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Monday, Jan. 7, 2013 at 2:39 pm

Getting Started with Social Media: Implementation Guide for Facebook

By Mariel Bacci
January 7th, 2013

Basic Rules for Your Facebook Campaign

There are more ways to make money with your social media campaign every day…but there are also more ways to spend time and money.  Investing time in social media does not have to be a gamble.  Make sure you start out on the right foot with your Facebook campaign by following these 6 simple steps-all of the free, all of them easy.

1.  Make sure the background image on your Facebook page speaks to the humanistic guest that lands on your site. If your brand has a lot of Facebook friends or likes, it is appropriate to point that out in your larger background image.  A great example can be fond on the Royal Resorts Facebook page.  They use the profile pictures of all of their Facebook friends to speak for them and promote their guests as the backbone of their company.

2. In your Facebook description, make sure their is a visible link back to your site.

3. If your company/website is new, you may be able to start posting important events on your Facebook calendar that show a history of your company from day one.  If your company has history farther back than the day you set up your Facebook profile, it would be wise to share that history on your timeline. This will be especially beneficial to older more established companies, because it will become clear right away how long you have been reputable and trusted by others.

4. Edit the links you feature as the top entry points on your site to promote your company appropriately.  Link to discounts, giveaways, recommendations, or, where appropriate, a primary call to action like “Sign up now.” City Lips does a good job of using this area to promote specials on their site and getting people to convert.

5.  The primary benefit of using a platform like Facebook is to connect with your guests.  It might sound obvious, but make sure you always respond to any Facebook comment that could use your attention within an hour.

6.  Reach out to Your Visitors to create a relationship. Watch Facebook for mention of your competitors with a tool like HootSuite and personally contact those people with information about your product or service.  They may not have heard of you before and your product might not be appropriate at the time, but your up front customer service will make your brand more memorable and might lead to a conversion down the road.

7. Post any newsletter, on site, or other advertised discounts on your Facebook page. People who ‘like’ you or are friends with your brand are probably in a later stage of their buying process.  They have probably bought from you before and might plan to buy from you or sign up for your service in the future.  They might be considering converting on your site, and a small incentive will encourage them to do so.

Come back in the following weeks to get started on Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn!

What social media strategies do you use to create a relationship with your brand followers?  Do you have success getting people to link back to your site and convert from your Facebook profile?  How do you define success for your social media campaigns, and when do you cut your spending on maintaining an account?  If you need helps setting up goals for your social media platform, creating a plan of action the get the most conversions from your Facebook account, or tracking how well your current campaigns are performing, we can help.

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  1. Great tips, thanks! From my experience, using the top links to promote discounts or coupons converts the most!

  2. Aren’t there copyright issues with the example in (1)? I like the idea, but practically I think it could lead you into trouble if you simply use the private profile picture of your fans.

  3. I have to say that your #6 suggestion (“Reach out to Your Visitors to create a relationship”) will absolutely transform our Facebook marketing efforts although not because it will improve our relationships with our Facebook fans because we have a Facebook fans! Rather, your suggestion is an excellent way to start building up a fan base by proactively seeking out people interested in our products and services.

  4. The importance of the social media and the ways in which it can be used for a good cause is given here and it makes a good impact on the people who want to be popular on the blogging area..

  5. Pretty old stuff related to Facebook marketing, but a great guide for beginners. The important point to note is “building relationship” which is the key to social media marketing in 2013

  6. Great Advice I would also suggest using specific content for your Facebook followers such as videos about your products/industry that are not only informative but fun as well.

  7. Great advice. I have been making attempts to optimize Facebook marketing and learn about it as much as I can. I hope it works out for me quite soon. Thanks a lot.

  8. The design of the fb page is important,,,but regular interesting posts are the key

  9. i think that is most important to have relationship with your followers.nice design is also important :D

  10. Facebook has proven its utility even from a business perspective as well. Apart as a past time activity, most of the marketers use Facebook for branding and marketing of their company or business and are leveraging their businesses with revenue.

  11. Hi can someone tell me if I share a blog post to FB, does it count as a duplicate content according to penguin update & penalize my domain?

  12. Great information and i agree that the key to success is the relationship with the followers as well as the regular and interesting posts.

  13. Excellent resource, thanks for sharing! We were just looking at ways to revamp our Facebook fan page the other day, this is perfect.
    One important aspect of a Facebook fan page is that it is indexable by the search engines and therefore
    can/does increase your brand’s presence online – regardless of how big or small your brand is…

  14. Social Media has been one of my biggest source for traffic. The secret is to build quality relationships with the other users :)

  15. I think its very important interact with your followers. They want to know they are not just another follower.

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  17. What do you suggest for local contractors trying to gather a Facebook following? It seems so hard to find people who actually want to follow a PLUMBER!

  18. Do you have any suggestions for local contractors on how to get Facebook followers? Face it, following a PLUMBER is not the most exciting thing!

  19. Great information, thanks a lot for sharing!
    Have you ever had negative feedback caused by facebook’s insufficient privacy policy related to customers being featured on facebook?

  20. Thanks, these tips are very helpful. I think if we make the most out of facebook, we can eliminate or at least, reduce the need of SEO for our brand.

  21. “…make sure you always respond to any Facebook comment that could use your attention within an hour.”

    A lot of people seem to miss that last part. Comments on FB are like texts- people want to converse now not later.

  22. thanks for the advice. i think the most important part of facebook marketing is to interact with the fans and respond to them immediately. we don’t want to think that the page is run by a robot instead of a human being.

  23. Hi,
    Great guide. I am guite new to having a FB page, so definitely something that I can use.
    It’s allmost a fulltime job to have all those social sites. FB, Twitter, G+ and now also Pinterest !

    Thank you again
    best regards

  24. SEO is a great help for business, when in terms of generating traffic to your site. With the help of SEO, your brand will become popular and credible. Since, lots of people are captivated in using it as a form of communication and entertainment.

  25. Based on the information above I think the most effective would be number 6. No other type of business or marketing strategy is better than creating a relationship with your clients and customers.

  26. I think number 6 is the best way to use social media to promote and broadcast your site.

  27. After reading your post, I realized that there are so many things that I’m doing totally wrong. The only thing that I am currently doing is blindly sharing links and that’s it. You made me realize that there are other things too. Gotta be working on them now.

  28. I found that reaching out to your potential customers is the hardest part when you starting off. As the Facebook page is empty and you actually talking alone/in the wind.. this makes it difficult for people to follow you as they will be the pioneers, and no one really wants to be the pioneer following a No friends facebook page… what a Dilema

  29. This is a nice social marketing strategy. I have read elsewhere some of the tips on how to generate larger audience but never did it occur to me that posting of discount codes helps. People always want discounts on items and that will be a perfect way of attracting fans.

  30. Nice social media strategy tips. Of course creating a relation ship with followers they say is the best move to make.

  31. Social media is definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to stay relevant in the modern times. This article was an interesting read and I think it will help me optimize my Social Media SEO strategy. Thanks.

  32. Great tips Mariel! You can share the best time to post on Facebook?

    Thanks and success!

  33. Great article, I have been trying to promote my facebook page, but i like the human touch idea, i guess it make the client feel the site more a live

  34. Thanks for this helpful guide. I just need to edit the links and connect them to my site.

  35. One key to marketing on Facebook is to remember the object should be to get them back to your page.

  36. Thanks for the tips. In #2, do you mean put a link to the website in the “contact info”?

  37. “i think that is most important to have relationship with your followers.nice design is also important”
    i agree with that, to have a relationship is the best

  38. A good ideas is to to know your followers, post and write articles that they would be interested in and use them to start a conversation with.

  39. Somehow, your number 6 is my favorite. I have this knack to connect with my audience, and it’s been serving me well for a long time – or actually since I started my entertainment blog and gossip blog.

  40. @HB2O fan
    That should really depend on what you sell and where you sell it. I would keep track of what times of day you find you see the most activity on your Facebook page. In the meantime, post around 7 pm mon-fri and on the weekends when people make more time to go on Facebook.

  41. Kathy,
    Don’t worry about getting followers! I doubt many people are going to want to show their friends they are following a plumber on Facebook. Your social media efforts should start on Yelp. tell your friends and family and loyal customers to leave you positive reviews. Use your Facebook profile to offer promotions and information, but don’t try to get “likes” or followers. It just is not going to happen for you to a large scale. If anything, offer clients a discount next time they call you for leaving a positive comment about doing business with you on your Facebook wall.

  42. Good article about a business Facebook Page. This is one of the most helpful posts about a business page strategy. I especially liked the example that you provided about having the pictures of your Facebook followers as your main photo. Thank you :)

  43. The only thing that I am currently doing is blindly sharing links and that’s it. You made me realize that there are other things too. Gotta be working on them now.

  44. The human touch to Facebook can’t be overstated. I originally started by having a company prepare and post for me on Facebook and Twitter and had no results. I started doing it myself and very quickly began seeing more likes.

  45. You would be amazed at the amount of people out there unaware of the importance of nos. 6 and 7. I have colleagues at the local newspaper, and even after a Facebook account was created, there was very little interaction with anyone who commented and very little of the newspaper’s content published to the Facebook account. Even previews of the next day’s news were few and far between. How can you take advantage of social media without contributing to it? Having the account exist is not enough.

  46. My biggest bug bear with bad social media practices is failing to build a relationship with their customers/readers before bombarding them with sales pitchy waffle. Building a relationship with your followers is, in my eyes, the key to a successful social media strategy.

  47. Not sure if someone answered this question asked earlier. There is not a negative effect to the google algorithm from sharing your blog post on FB to my knowledge.

  48. every blogger and facebooker always try to make their product or website look friendly and simple. more of them need more effort to make it real. this article so helpful for them. thanks for your sharing about the article.

  49. Very useful tips. The importance of social media for our business is growing and will be more important in future. I would like to suggest also not to overboard with status because it could be very irritating.

  50. It’s a strategic marketing with social networks, all kinds…Good content, eye catching thesis, with elegant design.

  51. I would love to know more about custom making Facebook tabs on a Facebook Business Page. Basically the one that becomes an iframe. I have tried numeous times, but I can’t upload the app. It gives me a compliance error and I have read the compliance protocol. Any thoughts?

  52. We’ve had quite good deal of success with our Social Media marketing, primarily as a lead capture system for our clients. Not sure what happened with Facebook’s advertising engine though since it’s IPO, as shortly after that ad fatigue became a real issue that has considerably impacted upon the marketing appeal of the platform.

  53. Facebook is over spammed by companies now. Friend requests sent and then the user gets spammed with all sort of crap. If you want to use Facebook to grow your page try not to assault the users with stuff every day. Make it look as natural as possible. Posting only once every 2days makes you look less desperate and keeps them interested. Respect the users.

  54. We know that facebook is a social media with the largest member in the world. We have very good opportunity to gain new visitor from there. I think, if we do a campaign in facebook, the succes is ours.

    Very nice post, I like it.

  55. Fantastic guide, I’ve been trying to connect my site with Facebook but there’s so many different ideas out there it’s difficult what to know to do for the best!

  56. The importance of the social media and the ways in which it can be used for a good cause is given here and it makes a good impact on the people who want to be popular on the blogging area.

  57. Thanks a lot for the good tips! Social media is getting more and more important for companies. This helps me to make a better facebook page.

  58. Your right! I really agree to your tip no.6 We really must reach out and be friendly to our visitors.

  59. Good tips – especially the idea of leveraging the background image on your Facebook page to touch customers. As far as #6: Reach out to Your Visitors to create a relationship – this can be done with Google Alerts for free.

  60. A very informative article. I was wondering how can I use social networking websites for attracting users. Could you please write an article about twitter also. Thanks

  61. The social media like facebook can be a great way to generate traffic to any blog. Thank you for sharing this good idea.

  62. The human side of the business is paramount, specially now with the social media making the consumer so close to the company. People are driven by emotion, not so much by thought.

  63. Awesome tips. Considering that social media like facebook is now the number 1 visited website on the internet, there is no doubt that it’s the best place to start when beginning a website, personal or business.

  64. We’ve found that image-based posts have a much higher engagement rate than other types of posts, so we emphasize photo-based posts (not dissimilar from Pinterest) to drive engagement with our pages.

  65. Great post, some of the tips you mention I’ve read before but there’s also some excellent new ideas in your blog. Currently I’ve been running some competitions on Facebook/Twitter that seems to have upped my number of likes considerably. Above anything else I think it’s really important to engage with your facebook fans and make your page entertaining and informative for them.

  66. I have yet to get my hands dirty on going full throttle with Facebook marketing but thanks for these great tips! Will look to implement them in the very near future :)

  67. Thanks for the tip about Hootsuite. I’ve been using it for two weeks ever since I first read this post and had to come back and thank you for the advice.

    I barely have time for this social media stuff, but being able to control it all in one place makes it a ton easier and far more likely I’ll actually stay active.

    Thanks again!

  68. I actually use facebook for my product and my blog campaign, but so far I have not succeeded. Now I will start again with the tips that have been given, I am sure I will succeed by using these tips. pray for me and thank you very much. Is sending a private message through facebook to customers is the right way ..?

  69. Great tips. I haven’t set up my facebook page yet but I plan to do so using your recommendations.

  70. Quite often I think you need to actually have something interesting to say or offer. If you run a window cleaning business it’s not the most interesting industry to share updates about, ie “I cleaned 30 windows today.” Who cares. 50% off window cleaning is far more usuful to your followers.

  71. I was pretty successful at Facebook Marketing, The best strategy i personally felt was be engaging and active with our followers. I frequently organize polls and related games. Will try these tips too

  72. Great article. However, what would you suggest someone to do to get Facebook likes in the first place?

  73. Great Mariel Bacci i thought Facebook only for entertainment but now you gave me great idea. I am going to try this. Thanks for this post….

  74. I think it is vital to have a solid strategy and not go off half-cocked when engaging on Facebook. A bad presence is worse than none at all.

  75. Wow such a useful article – thanks very much. Do you think it’s worth paying for pay-per-click ad campaigns if you’re a new company or is it best to do everything organically?

  76. My experience indicates that free giveaways, sweepstakes and similar free stuff functions the best.

  77. Social media has influenced the business practices in numerous ways. Where Facebook is earning its revenue from huge marketing campaigns, different companies are making use of Facebook for building their brand and improve their product or service awareness.

  78. Facebook,Google Plus and twitter are just awesome for small and large business, I am using Facebook ads to promote my campaigns and it works perfectly for me…

  79. Yeah this is nice advice. I would only suggest whatever you do, do it short. Short jokes related to your business, short content of post, short… Make it different, don’t use the content of Facebook, find a new unique, reply to your comments and finally mention your website in posts very often. Thanks for the post, few new ideas is always worthy.

  80. It is true that the information in this article help to improve the success on Facebook, but don’t think they are excessive efforts to achieve a very small conversion rate? Facebook brings a great job but very little joy in the face of actual sales of a company. How many sales have you achieved thanks to the activity of your company profile in Facebook? I think few. Thank you very much.

  81. this is so awesome! i love social media and i have a lot of experiences with google plus and facebook! this is a must have feature!

  82. great tips, from my experience using the top links to promote discounts converts the most!

  83. Yes, very simple and elegantly written article for facebook marketing / social media exposure to our blog.. thank you :)

  84. very helpful article, nice example of that big background photo. Facebook is now the most important part of every organisation.. Thank you so much for sharing.

  85. Awesome! Useful information about Facebook Campaign. I think it can help me in business. Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter,… is potential for marketing in this century.

  86. Good info, but in any discussion of social media and networking, don’t overlook the importance of Google+

  87. Facebook, one of the biggest social media game changers in the planet is obviously the best place to put up ur marketing strategies, thanks for these wonder points!!!

  88. google+ and twitter better than facebook…

  89. Do also have sometimes a feeling that facebook will end soon and sth else takes its place?

  90. In my opinion all the points explained above is good to implement Facebook marketing. I would like to add one point that is target those fans who is related to your business, make good relationship with them and provide attractive offer to them.

  91. Thanks for these tips. I haven’t had much luck with facebook ad campaigns myself. A lot of people are talking about Google+ like it’s the next big thing… its been around for a while though and its not widely used, so we’ll see I guess.

  92. Thanks for the tips Mariel… inspired me to put together my first post-specific ad campaign on facebook for our Valentine’s Day cartoon… didn’t realise quite how expensive it was though, especially if targeting countries like the UK and US!

    Hopefully it generates loads of likes :)

  93. For me, the most important of these is #5. Facebook (and twitter) are great because you can connect with your guests/customers/fans etc. It adds a personal touch that people really appreciate, and you will lag behind without it.

  94. Joel Klutch is right on the money about Google+

  95. These are great tips, but still facebook has a very low conversion rate for me. I find twitter is way more useful.

  96. very useful information !
    IMO twitter better than facebook and G+ :D haha
    because it’s simple

  97. I think facebook is the best way to get targetted traffic and turning traffic into money and mastering facebook is like more money thanks for this post

  98. Point 6 is actually very clever. Can you explain more about HootSuite?

  99. I agree with the points totally.
    It is considered to add a link back to the site in the description provided about the page. It makes the visitors believe in our site. Moreover, it is important to make loyal visitors by building social relations.

  100. I think the image is the most important element in a facebook campaign.

  101. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts like this that make completely vacuous points with no real substance but this one actually has useful practical tips. Also, I assume Royal Resorts asked their friends’ permission to use their images. Does anyone know if that’s necessary?

  102. I completely agree that we have to answer to our followers. This is a mark of respect to the fact that they are interested in what we are doing. If we don’t answer, they might go away.

  103. Nice and simple article, a start for someone wanting the basics for a Facebook Fan page… Social media is the way forwards.

  104. I love facebook better than twitter. But all platform have their own benefit, such as facebook for business and twitter for news.

  105. I have a good suggestion…
    You can post the polling or question to the audience who likes your Facebook Pages..
    This is the best way to make good relation between..

  106. I like the ideal of posting to the event calendar things that have happened and are going to happen. I like to add a page to an existing account and then invite all my friends from the account.

  107. Thanks for sharing such a great topic on social media marketing, how to gain traffic through facebook, twitter, google plus

  108. facebook is the biggest social network in the world and it can give us profit if we use it wisely. creating a facebook fan page is not a big task but maintaining it is. a fan page can give you readers. and for that you have to make it attractive by using covers and good stuff. thanks for sharing the tips

  109. Perfect background photo, but with only 37 fans as we have it would not be a smart idea, would it?

  110. Facebook and has become popular among small business owners, photographers, bloggers, franchisors and entrepreneurs

  111. Mostly done long time ago. I added just a couple of things I found in your article and now I have 55.000 fans although after spending approximately 3.000$ on Facebook PPC during the last year.

  112. Great guide! Utilizing the power of social media in promoting your site is one of the best recommended practices of SEO. I’ll surely use this guide for my Fuelfixer site. Thanks!

  113. Social media marketing changed my business completely. positively :) great tips you have given here which includes some points i have missed to promote and get quality traffic.

    Thanks and Cheers.


  114. Replying to every comment within an hour seems like a tough job. But surely I’ll try it.

  115. Great information and i agree that the key to success is the relationship with the followers as well as the regular and interesting posts. Thanks admin for sharing this.

  116. I agree with some of the other posts, Twitter and Google+ are the way to go!

  117. It’s all about maintaining the relationship. Facebook has such a huge audience that it can’t be ignored, but I prefer Twitter.

  118. I love facebook, and i thinks it is better than any othe social networking website.., even google + and twitter collectively can not compete with facebook.. due to its very friendly user experience and easy to use UI also availablity of my known peoples..

  119. Thank you for this guide. Giveaways and promotions definitely help a lot!

  120. Great tips and well explained even for rookies like me. When it comes to coding I an illiterate, but thanks to this post I am now able to turn Facebook into a SEO machine.

  121. well, facebook is great. in fact i never get traffic from facebook, you can just get attention on pictures and nothing els. it is my opinion … maybe wrong.

  122. Wow! Have always used Facebook for fun. But Now I need to make best use of it. Thanks for the list, I know it’ll be a game changer for me.

  123. Don’t you also think it is important to note the time of the day when you share you r because the number of people who see your update is based on that as well..

  124. I would agree with you Mariel about the effectiveness of using social network carefully. It indeed is a great tool today to gain popularity and if you take it seriously then it won’t take you long to establish your business in the online industry.

  125. I have a small business and I am trying to make a fanpage on facebook, since it seems that the future is everything related to social networks, for a rookie as I is good to read this kind of tips, thanks for the post, is excellent and learn it.

  126. Great advice. I have been making attempts to optimize Facebook marketing. I hope it works out for me quite soon. Thanks.

  127. I agreed with APNA JAHANIAN. I hardly ever get visits from Facebook on my website or blog.

    I think the best way to get people coming in via Faccebook is buying an ad slot there, but that is expensive.

  128. Very great post. I am running 2 Facebook pages but I am unable to convert that traffic to my sale leads. I am also agreed that buying ad at facebook give you more and genuine traffic

  129. The same for me. Only my friends are coming from Facebook just because they are curious but they are not the target audience I am looking for.

  130. I have a good suggestion…
    You can post the polling or question to the audience who likes your Facebook Pages…

  131. Facebook is the only place where you can easily make ur page popular, i have 3 pages and they are going well…

  132. Thank you for a very good article. I think that it’s very easy to forget about the more “basic” aspects of it (like the “human touch”) and instead trying a more aggressive approach. Thank you once again.

  133. Thanks for such a useful post. I have some knowledge about Facebook but it was quite chaotic, and now I systematized it.
    The only thing I would like to add is that placing a link to your FB profile on your site is also quite important.

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