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Saturday, Apr. 9, 2005 at 9:36 pm

What Is Content? SEO and Conversion

April 9th, 2005

Spider So far, 2005 has been virtual blur of goings-on at Future Now.  In addition to keeping our clients happy, we have had many things that have been pining for our time and attention. Thus the light posting here.

Of the many things going on, I was tapped to speak at the NYC Search Engine Strategies Conference back in early March. I was a panelist on the "What Is Content?" session.

Frederick Marckini of Search Engine Watch, reporting on the panel, sums…

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FutureNow Post
Friday, Apr. 8, 2005 at 3:20 pm

B2C Vs. B2C, It’s all about persuading people

April 8th, 2005

Einstein We hear it all the time. The B2C sale is simple, the B2B sale is complex. At the end of the day, whether you are selling to Joe Customer who is interested in a motorcycle or Joe Business Guy who is interested in a Zerox some factors will never change. To even worry about them is folly. Consider this…

Joe Customer and Joe Business are HUMAN BEINGS both have dreams, goals, motivations, and buying preferences.  How much different would their approach…

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FutureNow Post
Thursday, Jan. 6, 2005 at 1:21 am

Invisible Navigation

January 6th, 2005

From GUUUI we read the following

Most web development projects put a lot of effort into the design of navigation tools. But fact is that people tend to ignore these tools. They are fixated on getting what they came for and simply click on links or hit the back button to get there. Read the entire article.

Why weren’t we surprised? Could be that in 2001 our very own lovable persuasion guru Bryan Eisenberg wrote the following…

Clearly, the center area…

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FutureNow Post
Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2004 at 8:12 pm

Online Conversion Rates and Beyond

December 15th, 2004

I know it’s been a while, they keep Persuasion Architects particularly busy this time a year.

As important as conversion rates are to companies, there are many important considerations and optimizations that can be made AFTER conversion.

If the visitor experience after conversion is important to you, you need to know about Mal Watlington. His speciality is helping companies optimize their internal sales processes and remove the barriers that prevent their employees from achieving success. He is a frequent public speaker at national…

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FutureNow Post
Sunday, Nov. 28, 2004 at 12:41 am

2004 Online Retail Study for Customer Focused Excellence

November 28th, 2004

C_logo1 As featured on Friday’s home page of Internet Retailer I’m proud to announce that Future Now has completed the 2004 Online Retailer Study for Customer Focused excellence.  A report that measures how well a website meets a customer’s needs from the time a shopped identifies a product to be purchased.

Read the entire 2004 Online Retailer Study for Customer Focused Excellence.

Also check out a highlight of the results at Internet Retailer.  You can also get a PDf of last year’s study.

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FutureNow Post
Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2004 at 11:23 am

A Few Things You Might Have Missed

November 24th, 2004

Just a hi-light of a few articles you may have missed over the last week or so.

First, Bryan Eisenberg’s most recent ClickZ article debunks one of the internets biggest myths… Price Is Not King.  Sometimes trying to win the price game will get you nothing but a bunch of parasitical customers who latch on and feed on your profits.  Bryan shows the alternative to offering the lowest price on your site by increasing your site’s personal experience factor.

Our bud…

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FutureNow Post
Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2004 at 5:34 pm

A Shout Out

November 10th, 2004

It’s a quiet day on the road (right now in Brooklyn prepping for our Persuasive Online Copywriting Workshop ), so we wanted to take a few moments and give a shout out to 3 fine ladies who are also our blogging friends.

Our good friend The Diamond Diva (a faith GrokDotCom reader) blogs about diamonds, diamond jewelry, fashion, and other things for the ladies.

A Future Now faithful Yvonne DeVita and her Lispsticking blog, all about marketing to women.

And Debbie Weil is…

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FutureNow Post
Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2004 at 3:18 am

eTail Redesign for Conversion Workshop

November 9th, 2004

Again, seats will be limited. We wanted our faithful blog readers to get first dibs.

You Will Learn Exactly How To Increase Your Conversion Rate

During our two day workshop we’ll work hands on with you to guide you on how to implement techniques that will boost your conversion rate to its maximum, and streamline the shopping experience for your visitors.

The workshop will be January 12-13 2005 in our cool new digs in Brooklyn’s Red hook district.

If you are planning a site redesign in…

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FutureNow Post
Monday, Nov. 1, 2004 at 12:34 pm

Debunking Miller’s Magic 7 in Web Design

November 1st, 2004

Miller's Magic 7Bottom Line: Miller’s Magic 7 has NOTHING to do with building a persuasive website. Don’t let your website design decisions be bound by outdated science.

Miller’s Magic 7 has been bandied about in web design circles for years, and many site designs have been conceived under the premise of George Miller’s 1956 article about the ability of humans to retain in a total of 7 plus or minus 2 items in working memory.

In his most recent ClickZ article Bryan Eisenberg lays…

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FutureNow Post
Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004 at 1:22 pm

Leave No Brain Unturned

October 28th, 2004

Brainmap While many of those in the persuasion business are hunting and scammin’ for the next big trick or technique to help increase sales, at Future Now we rely on one big trick ourselves…


We are constantly researching and gaining a deeper understanding of the reasons why people do the things that they do. And while conversing with our clients it is not uncommon for us to toss around terms as “Dorsolateral Prefrontal Association Area”, “Jungian Archetypes”, “Progressive Disclosure”, etc. It’s not…

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