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Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2007 at 1:59 pm

Newspapers: Black & White and RED All Over?

March 7th, 2007

Buffett plays bridge with BH shareholders (full deck, of course)Warren Buffett is hardly the stereotypical newspaper tycoon. He’s never said anything crazy like, “You provide the pictures, and I’ll provide the war.” He’s never tried to pass off the New York Post or Fox News as credible journalism. He never bought MySpace.

So, when we find The Washington Post–where Buffett’s majority shareholder–covering his very public proclamation that newspapers are a bad investment, one has to wonder: are traditional publishers reaching a breaking point or a tipping point?

When Charlie [Munger, Berkshire Hathaway's…

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Friday, Mar. 2, 2007 at 10:37 am

Do Message Boards Equal Community?

March 2nd, 2007

Peace, love and ROI Don’t you just love buzzwords? In the 80′s, “synergy” was one of my favs. When Nasdaq was a tad closer to 5,000 than it is today, thinking “outside the box” meant you were someone who “got it”. Yesterday, I was hard pressed to choose between “long tail” and “Web 2.0″. But today, Web 2.0 is the clear winner.

As meaningless as the word is (and as much fun as it is to toss around mockingly), it’s being furthered under the guise of a…

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