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A Holiday Lesson From My Family: Information Sells

Posted By Mariel Bacci On December 15, 2012 @ 7:52 pm In Business Strategy,Community,Content,Content Targeting,Improving Conversion | 56 Comments

[1]The Importance Of High Quality Content On Your Site

I have been spending more time with my family as of late and I had forgotten the well of ethnographic experience they have to offer as a culture all their own.  One of the things I observed over the recent holidays that I had never noticed before is their love of secrets.  Or, more precisely, their pride of holding information they think few other people have.

It is awesome to see them brag in their own ways about knowing something another family member doesn’t.  For example, my grandmother might say something to my father over the phone like, “Well, did you know that Mariel went to her aunts house last night and they are thinking about taking a Yoga class together?”  She will say it like it is some sort of backstage access information that my dad should not only be interested in, but that he should hold her in higher esteem for blessing him with the knowledge.  It seems petty-but it matters to your online business.

Who Makes Money With Information?

Access to quality content and “insider” information can give people a reason to love your brand [2]. Take a brand that sells information specifically- TED.com [3].  TED has been wildly successful, and the essence of what it provides to its consumers is access to information they might have trouble finding somewhere else.  In addition, the way people talk about TED is much like the way my grandmother talks about my personal conversations- with pride.  People that watch TED feel like they are somehow smarter, more aware, and maybe even better than other people.  This access to information is not only beneficial at face value but offers the value of exclusivity and culture.

Another less obvious example is something like P90x [4].  P90x also sells information; information about how to transform your body from an old rag into a steely combine of will and determination.  People who have bought and used P90x information not only love bragging about it (I know because I tried it and you can bet all of my peers know that I have tried it) but they also relate to  people who have done P90x before too.  This is another example of the fact that high quality and useful information is valuable on it’s own, and also to serve as a catalyst for an exclusive culture.

How You Can See A Return On Investment By sharing Your “Secrets”

How can you use this information to make money for your online business? Give people access to information.  You might have a lot of secret information that you don’t even realize you have. Does the product you sell require installation?  Why not publish the installation instructions on your website?  Information as simple as that will not only help SEO to your site [5], but will help your guests either install your product themselves, or best case scenario, feel comfortable buying your product because they have reviewed your installation instructions and know they can accomplish the task.

Do you sell cosmetics? Don’t just show the makeup in a tube, show it on someones face.

Do you sell business strategy [6]? Publish an example business strategy road map on your site so that your guests have some idea what they might be purchasing.

The more transparent you are with the ins and outs of your product or business on your site, the closer your guest will feel to your company and the more likely they are to convert. The more high quality and relevant information you provide to your guest, the more they will rely on you and consider themselves part of your team or culture.  This mentality will create an environment for conversion.

Have you seen success from sharing information on your site?  Have you been able to make money off content on your site?  What do you feel are the drawbacks to sharing too many “secrets?”  Let us help you [7] find your well of information that will persuade your guests to convert.

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