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Volume 133

FutureNow Article
Wednesday, Jun. 21, 2006

Conversion versus Persuasion: What’s Your Challenge?

June 21st, 2006

Persuasion takes you beyond linear conversion funnels to help you achieve your conversion goals.

Conversion is no longer the biggest problem facing online marketers; persuasion is. However, a misconception about the nature and value of linear conversion funnels persists. Some say the linear conversion funnel is dead. Others still conceive of their efforts as entirely based on linear conversion funnels.

This misconception about linear processes has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Fortunately, misperception is an opportunity for clarification. So…

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FutureNow Article
Wednesday, Jun. 21, 2006

How to Begin

June 21st, 2006

Applying Persuasion Architecture even in incremental stages will improve results

As marketers in today’s landscape, we must walk a different path. No longer will our product-centered, mass-market habits serve us well. The interconnectedness of emerging media means we must focus on the customer and create persuasive systems that have at their core an understanding of human motivations. Our unfolding experience economy makes this demand on all of us.Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? presents Persuasion Architecture as a set of big principles.…

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