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Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 at 11:10 am

Getting Started With Social Media: Twitter Tips for Success

By Mariel Bacci
February 4th, 2013

The secret to executing a successful campaign on Twitter is to be creative.  The creativity of Twitter campaigns is starting to downplay that of Superbowl commercials.  Use the concepts that the best advertising companies in the industry use to make your Twitter campaigns worth your effort.

Prepare Your Audience for Twitter Success

With so many great idea for Twitter campaigns these days, it is essential to know how to execute your own creative idea successfully.  Before you launch your next big Twitter campaign, prepare your audience for it.

*Write blog posts about the campaign and persuade influential bloggers to do the same

*Post your Twitter Campaign on Facebook

*E-mail your customers

*Issue a press release

*Use local resources wisely-have people at your company and your friends and family Tweet, Facebook post and participate in your Twitter campaign.  It is very common to see companies large and small neglect to ask their employees to represent them in a positive light in their personal accounts.

It is also important to prepare your social media campaigns for any live event you are hosting.  You need to organize conversation around your brand to see the most success.

*Create a social landing page next time your company has an event or social gathering

*Create a hash tag for your event

Be Gregarious

The more people you pay attention to, the more will pay attention to you.  It is the law of reciprocity.  Don’t waste all your time and resources expecting people to come to you.  Be proactive and show them some attention to build loyalty and reciprocity.

*Monitor Twitter for Tweets containing keywords about your business and react to those Tweets.

*Pay attention to your followers and offer thoughtful comments to their tweets.

Create Time Sensitive Campaigns

From Dominos famous #letsdolunch campaign we learned that creating time sensitive campaigns can be wildly successful.  Make paying attention to your campaign important in THIS MOMENT to activate spontaneous guests who are afraid to miss out on a good thing.

*Tell your guests that the more people who tweet about your campaign, the greater they discount people will receive once the campaign in over.

*Offer guests the chance to win an incentive more than once within a certain time frame so that they tweet your campaign multiple times.

Stay Goal Oriented

Make sure you are aware of what the goal of your Twitter campaign in before you start.  Create your campaign around achieving that goal.

*If your goal is to trend on Twitter, you need to offer and incentive and idea that activate people to participate.

*If you want to create a conversation around your brand to create awareness and qualify new customers, you need to find a way to get people talking.  You don’t have to necessarily give away the pantry in this case, but you need to spark something within people that gets them talking. Make your incentive company based instead of based around an individual to become part of office chatter.

*If you need more product reviews on your site you can ask people to leave reviews via Twitter that you can repost on your site.  Since more people will read reviews of your product on Twitter than your actual website, it is a good way to get your name out there to potential guests to your site.

*Maybe your ultimate goal is to get more traffic to your website?  Make sure you require a link back to your site within your campaign Tweets.

Be Interactive

Make sure our Twitter campaign can be seen outside of cyberspace.

*If you are giving something away, make it something you can give to a group of people instead of an individual.

*Have your Twitter campaign ask people to Tweet something the most number of times.  Then, post every ten minutes who has tweeted the most.  This way people can see their name and have temporary celebrity status in the Twittersphere.

What Twitter Campaigns have you run and found to be successful?  What does your day to day activity on Twitter look like? These are just a few ideas about how to get started with your Twitter campaign.  As always, stay relevant and interactive.  We can help you organize your Twitter campaign as well as other social media campaigns for short term wins and long term success.

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  1. Hi Mariel.. have to say we haven’t really explored using twitter to help boost the readership of our site – I’m not quite sure how to actually!

    When you talk about a Twitter campaign in this post, what do you mean? Is it like a series of tweets about something?

  2. very informative article,
    it is almost a full-time job if you have to be active on all these social sites we have today :-)

  3. As someone who has shied away from Twitter, I appreciate these tips. I still don’t have an account since I’m always afraid it’s going to become a time sink. Do you use any tools to monitor and manage your Twitter activity? I see there are a bunch out there…

  4. Twitter helps more in promoting your business more than any other social media platform.

  5. Agreed with points, Social media success mainly depends upon your interaction. If you’re regular on social media sites then certainly you can leave good impact and see good results.

  6. Thanks for the twitter tips. Personally, I find the importance of social media in SEO and campaign building a bit frustrating. The number of people out there that manipulate the system makes it difficult to know who is real and who is not. Yesterday for my son’s birthday a friend of his created a twitter page for him and “bought” him 35,000 followers on Twitter for $5. It took just half a day. That really was like a punch in the gut for me as I work so hard to create a following for my clients.

  7. I’ve been following this blog for quite awhile and I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all the great information you’ve shared with us over the years!

  8. Great post! I’m currently helping my company refresh their social media marketing efforts. It’s been stagnant for months and they don’t have too many followers. I’m really hoping that I can make a difference for them.

  9. I enjoyed reading this article since I am just beginning to learn to use Twitter for getting more attention on my website. I am still not very comfortable with hash tags but I have to learn to use them since they are an important factor to attract people. Thanks for your advices!

  10. First, if youre looking for a great book on topics like this, check out “unmarketing”. Excellent read.

    Secondly, the strategy that has worked best for me on Twitter is building relationships. You should be re-tweeting interesting things from other people. They’ll notice that and start reciprocating when you post something interesting.

  11. Social networking is the best way to promote something on the side parking is also easy to use it, we could easily reach a lot of people in just a short time.

  12. Good Blog. Having a clear goal before starting a twitter campaign is extremely important. Sometimes, just randomly posting on twitter without any plan or focus is not a good idea

  13. I think the hardest part of it, as you also implied, is to be creative. I think that’s a big challenge for many.

  14. Well… it is obviously the all truth behind a successful website to have business. Most important thing is language. If you have good grip on language of your blog or website then you have 60 % SEO work done by having unique content something really different from other blogs and attractiveness is the key to success. You do these things and that’s it you done your job greatly.

  15. Thanks for the post!

    Social media is on the top now and need more attention to.

  16. That’s interesting what the social media means now. Using Twitter or facebook is the key element of the marketing in internet, maybe more valuable than own or company website ! So lets do fanpages and profiles :)

  17. Good advice, although Google+ is too important not to be part of this same discussion & strategy.

  18. Thanks for that post!! That social networks…They are more addictive than tobbaco and alcohol together.

  19. Social interaction is more then important these days as many people are still not considering social media in their Seo Campaigns i would say they are loosing quite a bit
    and thanks to Marie for sharing great article with us

  20. Thank you for this article it is true that a campaign on twitter, well organized, it is an effective promotion of your business.

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  22. So far twitter has yielded very little for us. But we keep plucking away at it and articles like this help. We need to step it up on interaction. Thanks!

  23. Thanks Mariel, great article! especially for those of us who are not American :)

  24. Thanks for sharing valuable information. I am a newbie on twitter, i have only few followers. Quote Randy :”Twitter helps more in promoting your business more than any other social media platform”, I agree with this statement.

  25. I have been using twitter for soo many months but i cant get better result from it. Not even getting traffic from twitter.

  26. Really awesome Sucessful Tips in this Social Media ages. we know that the power of social media and how people are engaging on social media. i have been getting lots of traffics social media interaction and Twitter is one of them.
    This is a really perfect ideas to use twitter account for web marketing purposes.

  27. Great post. I think too many people have twitter accounts but they don’t know what to do with them. This articles helps out with that.

  28. Actually, people becoming social and twitter is the second popular social media. That’s why your post will very effective for social media marketers. Thanks for your kind post.

  29. Good Blog. Having a clear goal before starting a twitter campaign is extremely important. Sometimes, just randomly posting on twitter without any plan or focus is not a good idea

  30. The good thing about social media presence is that it enables you to have “real-time” traffic which is beneficial in finding potential clients or even people who can expand your business goals.

  31. Great information as always! Twitter is another beast for us to tame, it has unbelievable potential to send your content viral. I’m looking forward to my first hashtag trending!
    I certainly agree social media is becoming a full time job, it is no wonder the social media management industry is growing so quickly.

  32. It’s a very informative article for all new twitter beginners. Twitter is the best way to reach the people in just a short time and we could easily to promote a post, sites & other lots of things.

  33. It’s really helpful for those marketers who could not convert B2B conversions properly. This is very useful tips for who just started a B2B business and they will grow using these tips.

  34. You have given some awesome tips about Twitter. I think the best thing we can do is persuade influencer bloggers to write about us. I think this will give us good visibility and will also build our brand.

  35. This is a great post! With good reminders. I admittedly don’t follow all of these regularly, but I need to work them into the routine.

    Thanks for the great post!

  36. Nice article!
    Social media is getting more interesting for all the business!

  37. Local resource is a good idea. I make use of it sometimes. Its free. Thanks for sharing.

  38. The best thing I recently learned is to link my Twitter account to my Facebook Account. Now, if I want to post to Twitter, I instead go to Facebook and post it there. Facebook then automatically sends the same post to Twitter. It’s fast and easy, and best of all it covers both bases at the same time :)

  39. Great tips! It’s so easy to start a Twitter page for your business, but it’s never easy all the way. Gotta get creative and work hard!

  40. We use Twitter alot for our business. It is great to see some practical advice – will be using these to make the next step on Twitter.

  41. Just stumbled upon it from other blog… Thank you & glad I read it.

    I am in middle of creating a campaign for unique tech related giveaway.. these twitter tips have brighten up my ideas further.

    Thanks again

  42. Realizing the potential of any given service and translating it into the next step for your business is more than anything a matter of responsibility.

  43. “Create a social landing page next time your company has an event or social gathering”

    A bunch of companies do this in the KC area and it works well -most of the time. I have attended two separate events that sent attendees to their site and it crashed in front of everyone. So make sure your server can handle it first!

  44. Thanks for the article. Twitter is surprisingly hard to master for something that is basically simple. Great tips for staying goal oriented and getting your followers talking about you.

  45. This is an excellent post. There is no reason for any blogger or business to not be using social media. Twitter is an amazing way to communicate with customers.

  46. yes, you are right and i agree on your all points. Since I am new to this, this post helped me in gaining a quality knowledge in less time and i am sure it will help me in social media. so thanks alot for this quality information.

  47. also its good to include other peoples work, your inspirations and your interest – its not all about selling your idea its about the social activity – `people talking about this` etc :)

  48. Great post! I’m currently helping my company refresh their social media marketing efforts. It’s been stagnant for months and they don’t have too many followers. I’m really hoping that I can make a difference for them.thanks Mariel.just keep it up

  49. So far twitter has yielded very little for us. But we keep plucking away at it and articles like this help. We need to step it up on interaction. Thanks!

  50. I admit not doing most of this stuff. Note to self — take Twitter seriously.

  51. I think that Social sites help everyone by different methods so we should adopt every kind of help.

  52. I think that Social media sites help us to get jobs and also to communicate with each other so we should make accounts on all the major sites.

  53. Great post! I don’t like using Facebook and other social media, but I know I have to. Some really good tips, thanks!

  54. who is the best: twitter or facebook or google+ ??

  55. Well written. :)
    You really made it informative.
    Staying Goal Oriented is a great Idea.

  56. It seems like a lot of work to write blogs, twitter about them, email clients, put them on Facebook, but worth it in the end.

  57. Thank you for this post. This seems like a lot of work but worth it in the end.

  58. Very helpfull post. I had only 1 facebook page with huge success. I was aware about twitter but this post helped me a lot. Still i think that twitter is for “famous” people or organizations etc, but anyone can try to make a big follower list!

  59. *Pay attention to your followers
    That’s very hard to do. But nice.

  60. Great tips on how to EFFECTIVELY market and brand on twitter! Thank you

  61. Thanks for this article, I need first to build a strong twitter community for my site dedicated to alya in Israel. Do you guys have a proxy for required time to build a community of 1000 members? thnks

  62. Really a nice article. In fact I was mainly using Facebook campaign as in my country CPC on Facebook is really cheap and you can target a large population keeping the costs low. But if you would like higher engagement twitter is great.

  63. Thanks for the great post. I am looking at the social media marketing for my company. However, I always wonder about what to write about on Twitter. Also, if you could throw some light on campaign vs normal Tweets?

  64. Twitter is the best social media site to share our updates on. Being interactive and active on the social media can make us good and loyal fans.

  65. Social media is all about interaction and staying online..One has to constantly tweet everyday about 5 to 8 times min to get the attention of most followers. Also the usage of @ and # tags should be kept at minimum making tweets more readable..Overall it difficult to make others retweet our content unless its awesome.

  66. This is a great article …and how true about companies not taking advantage of their employees with Facebook & Twitter accounts …I find this part baffling ..especially with the company I work for. :)

  67. Thanks for the article, Twitter is something I have not really looked at yet, but your tips are very helpful and I think I am missing out on oppurtunites here

  68. There are many social sites to promote your brand but twitter is the best option to brand your name thanks for sharing with me a great information.

  69. I’ve been trying to figure out the twitter thing for awhile now. I’ve had some great success using Google plus but twitter seems to allude me. I think it just takes a lot of time but maybe the light bulb will go off sooner or later!

  70. Twitter is such a great platform for businesses especially small ones. I feel like any business can benefit from this particular social media site and it’s capabilities. From online directory sites to eCommerce start-ups, i enjoy seeing the connection. Great post. These ideas shall be very beneficial.

  71. Although social media is not yielding much of a return at the moment for us I think that as google puts more weight on social signals it will be important to have an already existing large fan base.

  72. Those are really great tips Mariel. It doesn’t matter what field you are in or what type of service you are providing.  People want to be moved, they want to be inspired.  When you tweet inspiration and people connect with what you are saying they are highly likely to retweet you, which will expose your business to more people.

  73. Twitter and social media success actually comes from investing time into it and making real life connexions. There is no magic ladder for this.

  74. Fantastic post! Social media for marketing is something I am really bad at. How do you monitor Twitter for tweets containing keywords?

  75. That was really impressive that twitter can be very useful or an stepping stone to be successful.

  76. Some great points. I now take the line with new clients that they have to also take initiative with social media and Twitter. I might work on campaigns but they miss something without the knowledge and authority an employee/team member brings to the table.

  77. I’m curious how Posterous shutdown followed by new image features will affect Twitter experience.

  78. Great post! Very informative and helpful. This is actually what I was looking for as I am really planning to use Twitter to promote my business. This made me realize that utilizing Twitter is not merely posting a series of tweets but it requires planning, patience and determination. And I was actually thinking that posting campaigns on Twitter is as easy as tweeting. But this is just what I need to get started right away. Thank you for the post!

  79. Although I agree with most of the points mentioned in the article I do believe that overplanning these things takes away the spontanity of such a campain. I personally believe that soon or late people refuse to be part of a social advertising campaign.

  80. Some great suggestions in your post there about getting your blog out there with social media – have to admit though some of them are quite challenging, especially if you’re tending to be more introverted (don’t think anybody would ever call me gregarious, for example! LOL)

  81. Hi Mariel Bacci,

    I really like this post, yes we have to put some crunchy information or stuff in twitter rest will all go automatically. we have to share content which is something useful for anyone. No doubt Social media ranking is now playing a key role in internet marketing.

  82. Social media is now the future! Any website owner is a fool if they still rely website presence alone.

  83. Wow, this is the tips for social professionals, because to make some of those things you will need more than one hour attention. I love the hash tag for your event. Thanks

  84. Till now I am only focused on Facebook but its time go for all the top 3 sites.. fb, twitter & G+. thanks for sharing.

  85. Some great tips here – twitter success is what we all want to achieve when starting a social advertising campaign and the info here sets people on the right path to success.

  86. I’ve only just started with Twitter and trying to make relevant interesting Tweets is difficult with just 140 characters. You raised some interesting tips in your article, tips I should pay attention to!

  87. Great article. Successful twitter campaign requires a lot of work and some luck.

  88. solid post – the most common complaint i hear from people about using twitter is the amount of work required – but it can be worth the effort, and you can be doing other things as you monitor your twitter campaign

  89. Hi,
    i absolutely love your articles they are so informative. I am starting an online store selling motorcycle parts and i am thinking of making a twitter account for it but my niche is not the most interesting so i was wondering if you had any tips to engage my audience but keep the conversation niche related. oh yeah, my site is if you wanna check it out. it should be live in about 2 weeks time.

  90. Creativity is the key to success.The more you work the more you develop your way of thinking.And by that you will create new things, ideas, and thoughts.So , you will be successfull in your whatever bussiness.

  91. Great idea to promote your business through Social media site like Twitter. In my view one most important thing in social media is that target that audience who are related to your business i.e. On Twitter increase followers who are highly oriented to your services.

  92. Whenever i post any article, the first thing i do is to share it on every possible social network like facebook, twitter, linkedin, and pinterest. The article seems to be a bit incomplete without these steps..

  93. I didn’t read anything in the article about the use of re-tweets. However, I did see some comments recommending using this method. What are your thoughts on the amount of re-tweeting a business should use, especially when just starting to use twitter?

  94. Does Google actually factor in twitter links to your blog or business site in determining page ranking? I’ve read about Google supposed infatuation with social media, but I haven’t read anything conclusive from a respectable source.

  95. Use Facebook to increase awareness of your Twitter campaign.. Good idea! I can’t say that I’ve thought of that one before. I do agree with Joel Klutch that Google+ is quite important with the hundreds of millions of active users.

  96. I only recently started using Twitter thanks to a friendly contest at work. You are absolutely right in your point about being gregarious. Reciprocity is KEY!

  97. Thanks for the tips. My company just recently started implementing social campaigns into our marketing efforts and I have seen the results almost instantly. I have had clients approach me (I work in a b2b market) from both twitter and facebook – its really exciting when something like that happens! Great Post

  98. in the beggining is always hard to make other peopple comment your tweets and etc.

  99. Some great tips here and I particularly resonate with being ‘Gregarious’ with your followers. Show a little care and attention and it’ll come back to you in spades on Twitter. Obviously this won’t happen over night, but every new connection counts.

  100. I think another point is to keep on keeping on. It’s not a quick process and needs dedication and know that the results will come.

  101. Wow, great list of tips. I am just getting into the whole twitter/social thing and this is a great start. Bookmarked for future reference :)

  102. All true, but there is one more important one, be patience, success doesn’t come over night!

  103. I would also urge businesses to use Twitter as a customer service tool. Set up alerts for your brand with ‘google alert’ and respond quickly to people talking about your brand. You can also engage directly with your customers through twitter, which they will love!

  104. I feel like hashtags are over used. How do you strike a good balance with them? Effective, but not too many. Also, how do you know which hashtags to stay away from? Search to see if they’re being used?

  105. Twitter and other social media are really only worth what you put into them. And when you do, they generate good leads and business opportunities. Just make sure you’re following and being followed by your correct customer set!

  106. I use Tweetdeck and find that it takes some of the work out of delivering multiple tweets for a campaign.

    Cheers thanks for the tips

  107. Very good article.. I would have to add that leveraging the advanced search function of twitter ( is super viable.

  108. Great post. I appreciated your point on creating time sensitive campaigns. I find that if I set some goals when it comes to scheduling updates, putting together contests, and creating a call to action, this really helps me to stay on track with my blog.

  109. Twitter is the best to monetize your online business. Social media site like twitter and facebook are very popular these days. We can use them for the benefits of our blog. Great tips.

  110. Twitter is a great Social media tool if used wisely. Many companies just post their blog or updates on Twitter, but creating a good twitter campaign as pointed out in the blog is a good way to engage the audience

  111. I’m a tweeter noob and your article help me a lot. It’s the first time I think about twitter to promote my business!
    Thank you !

  112. Very interesting topics here in your site mate. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs. Just keep it coming.

  113. Thanks for the great post, as a small business owner this has been something that has always been on my mind but seemed hard to orchestrate. I am going to follow some of your tips and see if we cant get a little buzz going socially.

  114. Thank you for this great article . It is true that Social media success mainly depends upon your interaction. If you’re regular on social media sites then certainly you can leave good impact and see good results.

  115. Lots of traffic can come from social media these days if you do it well. Also google likes sites which are well covered over the social media networkds. Nice post!

  116. Very substantive post, twitter very good work for a local small business.

  117. I am just beginning to use Twitter. I do not have followers and I was wondering how to get followers. I am following several people but I do not get followers. So what would be your advice to make people interested to follow you especially when you are targeting an audience that does not speak English (which is the main source of traffic)?

  118. I don’t like twitter much. I love using Facebook. Will try twitter too :)

  119. Good advice, although Google+ is too important not to be part of this same discussion & strategy.Great post. I think too many people have twitter accounts but they don’t know what to do with them. This articles helps out with that.

  120. I kinda love the closing about “Temporary celebrity status”. That really turns out to be quite influential.
    Posing at fixed intervals about who are on top will not only keep the top ones active, but also attract new ones to reach the top spot :)
    This is a nice article overall and with the increase in the use of Social Services, one should stress on making the most use of Social Media to promote his products/services or anything :)

  121. Thanks for the tips regarding Twitter. I will definitely use them to increase my following.

  122. Twitter is a fantastic social networking media to get a good amount of exposure for business. If we participate genuinely, it helps in a lot of ways.

  123. Thanks for the article! I have a question: if on the official Twitter account of my company I have only few followers, which is the optimal way to spend my budget? With a Twitter campaign on other relevant accounts in my domain? Or should I invest in advertising to increase the number of fans on my account?

  124. Maintaining a high performing Twitter account can be like a full time job. It’s definitely not for the faint of hearted, but like you said, it opens up so many opportunities that it’s totally worth it.

  125. Nice Twitter tips, I’d also point out the importance social media is earning itself in SEO strategy as well, not only for customer engagement and content sharing but for brand building and recognition.

  126. Over the years people have been talking about twitter and how to build traffic from twitter, but what I have learned is that you also need to minimize the people who are following.

  127. These are some great tips! I’m in the process of integrating Social media into my new startup

    I’d also like to read a post from you about landing pages and what you feel works best. First impressions are everything and i think it would make a good read. Thanks!

  128. Great post, I studied to be a journalist originally and funnily enough have only really now exploring the idea of good, relevant press releases for marketing. It is one that you mentioned that I think most businesses forget. Remember, papers and websites need content!

  129. You can always choose an alternative way , something that you can find using innovative thinking.

  130. The most important thing about social media is to say something that is relevant to your topic and your users. This really is the way forward of marketing because it needs to be relevant to those that are reading it so my advice is to keep it to your subject of expertise

  131. I think that the tip about using local resources wisely will work for me. Since I am just starting out, it will help if my friends, family, and people in my circle can boost my tweets by retweeting and promoting them.

  132. Great post, and thank you for the tips. We use Twitter for our pest control company in Florida.

  133. I was never really able to utilize Twitter to bring decent traffic on nearly 50% of my web projects. I suppose it very much depends on the niche, but of course quality of followers is also very important.

  134. Great info here. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t interact well on Twitter like I should – thanks for the reminder ;)

  135. Time sensitive posting is a great bit of advice, as we all saw with Oreo’s and the Superbowl blackout recently!

    Time sensitive blog posting on a website can also be amazing for instant traffic.

  136. Hi Mariel – Thanks for the article! I’ve found a lot of success both with new followers and with traffic and clicks on my links from using hashtags and @mentions well.

  137. i created twitter account long time ago but never used it..
    but after reading the above post im definitely gonna start using it. thanks for the post.
    download movies and games

  138. i created twitter account long time ago, but never used it.
    after reading the above post im definitely going to use to for my sites and services, Thanks ;)

  139. The best way to get maximum results from Twitter is to use it. Don’t worry about making mistakes, if they do happen, learn from them and move on. Begin by following, retweeting, mentioning and sharing,

  140. Most important tip is “Be Interactive”.

  141. Twitter is pillar of success in online marketing. Your tips are all effective. I am already few but not getting that much of success. Hopefully, if I can deploy all your tricks in the right way I might reach success. Thanks a lot!

  142. I still using twitter to promote my website to all twitter follower. I never to try monetize. you give me some idea. thank you.

  143. A great way to get followers to start with is to follow your target audience. I.e. followers of a local politician, radio station, sports team, etc, and wait for the follow backs.

  144. How can Twitter promote Branding when compared to Facebook???

  145. superb article, very informative! It is very time consuming to be active on all social media available, yet it is an important cornerstone for online success and marketing.

  146. Superb article, very informative! It is very time consuming to be active on all social media available today, yet it is an important cornerstone for online success.

  147. I’ve just read your tips on FB pages and now about Twitter. I feel I can become an expert in social media :)

  148. I think these are all great examples and tips for social media campaigns, but we don’t have very many followers so nothing we do has a big enough ROI.

  149. Great Examples for social media campaigns, getting followers has been the most difficult for us.

  150. I am about to open a Twitter Account – better late than never – and I will use this post as a How To Guide for doing it right!

    Knowing what to focus on is really, really valuable, Thanks

  151. Hi Mariel, thanks for sharing these twitter tips. I’ve found that timing is everything when it comes to re-tweets and getting more followers, so a successful campaign can yield excellent results.

  152. Twitter promotion is critical to online awareness. The social media platform is running rampant these days. Everyone is on it! Developing a target audience on Twitter is key. Idea sharing is also useful

  153. I’ve had over 1,000 followers for at least a year now and have been wondering how I could use my twitter account to benefit my business. Thank you for all the tips, will try them.

  154. Twitter is a good way to communicate with others, and Twitter allows you to pursue your passion, I love it

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