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Getting Started With Social Media: Twitter Tips for Success

Posted By Mariel Bacci On February 4, 2013 @ 11:10 am In Branding,Community,Improving Conversion,Lead Generation,New Media,Public Relations,Social Media,competition,psychology | 155 Comments

[1]The secret to executing a successful campaign on Twitter is to be creative.  The creativity of Twitter campaigns is starting to downplay that of Superbowl commercials.  Use the concepts that the best advertising companies in the industry use to make your Twitter campaigns worth your effort.

Prepare Your Audience for Twitter Success

With so many great idea for Twitter campaigns these days, it is essential to know how to execute your own creative idea successfully.  Before you launch your next big Twitter campaign, prepare your audience for it.

*Write blog posts about the campaign and persuade influential bloggers [2] to do the same

*Post your Twitter Campaign on Facebook [3]

*E-mail your customers

*Issue a press release

*Use local resources wisely-have people at your company and your friends and family Tweet, Facebook post and participate in your Twitter campaign.  It is very common to see companies large and small neglect to ask their employees to represent them in a positive light in their personal accounts.

It is also important to prepare your social media campaigns for any live event you are hosting.  You need to organize conversation around your brand to see the most success.

*Create a social landing page next time your company has an event or social gathering

*Create a hash tag for your event

Be Gregarious

The more people you pay attention to, the more will pay attention to you.  It is the law of reciprocity.  Don’t waste all your time and resources expecting people to come to you.  Be proactive and show them some attention to build loyalty and reciprocity.

*Monitor Twitter for Tweets containing keywords about your business and react to those Tweets.

*Pay attention to your followers and offer thoughtful comments to their tweets.

Create Time Sensitive Campaigns

From Dominos famous #letsdolunch campaign [4] we learned that creating time sensitive campaigns can be wildly successful.  Make paying attention to your campaign important in THIS MOMENT to activate spontaneous guests who are afraid to miss out on a good thing.

*Tell your guests that the more people who tweet about your campaign, the greater they discount people will receive once the campaign in over.

*Offer guests the chance to win an incentive more than once within a certain time frame so that they tweet your campaign multiple times.

Stay Goal Oriented

Make sure you are aware of what the goal of your Twitter campaign in before you start.  Create your campaign around achieving that goal.

*If your goal is to trend on Twitter, you need to offer and incentive and idea that activate people to participate.

*If you want to create a conversation around your brand to create awareness and qualify new customers, you need to find a way to get people talking.  You don’t have to necessarily give away the pantry in this case, but you need to spark something within people that gets them talking. [5] Make your incentive company based instead of based around an individual to become part of office chatter.

*If you need more product reviews on your site you can ask people to leave reviews via Twitter that you can repost on your site.  Since more people will read reviews of your product on Twitter than your actual website, it is a good way to get your name out there to potential guests to your site.

*Maybe your ultimate goal is to get more traffic to your website?  Make sure you require a link back to your site within your campaign Tweets.

Be Interactive

Make sure our Twitter campaign can be seen outside of cyberspace.

*If you are giving something away, make it something you can give to a group of people instead of an individual.

*Have your Twitter campaign ask people to Tweet something the most number of times.  Then, post every ten minutes who has tweeted the most.  This way people can see their name and have temporary celebrity status in the Twittersphere.

What Twitter Campaigns have you run and found to be successful?  What does your day to day activity on Twitter look like? These are just a few ideas about how to get started with your Twitter campaign.  As always, stay relevant and interactive.  We can help you [6] organize your Twitter campaign as well as other social media campaigns for short term wins and long term success.

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