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Volume 80: 9/15/2003

The Relevance of Satisfaction

An illustrated tale of the concept of AIDAs.

Meta-Needs, Core Values and Doing Business

Magic happens when you understand how your needs and your visitors’ needs can work together.

Volume 81: 10/01/2003

So What Exactly Is a Point of Action Assurance?

Just when your visitors are about to click, let them know what to expect.

Go Beyond “It’s the Customer,” Grasshopper!

Lip service to your customers’ interests will not help you achieve your potential.

Volume 82: 10/15/2003

The Devil is in the Details

Don’t lose the visitors who make it to your shopping cart over a technological glitch.

The Buying Process Leads to a Decision to Buy

Good Persuasive Architecture merges the buying process with the selling process.

Volume 83: 11/01/2003

The ABCs of A/B Testing

The most basic way to understand how changes to your Web site affect your conversion rates.

Keep ‘Em in the Cart

Is it in your best interest to worry about making your shopping cart “conversion-friendly” right now?

Volume 84: December 2003

Pop Goes the Weasel

Don’t let consumer-sensitive browsing features undo your conversion process.

10 Ways to Keep ‘Em in the Cart

Tactics for removing the obstacles from your shopping cart experience.


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