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Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Backlinking Cheat Sheet

By Mariel Bacci
August 8th, 2012

USDA ORGANIC logo with the word TRAFFIC addedWelcome to our backlinking cheat sheet.  This is a list of the industry backlinking strategies- the good, the bad and the optimized!  If you like this post make sure to read up on the most effective and holistic backlinking strategies to start your journey into the hard work of backlinking.

As you probably already know, some backlink building strategies are dangerous.  There are black hat SEO methods that can either help your site ranking or kill your chances forever.  We do not condone ‘secret’ backlinking strategies but have shared some of them with you so that you can make your own decisions.    We hear our readers saying ‘Google keeps changing their algorithm and I have to start over all the time.’ If you are afraid of Google’s algorithm changes it is probably because you have based your SEO model on trying to ‘cheat’ or ‘trick’ the Google search engine.  Play nice and Google won’t get mad and punish you.

Let’s get started using backlinks to help improve organic traffic to your highly converting site that has been optimized to the max!

Directory Submissions- Danger Level: Medium
Directory submissions are often the backlinker’s first step because they are an easy way of getting valuable inbound links. Find directories related to your site and submit links to your quality and relevant landing pages. Hopefully, this will not only help your page rank but also get you some qualified traffic from people browsing the directories for pertinent links.

Human edited directories, the ones that charge a small fee to evaluate your site and then don’t ultimately always approve it- increase your page ranking the most and are safe. We do not recommend you use directories that are not monitored because they might turn out to be a Free For All site, link farm, or a Made For Adsense site. Currently, the larger search engines will not penalize you for being part of those spammy directories, but they will not help your ranking, are a waste of your time, and might ultimately hurt you depending on the changes in your search engines’ algorithms.

Some rules to follow to be sure your directory submissions are worthwhile:

  • The directory you submit to should have a decent page rank
  • The directory should not have duplicate or supplemental pages
  • You are able to find other sites in the directory in Google search engine

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Reciprocal Linking- Danger Level: High

Reciprocal linking is the art of trading links with another site.  You link to them they link to you.  This method has lost a lot of ground lately because it can be considered a method of trying to ‘cheat’ the system- if all your inbound links coincide with outbound links on your site, it looks fishy to your friendly search engines.  Link trading can still be effective, especially if implemented honestly and properly.  The following are some things you should be sure of before trading links with any site:

  • The site you are trading links with already implements good SEO strategies and therefore has a high ranking in the most popular search engines
  • The content on the sites you trade links with should be related to the content on your own site
  • Your backlinks are crawler  friendly and lead guests to pages on your site that offer them helpful information.

Buying Links- Danger Level: Very High

The strategy of buying links is not something search engines are always able to plan for and prevent, but trust me, they do not like it.   Despite that fact, a lot of people and SEO professionals continue to use this black hat technique.  Buying backlinks can help improve your search engine ranking quickly and easily but in many cases, Google reprimands and punishes sites that both sell or purchase backlinks.  If you do decide this strategy is worthwhile for you, make sure you follow these simple rules to help increase your chances of being successful:

  • Check the policies of some of the big search engines like Google and Yahoo to see what they have to say about purchasing backlinks.  Since these policies are constantly changing, you need to be aware of the risks and limitations from purchasing backlinks.
  • Make sure the site that you are purchasing backlinks from is related to you own site in terms of content
  • Research other sites who have purchased backlinks from the same company.  Confirm those sites are active, the backlinks to their site work, and that the site is seeing success in your favorite search engines’ rankings

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Getting Industry Referrals- Danger Level: Low

A rather holistic approach to getting backlinks is to ask for people with related sites to feature links on their site or blog. This strategy assures you are linking to highly ranked pages with relevant content.  It has the added benefit of you getting to know some of the other people working in your industry.  With the internet being the communication hub that it is, you can use this backlinking strategy as a way to form relationships.  If you take the chance to start a conversation over backlinking, maybe you will hit it off and one or a few of those sites might refer clients to you one day.  The worst case scenario is that a related site in your industry does not link to your site, and there is really no harm there.

To get the most value from this backlinking strategy start with retailers, suppliers, vendors and other related sites that you already do business with or know somehow. The people who run those sites are likely to respond positively to your request.   For example, we here at FutureNow use Google Analytics as a tool all the time and are more than happy to backlink to them.

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Article Submissions- Danger Level: Low

A great way to get backlinks is to write guest blog posts.  Ask bloggers in related fields if you can submit an article on their site. Highly ranked blogs get a lot of these requests, so be sure to outline the content and goal of the post you plan to write and convey how it is related to the blog you wish to write for when you make your request.  The more your submitted content adds value to the blog you are requesting to guest post on, the more likely the blogger will be receptive to your request.

Sites are so greedy for quality content- or any content for that matter, that you can even publish your content, including a backlink to your site, to a free article directory like Posting articles on these sites provides an easy way of getting links and diverting traffic to your website.

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Press Releases- Danger Level: Medium

You can use press releases to inform clients and potential clients of product launches, annual reports, community involvement, contests, incentives-whatever you think is relevant.  Just like any other backlinking services you get involved with, you need to make sure the press release service you use is high quality and ranks highly  in search engines.  A lot of the higher quality press release services like MarketWire and PRWeb will cost a small fee. If your news is worth sharing and will bring a positive response to your site, the fee will be worth it.  If you use a low quality service your efforts might be a waste of time or worse yet you might be negatively affected by the next search engine algorithm update.

To make your press release the most efficient marketing strategy, you need to make sure it is written well and that the content will persuade visitors to visit your site. If the content is good, it will not only persuade people to visit your site, it will get people to link back to your site.

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Posting Comments- Danger Level: Medium

You can post comments on blogs as a way to get backlinks- just make sure you aren’t guilty of spamming them.  Real people have to moderate blog comments and you are wasting their time and yours if your comment is not appropriate.  If you offer an insightful comment along with your backlink it might actually be the first step to creating a trusting relationship with other people reading the article. You can comment on a ton of blogs to build backlinks but if you do it properly, you will also get traffic from those links. Some guidelines to follow to make sure that your backlinks will get approved:

  • Comment on blogs relevant to your own product, service or industry
  • READ the article and offer thoughtful and articulate feedback
  • Don’t just throw your link in with your comments, introduce it and give people a reason to click on the link
  • Comment on blogs that have a good Yahoo or Google page rank already

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Using Social Media Marketing- Danger Level: Low

In it’s essence, social media marketing is the online way of calling a friend and telling them about something cool you saw in the online world.  When your company does something totally awesome, relevant, or interesting, you can share it with whoever might be a friend to your company.  When you post relevant and interesting content in your social media campaigns users will bookmark you and share your link with friends who they think might be interested.  The better your content is, the more people will share the link on social media platforms bringing more qualified guests back to your site. So, ask yourself what is ‘shareable’ information that you can offer every time you post something.

Search engines will look at the page everyone is linking to on your social media sites and think “wow, that page offers something great, I better give it a high ranking.”  Voila!  The key to this and all techniques in both the on and offline world is to make sure your products or services is worth talking about.

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Forum Participation And Postings– Danger Level: Low

You should already be involved in forums that cover topics related to your business.  This is a great strategy to stay in tune with your customers that you didn’t have the opportunity to harness before the Internet came around.  People who are involved in forums are usually the most active in your particular industry overall.  They are obviously interested in what you offer and use their computers as a resource.  Communicating with people in relevant forums about your product of service gives them the opportunity to ask questions and you the chance to know what your customers want on the ground level. This is awesome qualitative research!

If you are not involved in relevant forums yet, we can help you dip your toes in.  First, start a new thread on related forums or reply to already existing threads. Don’t push your links from the outset.  Actually, never push your links in forums because you will ruin your reputation.  If your product or service is relevant to a thread, then you can offer your link as a helpful resource.

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LinkBaiting– Danger Level: Low

Link baiting is the art of using incentives online. If you are offering something to enrich the lives of people on your site, expecting nothing in return…you are likely to get a lot of attention.  

Most common link baiting strategies include contests, provide something useful free of cost or relate a controversial topic.  You can use anything that might help attract user attention and we recommend you use creativity and stay relevant.  You can always offer a free Ipod Nano on your mountain bike tires site for people who sign up for your newsletter.  A more effective strategy would be to offer a free set of tires, a ticket to a pre screening of a mountain biking film or a short synopsis of the injury and death rates of mountain bikers.   The main objective of link baiting is to provide something really unique and useful so as to motivate each and every user to naturally link back to the page where you offer the incentive.

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Blogging– Danger Level: Low

Having a blog on your site gives you way to show that your company continues to be relevant in your industry by producing new and fresh content regularly. Some people will come to trust you and might even subscribe to your blog.  If you do a really great job other sites and blogs will reference your posts and site in general as having information relevant in your industry. Your blog can also be a great place for your guests to give feedback and create a community with one another on a relevant topic.  You can promote your blog using RSS feeds will help achieve even better results since it will increase not only site traffic, but also the number of resulting backlinks.

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due- Danger Level: Low

Reference major search engines on your site.  Use Google+.  Thank Yahoo on your site for all the traffic it brings you everyday.  Tell Bing you care.  Be compassionate toward the free services that not only rank your content everyday but rank other peoples with complex algorithms that are made to deliver the most relevant solution to your own personal query’s as possible. Why do this?  What if Google or Yahoo aren’t relevant to your site?  Do it because search engines rank pages higher that reference them.  Let’s not pretend for a second that they don’t need PR too.  If you don’t think they are relevant than why are you reading about how to communicate, manipulate and placate them?  They are very relevant to your online business and maybe you could find a place in your heart (site) for them.

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While building up your page rank in Google can help you get more traffic, optimizing your site for conversions will always be the fastest and easiest way to increase your ROI.  there is no point in getting more guests to your site if they do not become a lead, but a product or sign up for a service once they get there.  The first step to your online marketing strategy should always be to make sure your site is optimized.

Now you know all you will ever need to and more about backlinking.  If  you have already started your work improving organic SEO, what strategies do you find are most effective for you?  Has backlinking been a rewarding process or a waste or time?  Do you keep track of your organic rank improvements and are you confident you know exactly what has been worth your time and what might not have helped at all?  If you are struggling with organic and qualified traffic, we can help! Getting the right people to your website is intrinsic to the process of creating a highly converting site.

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  1. I’ve just started building back links for my new website, this guide is very useful, I’ve building my links on blogs but it turns out these are no follow, after reading the above I now know how to build and the best way cheers

  2. Thanks for the mention of PRWeb in your post. We wholeheartedly agree with emphasizing the quality of your content when using press releases, rather than just using them as a standalone SEO tactic. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet us @PRWeb.

  3. Link building is changing with the changes to search algorithms. Link exchange used to be effective a few years ago but now it’s no longer viable and puts you at risk of being penalized by Google. Great write up with very good explanation about what works and what doesn’t. I personally do most of these with the exception of buying links, link exchange and spammy directories. I’ve also heard that the best way to build back links is if your top quality content actually generates links for you organically but it’s difficult to achieve if you are working with in a very niche industry. Great post!

  4. Hey, hey, what a NICE post! I started link building and it is much like my niche – bodybuilding so have to be consistent. Thanks for mentioning the danger levels and these many sources. Thanks a lot! Keep it up! BTW you can check my link – click on the name to watch my NEW Bodybuilding diet example ;)

  5. Excellent article. Most of it is common knowledge, but this guide is a lot more comprehensive, and I like the “Danger” levels – it helps give a quick understanding.

    One thing to keep in mind though is that this is just a guide, we don’t really know how exactly google operates.

  6. I think the best way to do SEO is to find a niche market. It will be easier to explore and make a mark very quickly.

  7. This is all pretty good advice. Personally I tend to stick to the following myself;

    Directory Submissions – I make sure my site is listed on any blogs that relate specifically to its niche, then move onto the larger directories that serve local areas. After that I’ll move onto smaller online directories, assuming they have relevant categories and the like. Another great thing about directories is that they also have a massive range of timescales in terms of acceptance, so you could wait anywhere between a day and six months to get listed. This works out great because it means the links you get are spread out over time rather than all coming in a big bundle and looking suspicious to Google.

    Reciprocal Linking – I barely ever do this. As mentioned it is pretty much useless in the eyes of Google so it only ever gets done if I think think the people I do it with have something to offer my site and vice-versa.

    Buying Links – Never ever do this. I did it once, got burned after a couple months of good results. Suddenly gaining 3,000 links in a matter of days looks suspicious for smaller sites. Bigger sites with tons of links can get away with it though.

    Industry Referrals – Pretty much the first thing I look for. Affiliates, Accreditation Bodies, Clients/Providers. Literally anybody who is associated with your company should be asked for a link. Anywhere that you aren’t even mentioned when you feel you should be should be chased down.

    Article Submissions – Very useful. The one caveat I would add is don’t submit the same article to tons of different sites as you reduce its value.

    Press Releases – For me I find keeping a very small (5-10) network of PR sites works well. Have a couple of the paid ones for the best quality, but utilise free ones sparingly as well as they at least provide a little bit of help.

    Posting Comments – I find this very useful. Even with Nofollow blogs! People tend to disregard these but I have found that Google does at least pick up on the links, even if it doesn’t officially generate additional pagerank for you. A quick peruse of my most recent links in Webmaster Tools shows that blogs posts with nofollow links still turn up in the lists. My suspicion is that Google uses such links to a small extent, possibly to determine relevance. Plus you also get the possible benefit of someone who has read the blog clicking through to you.

    Blogging – I use this heavily, though the site I’m working on at the moment has yet to have one installed. It will be as part of an upcoming redesign though and I will take full advantage of it.

    I must admit I don’t take full advantage of social media and link baiting, which is something I need to get practiced with personally.

  8. to the topic: buy backlinks:
    one big problem: google decides… if you are a cheater or not. And you can do nothing against their decision. Ok, you can write a message and hope to get not an automatic answer :)

    the other ways are a good start for business, but one is the urgent topic: content

  9. Great post on the benefits of different backlinks type. My favorite link is blog commenting and article submitting.

  10. You said the big search engines (which I guess includes Google too) will not penalize you to post your links in spammed directories (and also will not help SERPs). But the panda update was meant to eliminate any website using such spam-filled methods. So adding links to such directories wont invite panda to your site? A quick word from the author might help my concern. Thanks :)

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  12. Very good article, thank you.
    I have a different opinion about no-follow links because
    1 – they are “natural” links. It will look very unnatural to a search engine, if you do not have several of them
    2 – they also can cause a lot of traffic, which will be positive for the site.
    Therefore never mind if a link is follow or nofollow as long it is in good neighbourhood and no spam.

  13. In the past, I made backlinks from many directories which are not related to my website. After reading above discussion about effectiveness of related directory submission, my site is getting better results. It is a good approach which I will use more in the future.

  14. An in-depth article full of valuable information that can be passed onto clients!

  15. Thanks for this post, i have now found some directories related to my website and i believe it will help my ranking.

  16. Even if you buy backlinks, the effect is not that great if your content isn’t continually updated.

  17. I guess buying backlinks will hurt you because most of them use applications to submit links that are easily detected by google

  18. Its a fine line between “black hat” and white hat backlinking strategies.I often see top companies dominating money keywords.The majority of the backlinks are spam blogs by the thousand.There is no way there are done by emailing sites and asking for a supposedly frowns on link reciprocating.. you give me a link and I give you one the goal is one way links..which are hard.

  19. Very good tips.
    Actually, I´m a little afraid to use High and Medium risk strategies.
    I´ve been using linkbait and guestpost to get backlinks to my blog.

  20. There are varied opinions on the subject of link building. But I think everyone can agree that the best way to build links is organically, though it’s easier said than done. Its also important to keep a balance between follow and no-follow links because having mostly follow links will look suspicious and you’ll likely get penalized by Google. Great post overall, very detailed and educational.

  21. I think the best way SEO is write good article with unique and fresh content, build links and comment at blog or web like this one…;P

  22. Many thanks for the tips shared in this article. Can buying back links make your blog be included in Akismet blacklist ?

  23. I think being as organic as possible with your linking through guest posting, blog commenting, social sharing, and recommendations is best. This is really where the web is going, if you have a ton of organic traffic then your doing good. Google will serve your site up much more.

  24. Google has gone mad with power. They don’t want anybody buying links from websites other than their own. Build links at your own risk.

  25. Hi ,
    I think the best way is to create natural backlinks instead of useing backlinking services

  26. I definitely agree on visiting related sites on your niche and reach out to the blog owner and other bloggers by posting relevant links and interacting with them in order to get visits.

  27. I think the key thing to remember is that what works today may not work tomorrow. Right now Google has the destiny of most websites in their hands. So I would suggest using multiple linking strategies such as blog comments, wikis, high quality articles, etc. as well as perhaps having a few blogs of your own on different C Class IP addresses that you can throw in a few one way links and be in total control of those.

  28. To this date no one has contacted me about link removal! In fact, we as a bloggers are so busy that we cannot see each and every link and remove them.

    I will suggest never using any automated software for making backlinks.

  29. Awesome . Thanks for sharing the awesome information for building the backlinks to the sites and awesome write up to create awareness about the priority level and risk in it . Better stop using backlink services and build quality links manually .

  30. Hi
    Thank you for taking the time to write this very informed article. My blog was a year old on Friday and I use some of the techniques you mention, but have grown my blog, which is my views on Life, Love and Relationships to help others, organically and it is now in the top 20k websites in the UK for traffic which is amazing!

  31. This is a great list of opportunities how to get some backlinks for your site. Thank you very much! Now I have all the information I need to get some qualitative backlinks! Thanks once again!

  32. I think you should be as organic as possible with your linking through blog commenting and article submitting.

  33. Glad to see that our methods will pay off in the end. Always thought is was wrong of people to pay for this and load their backends with bogus links.

  34. I agree with those who believe that the use of services is not good. Anyway thanks for the good article

  35. Adding to Directory? Is it still a good idea after the penguin update? As I understand it, it will no longer give you any good backlinks.
    By the way their is a checkbox under the Notify me of followup comments via e-mail
    without any text….I checked it, is it the subscribe text that have vanished?

  36. This is a great resource for people looking to build up backlinks to improve their website/blog’s SEO. I think the key is to be HUMAN when you’re trying to do this. Automated submissions, spammy comments and the like will NOT help you in the long run. It takes time and effort to build backlinks – it doesn’t happen overnight or over the period of a few days/a week. Patience is key!

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Mariel!

  37. I used most of the strategies you described at some point in time ) It’s hard to say which one works best. I think a combination of various links is the way to go… or just one link from CNN if you could get it )

  38. The combination of this strategies is the way to go: varied links from many websites is natural.

  39. Hi;
    Nice article. But you shouldn’t care about nofollow or follow links. In fact it seems to me Google gives more importance to the nofollow links since the Panda upgrade

  40. A very complete link-building review. However, I believe that nofollow links still are valuable although Google states the contrary. I found several sites with few links but with a high SERP due to a link from Wikipedia.

  41. Hey thanks for the info. Is there more value in one type of link than another or does it matter?

  42. I’ve been going to the sites of my commenters and commenting on their sites. I guess this is a huge mistake. I actually like these people and think their blogs are worth commenting on. How stupid I must look to Google.

  43. My site is very difficult to get backlinks and then I thought, I’d better write quality articles in order get natural links, although this time I am still learning to write well :-)

  44. Hi, I agree with you bebe- nofollow links seem to have a higher impact now

  45. Buying backlinks and other methods such as directory submissions don’t need to be mutually exclusive, and shouldn’t be.

    Paid directory listings are hit and miss it seems. Do your research on the link quality of the competitor sites that are listed in the directory. Check the value of the page that the link will be on. Is it a 1 pagerank with no links to it? Run away.

    Buying links is tricky. Make sure you will see what the link will look like before buying, look for the quality of link based on relevance, and some form of measurement (SEOMOZ is a good place to start). Avoid site-wide links – they cost more and provide little extra value.

    Another option that I’ve had some success with other than buying links is to create some link bait and use PPC ads to generate interest in the link bait. A short 1 week campaign, with a budget of $100 on some very directed keywords provided 53 links. About half of those were good links. A year later, around 2/3rds of those links are still active.

  46. Cool information. I think a good content would give big impact and natural links surely give nice supports for the site

  47. You have listed some important info her. Some websites I knew, others I don’t. Anyways my opinion is that one of the most important method to obtain links is through article submission and another thing is to obtain them naturally.

  48. Thanks for sharing this with us !
    I will suggest never using any automated software for making backlinks.

    But you shouldn’t care about nofollow or follow links. In fact it seems to me Google gives more importance to the nofollow links since the Panda upgrade

  49. Handy guide! The only place you lost my confidence was when you talked about Google needing PR. Come on! Everything else was professional, until you made this point.

  50. wow. it’s complete. thanks for sharing. I think if we manually do all the backlink, the danger is low. And don’t use spammy keyword for backlink.

  51. I have read so many articles about backlinking strategy and I still don’t know what the best one is. If I were to do everything that’s in this post, there would not enough time in a day.

  52. This is good information about of seo, but need to have organic.

  53. Thanks for your sharing. But I think the best way to increase your site’s position in Google is still the content.

  54. I agree with Janet… PR is everything!!

  55. But If we create too many back links in short period that will be harmful to our web site rankings…

  56. Back linking and improving page ranking is so important for small businesses. Although content is very important, I agree back linking and getting involved in the blog community is a great tool to share information and optimize your website.

  57. Every Bloggers want their blog have backlink, but sometimes they are too busy to make article original.. So the blog prestation is bad in the google search…

  58. My practice is to stay within Google Webmaster Guidelines. My link strategy is industry related directories, the unpaid one – the listings can be anything from 1 week to 6 months so it look natural, commenting on Dofollow and Nofollow blogs – articles and press releases, and sharing on social media. So far so good.

  59. @Janet – i agree with you too, the best thing to get good backlinks without doing anything is to make good content with a high value.

  60. A good idea is to have linkable content on your site. Get quality stuff and use reddit and stumbleupon to spread it.

  61. Thanks for this comprehensive list. The “danger level” is particularly helpful. Our marketing firm has several clients who are seeing good results with article marketing and SEO press releases, which can also help you build a professional reputation as an expert in your niche.

  62. Thanks for sharing content to stay within Google Webmaster Guidelines. My link strategy is industry related directories, the unpaid one – the listings can be anything from 1 week to 6 months so it look natural, commenting on Dofollow and Nofollow blogs – articles and press releases, and sharing on social media. So far so good.

  63. I thought I would’ve known all methods but the scroll bar wasn’t ending and I now have some strategies and plans that I can’t wait to put in practice. I only have one thing to mention namely that some SEO websites say that reciprocal linking is not that dangerous while you and some other blogs say that it is, I’m confuse, both sides have strong arguments, at least for a SEO rookie like me.

  64. Optimization of your site is the first thing to implement. Then start to put together a broad strategy for link building. If you stay with Google Websmaster guidelines you will have a better chance of staying indexed and not risk Google taking you out. Tempting as it is to look for short cuts, they will back to bite you in the long run. Slow and steady is the way to.

  65. Thanks for the above conversation list, Ya I too think that it is better to be within the google webmaster limits. We should have good and unique content so that the risk of spamming does not occur.

  66. This is a great article and reference to one of the more difficult aspects of SEO – Backlinking. Dig on your use of danger levels and how each type should be used. Good to Bookmark – Thanks.

  67. Now a days social bookmarking websites make a good impact on your total visitors.So it’s better to go with social sites to promote a websites

  68. A very comprehensive post, definitely one to bookmark!
    Unfortunately too many people are looking for an easy fix to SEO and it leads to murky waters. Strong content and good, organic links are unlikely to ever fall foul of google’s updates, unfortunately these take time and can’t be bought off the shelf for a hundred dollars.

  69. How about buying blog post/review?
    Do you consider this as buying links and harmful?

  70. well, nothing is hard if we devide our mission into parts like development, optimization, submission, backlinks and keep updateing…

  71. I try to get links through forum posting and blog comments. If you ask me, guest blogging takes too much time, social media has too many nofollow tags (though I do have a G+, twitter and fb page for each of my websites) paid and reciprocal links are too dodgy and directory submissions are time-consuming and pesky!

  72. There are many possible reasons for getting huge backlinks.. but it takes time and some genuine work..

  73. good article i’m understand how to get quality backlink without cross search engines policy..

    btw, what do you think about site or tool that will give you many number of backlink with just one click?.is that method effective to increase pagerank blog?

  74. I have a new site and have been trying to learn all I can. Thanks for all the good info. I don’t see any mention of link wheels or pyramids, are these black hat? Should I avoid them? Thanks.

  75. Nice article Mariel. I think one of the best link building tactics is to write articles for your industry. If you focus on providing exceptional content, the links will come naturally, which are usually highly relevant and powerful.

  76. Very good article! Thanks for sharing. I am quite new to blogging world so it will help me a lot to gain high authority backlinks.

  77. Great article. Bookmarked

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