we are currently using WordPress. Both are good choices, just think first about exactly what you want to accomplish and then make sure you choose the blog host that gives you the tools to accomplish what you set out to do.

  32. wordpress is great solution for normal websites

  33. Really helpful article. Conversion rate is much more important than actual site traffic.

  34. Well, there are thousands of articles on SEO and speaking the truth I did not expect anything new, however there in this article was an idea I have never thought of before, so I thank you very much, and wish you good luck, it was really a great help. Now I know what to do next :) thanks again!

  35. I agree. SEO isn’t that hard. My blog targeted keywords that have a lot of rival. But i was speechless. I only do Onpage SEO (Keywords in title, H1, URL, MetaTag, Use ALT Tag on Image, Bolding keywords etc.) but my blog (home page) is on the second page of Google ! I think The Newest algorithm of Google does perfectly match with my SEO on my blog. Just maybe.

  36. Thanks for the article. Very helpful for my seo basic for Appleseed Montessori website.

  37. SEO is so important for bloggers and it’s something that can scare them if they don’t know about it but doing research into it is a great way to learn more about SEO. Great article!

  38. Thanks for sharing good informative article about SEO. Great article. SEO isn’t easy. At least it isn’t easy for me.

  39. Thanks for sharing this good and informative article. Very very helpful for my basic SEO strategy.

  40. SEO is a very hard task. I’ve tried to do it for myself, but now I prefer to give the job to a professional. Thanks for the article!

  41. I’m trying my best do SEO but it’s getting harder, thank for the tip

  42. Am glad to read articles like this that take some of the mystery out of SEO. I still wish I knew more and will continue to read more of your excellent articles.

  43. I am lazy webmaster, I don’t find SEO especially link building an easy task.Thanks for the post though

  44. I do not think SEO is difficult to understand for us, but I find it difficult to search engines like Google understand exactly what the user search and what is the best option for him. This reinforces my idea is Google updates Panda and Penguin who overthrew many sites seen as good and leveraged junk traffic sites.

  45. SEO = Search Engine Optimization

  46. Thanks for the article.
    But SEO always make people crazy.
    You have to be serious about this.

  47. A clean, informative site is essential once you have brought visitors in, but as you rightly say, a call to action has to be prominent.
    Off page optimization can be tedious, but unfortunately it’s neccessary.

  48. you mention that “…search engines…aren’t as smart as we wish they were.” i’d respectfully reply that search engines do a pretty good job, and they tend to be much “smarter” than most websites ;-)

  49. SEO is the art, the art should be fun

  50. nice article consisting of good useful tips. It also shows that being sensible is more important, there is no need to use any softwares for optimizing purpose

  51. I’m learning seo. This article is very useful. thanks

  52. great article. SEO is becoming more and more challenging every day.

  53. There are a lot of online guides for begginers on google. just search

  54. hello Mariel,
    Awesome article. Great understanding about SEO. Now a days It’s is most important to understand SEO because it’s much more updating day by day.
    I like your 2 & 3 point which is most important for every website and also by the author of that website.
    Great Work.
    Sohil Memon.

  55. You wrote very good and useful article. I was quite recently was engaged in creating Web sites. I hope that your council will help me to make my site popular and useful to people.

  56. To tell you the truth, I think that SEO is very very very difficult…. I have read so many things but haven’t seen results…. Maybe I need practice :) Thanks for the article!

  57. it looks easy, but this is a really tough job to optimize a website of serp

  58. It’s a fine balance between thinking about what your audience will like and what the search engines will like. After doing it a while, it should become second nature.

  59. Great article. I agree that crawlers are gaining intelligence so we are supposed to give them the map of our website by using quality content and user oriented website and not for ranking only.

  60. Great article. SEO is quite easy if we understand the basic things. You must know the current Google Policies. But i think you can promote your website with the power of content such as: articles, video, gallery…and you should invest money and time.

  61. Great article, bro. Understanding SEO is one of the most important things for website promotion. You can build your website with a form for SEO but you can’t increase your PR without staying active.

  62. A logic and good web design is the first step of SEO. The second step is understanding and updating Google Policies. The third step is make your website have more content and attracting visitors.

  63. don’t you think Google will eventually replace the organic ranking with PPC links?

  64. Search Engine Optimizations are not so difficult. its just all about research and writing some good content. anyway thanks for this useful article.

  65. SEO is easy only for genius. I think that for most people SEO is very difficult task. And it needs too much time.

  66. SEO isn’t inordinately difficult. It is often time consuming and needs some experience. Though I must say it can be learned at home but you need to learn a lot from SEO experts, read more articles about SEO, etc. After the difficulties and hard work you produced, you can now say that SEO is simple if you have best knowledge about it.

  67. SEO isn’t dead but certainly has gone more innovative these days. The only thing which I feel one must do is to stick to the basics of SEO which looks really simple as mentioned above!! Thanks for sharing a wonderful piece of writing..

  68. nice tips.. proper SEO can do magic to ur site… i’m experiencing it… it increases number of visitors to ur site… keep it up… :)

  69. I agree with Patrick

  70. I am lazy webmaster, I don’t find SEO especially link building an easy task.Thanks for the post though.

  71. Thanks Mariel. I agree, writing content that coverts visitors and attracts search engines is not as easy as it seems.

  72. Yeah you’re right, we often forget to stay concentrated on the content first instead of the “pure” SEO optimization.
    Better will be the content and better will be the SEO.

  73. In my experience best thing for SEO is combination off good social networks and link building using infographics.

  74. SEO??? easy?!!! bahahahaha! wow…well the concepts behind are “easy” i guess. but the successful implementation is far from that.

  75. Yes, search engine optimization is easy, except when it is not! Lol.

    There are a couple of very important points made in this article. In fact most of the so called SEO gurus never seem to want to really talk about these points. The first thing is that everyone can get so caught up in making their site be so SEO ready that many times focus is lost on what is really important: optimizing and improving the conversion rate of your site. I do not care how many visitors come to your site, if it is lousy at converting them into sales, and then you are going to have a tough time hitting any of your targets. On the other hand, it is entirely possible for a site with only 100 visitors and a great conversion rate to be more profitable than another with 1000 people looking and a very poor conversion rate.

    Another key point made by the author is the fact that just because you have a well converting site does not mean that it will be optimized properly for the search engines. In other words, you cannot assume that this will be automatic, or that one will follow the other. The whole point is that you need to be focusing on both conversion and search engine optimization at the same time. It is sort of like playing offense and defense at the same time.

  76. So true – there is an art in writing content for our customers rather than for your keywords.

  77. Hi Mariel,

    A great introduction to seo. seo is very easy once you know the basics that you have discuessed here. However, it is best to remain a student of seo since it is always evolving. :)


  78. These are all good rules to follow and understand. Don’t just read this as a to-do list. Instead, wrap your head around the concepts to develop a thorough understanding of them.

  79. Design design and design is the most important for me. When I outsource my website design, I always check and make sure that the code is HTML and CSS compliant.

  80. agree that SEO is easy..

    but you must know how to optimize..

    in several case, google always update their algorithm.. IMO, we must combine SEO off and on page..
    but, i prefer to use SEO on page..more natural for me.. :D

  81. Hey Mariel,

    I have to agree that conversion optimization is of utmost importance. Everybody always preaches traffic, but 10 million visitors is worthless if they don’t convert into leads, sales, or whatever the overall goal of your website is. And if you have a really high conversion rate then you can do extremely well with very minimal traffic.

  82. Just started reading your 5 part SEO Workshop. Part 1 was very good, I’m finding it hard to Optimize my site, if you over optimize it ends up unreadable to your customers

  83. Just started reading part 1, though I understand the concepts of SEO- they are really hard to implement. lets see how it goes.

  84. This is a great article. Crawlers are gaining intelligence so we are supposed to give them the map but its a hard task.My site is hard to Optimize and Google wont give me a good position…

  85. How do top ranking sites handle algorithm changes and drop in rankings by search engines?

  86. I like the way this series starts out by talking about remembering that traffic equals people. And it’s not just any kind of people, it’s the kind who need our product or service.

    It doesn’t stop there, and we need to optimize for search engines, as well as humans. But the good thing is, there is crossover between the two. A site that is well optimized for search engines will also be well optimized for your visitors.

    It’s a win, win!

  87. Great Article, with the regular updates in SEO it is important to understand SEO on regular basis. It looks simple but it is really tough to understand. Thanks!

  88. In theory, site usefulness and SEO should go hand in hand. Until Google does another update and formerly irrelevant sites climb to the top!

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